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  1. Head to Head / Points Hybrid

    We were looking into doing something like that as well. Have two divisions. Top 4 teams are in and the last two in are the ones with the most points. They bump anyone with a better record out of the playoff race.
  2. Head to Head / Points Hybrid

    So the guy in 1st has a 8-4 record. He has scored the lowest amount of points in the league, but has consistently gone up against the lowest points (easiest schedule). My brother has scored the most points this year but has gone up against the most points. Just trying to figure out a way to even it out. I get it, it's like the NFL some year's a team has an easy schedule and some year's they don't. A majority of the league is on board with a possible switch. Just wanted to see if anyone has experienced it!
  3. What do you need on MNF?

    Need 11.30 from Hop and Tucker
  4. Anyone out there use point scoring instead of head to head? We have been noticing that head to head is not the way to go for our league. Take this year for example the two teams with the most points scored- 1 will not make the playoffs, while the other is in the 6th and final playoff position (current match up down 140-152 with Hop and Tucker to go, so he will probably win). It is a shame that one of these teams have to lose this week after putting up over 140+ points. We are toying around with the following two ideas for next year: 1. Top 5 scores from each week get the win, while the bottom 5 get the loss. 2. Hybrid- Top 5 scores from each week get the win, plus you get a win if you win your head to head match-up. So you could go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2 a given week. Obviously, standings would have to be kept offline as we haven't found a fantasy site that would keep score like this. Just looking to see if anyone has done anything like this before, not looking for anyone to criticize the idea! Thanks!
  5. What do you need for the W?

    It is funny what some bad luck in fantasy can do to you mentally. Delanie has scored 41 total points this year (in our league scoring this year) and here I am still nervous that he puts up 31 tonight. But like the saying goes... anything can happen!
  6. What do you need for the W?

    Pretty much in the same boat. Need Delanie Walker to score less than 31 in a half point PPR. After some bad luck the last few weeks, I think I'm good this week!
  7. Chris Carson (Thoughts)

    It isn't a redraft league- I'll be able to keep Julio for 2 more years. The guy getting Dez and DJ won't be able to keep Dez (final year as a keeper) and will only be able to keep DJ for one more year.
  8. Chris Carson (Thoughts)

    I acquired him via trade as well. Moved David Johnson and Dez for Julio and Carson. I am starting him this week as well. Shorrtynaz- I'm hoping he puts a stamp on the starting gig!
  9. Chris Carson (Thoughts)

    What is everyone's thoughts on Chris Carson? Taking over the Seattle backfield? Obviously CJ is there as the 3rd down back. Rawls and Lacy relevant anymore?
  10. DJ, Dez, Oh My!

    In a 10 team PPR league. I own David Johnson. I have him as a 15th round keeper. In our league we have keeper insurance (If DJ doesn't play 4 full games) this does not count as a keeper year for me (so I will have him for 2 additional years as a 15th round keeper). I'm being offered the following: Julio Jones for DJ and Dez. QB- Ryan RB- McCaffrey RB- White WR- Dez (right now) WR- Diggs TE- Gronk WRT- Hop I know my RBs are in rough shape. Also have Buck Allen and Riddick on the bench. Also being offered DeMarco for Dez straight up. Thoughts?
  11. Trade Advice

    Thoughts on the following trade: Straight up Buck Allen for Doug Baldwin. 1/2 Point PPR.
  12. I am being offered the following two trades for the first overall pick in a 10 team ppr keeper league (Best players available to me at #1-Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Shady, AJ Green). I have already kept: Gronk, Dez, and Hop (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WRT) Trade #1- David Johnson (15th Round Keeper) I get to keep him next year as well at a 15th Round Pick Trade #2- Jordy Nelson, Pick 1.05, and Pick 4.10 for DeAndre Hopkins, Pick 1.01, and Pick 6.10 Thoughts?
  13. Trade Evaluations Judge

    Lions4ever- I actually tried to float that idea to my league- "No trades" by expanding the draft, but obviously it didn't fly. I don't think it is an unnecessary step to have this third party system in place. Every week I login to different forums and almost always see posts about trades and trades not being fair. So in my opinion I'm being proactive. Only two trades were sent to the third party last year. I think managers are now more thoughtful when submitting trades in my league. The third party also takes away from other managers being abusive with veto power. Like I said earlier in one of my posts it is a system of checks and balances. We are human, humans will try to take advantage of certain situations, certain managers. Our league buy in is $100, which will be increasing in the future. So this is a great way to ensure everyone is playing fair. StromChasers I send you an email with the two trades that did get sent to the third party last year!
  14. Trade Evaluations Judge

    Of course no trade should be vetoed, but we live in a competitive world where sometimes people will do whatever it takes to win. So to preserve the integrity of the league and to not go back to where we were in 2013, I implemented this system. It has worked wonders and everyone understands and respects the process.
  15. In 2013 our league was on the brink of falling apart (I was not the Commissioner yet) because of... you guessed it, trades, and trades being vetoed. Once I took over in 2014 I implemented a third party system. In this system the league still reviews the trade (7 managers). Commissioner and the two teams involved in the trade do not review the trade, obviously. If the trade receives 4 vetoes the trade then moves into the third party. The third party consists of: The Commissioner, an acquaintance to the league, and a former member of the league. Well the acquaintance joined the league this year and we are looking for a final third party judge. We all decided it should be someone we do not know. I suggested this forum and everyone agreed that I would be able to seek someone out. If a trade goes to the third party. I will email out the third party judges and CC everyone in the league. The judges are asked to email the league back (including everyone in the original email) with their decision. Decision is based on the majority in the third party. This gives the league a system of checks and balances and does not allow a trade to get vetoed on the grounds that a group of guys get together and veto it to spite someone else. If you are interested get back to me! I will test you out with a few trades that were sent to the third party last year! Thanks!