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  1. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    I like your thinking on this one. It appears that if Willie gets a crease from inside the 20, he has the speed/power combo to punch it in and not get dragged down just short of the goallne, where Bettis makes his living. I've been trying to unload Willie, but after Dillons dismal performance last week, I think I'll hold on to him and send Corey to the bench pending a decent game.
  2. I Need More Production

    Twice first and goal and they get 3 pts.
  3. what do you need on MNF?

    38 from Deuce in my league that counts. Lets see, 3 TD's = 18 170 combined yards = 17 3 catches = 3 It's possible.
  4. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    I have Willie, Dillon and McAllister. I've offered Willie around my league for Holt (declined), Horn(declined), DJax (waiting), Driver (waiting), Fitzgerald (waiting).
  5. Corey Dillon

    outscored by Ron Dayne. Without the short TD's he's almost worthless so far.
  6. packer fans

    gonna be a long year. Go Badgers.
  7. Shut up M Irvin

  8. Shut up M Irvin

    Irvins a crackhead, cut him some slack.
  9. Let me guess the name. Grade in school and weenie size.
  10. GB Players Loyalties

    make the move, attitude is not the problem with the GB defense.
  11. Tatum Bell

    I asked for an opinion, not a lecture. Instead of showing your here newbie, feel free to breeze right on by next time. K?
  12. Tatum Bell

    The poor guy has LT and not much else. He needs 2 starting runningbacks and I'm trying to hook a brother up.
  13. Tatum Bell

    Good thing you're not the guy I'm trading with then isn't it? thanks for the input though
  14. Tatum Bell

    I'm trying to swing a trade for LT and am thinking of offering Dillon and Willie Parker for LT and Bell. I already have Dayne and Deuce. Denver homers, what's the consensus?
  15. College teams with most college players

    college teams with the most college players? wait, I know this one........