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  1. Boone or Laird

    I'd go with Boone over Laird. Good luck!

    Hunt. Good luck!
  3. Mack or Boone rb2

    Safe play is Mack...better matchup is for sure Boone. Good luck!
  4. Wdis at flex.....Moore or Brown

    Looks like Samuel is going to play...but yes...if he were out i'd go with Moore because he's going to get monster targets.
  5. Boone or Boyd

  6. Who to start at TE?

  7. Wdis at flex.....Moore or Brown

    Given the uncertainty with a new QB in Carolina i'd go with Brown. Good luck!
  8. Which 2 RBs??

    I have Bell on my bench this week...i'm done with him....which means of course he's going to finally explode
  9. Am I getting too cute with this move?

    I also have Bell and Boone.. Bell is staying firmly on my bench this week as i have zero confidence in a revenge game revival. I'd go Boone 100%.
  10. Any changes after yesterday's games?

    I'd put Keenan in over Miller...Miller could go off...but that game could also be a complete disaster for the Bears and Trubisky.
  11. Which 2 RBs??

    Boone and Ekelor for me...but it's close between Fournette and Ekelor. Could be a crapshoot. Good luck!
  12. Lewis Peterson Washington Hunt?

    Hunt or Peterson have the highest floors...think i'd lean towards Hunt.
  13. Henry, Lewis, or Boone

    That's a tough one (have the same dilemma with Sanders and Boone)...Boone is for sure the better matchup...and all signs point to Mattison sitting. Boone will probably have a prominent role even if Mattison plays...so I guess i'd go with Boone. Good luck!
  14. Lewis Peterson Washington Hunt?

    Assuming Mattison is confirmed out go with Boone.
  15. I agree with everyone else....Boone (assuming Mattison sits) and Miller