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  1. Nope, I'll place money on it--he won't do anything in the NFL. 1 catch in preseason, torn hamstring out for season. Using genetics as a backdrop for a WR who has yet to even go through a full practice for one day let alone an NFL regular season game is an excellent, valuable source for future production. If you truly believe the father had this incredible fantasy career, please draft the hurt boy this year and start him in every league for every year until he can't practice no mo. Daddy's stats are horrid in fantasy football. Little Breshy can't even play Tecmo without tearing something. He sucks, admit it.
  2. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    Great, great post. Fan of: No NFL team yet the name lists seahawks21. So let me guess, you're a huge fan of Butler's interception.
  3. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    I'll get to that troll erin andrews in another post I'll headline with "Dancing with the tards".
  4. Phil Simms is the worst, ever. Repeats himself constantly, crutch-word is the word "because" but pronounced "bahcaub". Tight End pronounced "Tot EEN". Baby eagle hair, gravelbomb face. Worse yet, he's arrogant about everything. Jim Nantz is just clumsy. Clumsy as in last kid picked for dodgeball back in the day. He's never played a sport but ohhhhhhhhh boy when a big play happens, that bass in his voice spikes to a stupid, wannabe pitch. Listen for it next time. Can you actually see him running through the line straight up the gut at you with anger? Nope. Scott Hansen I can tolerate...he doesn't repeat himself quite as much and doesn't stutter. However, he does drink too much coffee. When something mildly exciting happens, he opens up the flood gates as if to say "please, get me the heck outta this room". I think they actually torture him there on the NFL Network set, starving him, no restroom breaks, extra black coffee, super models walking around nude all day long but if he touchy, he gets zapped by a mosquito zapper light affixed to the mic on his back. Dude, easy on the caffeine, your face looks so hopeless in animation but man is it funny, so I take that back, more caffeine I guess. Tim Ryan, tough guy. Loves to sport the full goatee made out of tumbleweed and shards of tires. Just listen to his analogies, everything translates to a tough guy approach. Probably drives a little Gremlin to work to increase the toughness scale. Rich Gannon, always sniffling. Always stuttering. Face for radio. Voice for swamps. Terrible. There are a host of others out there, this is just scratching the surface of the mute button. Wait, a late entry--sideline reporter Pam Oliver--cramming in the philly cheesesteaks, she's well over 300 now, she does not look healthy or tolerable anymore. I remember in the early 90's she looked presentable but now? The TV/off button is also a friend of yours.
  5. Dynasty/rookie drafts

    Would you trade Straight Outta Gronkton for the #1 overall rookie pick?
  6. Any March Maddness Leagues going on?

    I'm always looking for NCAA leagues too!
  7. I gotta take Charles here, sure he's one injury away from probable retirement but he has the potential to be the #1 player in fantasy. Jeffery is solid but I'd gamble on Charles here.
  8. Dez or Lamar

    Miller will be a bust, take Dez Bryant anyway--you can not ignore his talent on any given play no matter what--total game changer. Miller? Not a game changer and Houston has a carousel of injuries for whatever reasons through the years at the RB position. It's just like the backfield in Cleveland, entirely unreliable and always inconsistent, always 3 running backs cycled every game. If you consider Bryant a gamble, I consider him a safe gamble regardless of Romo being 180 years old dating Hillary.
  9. The Colts are looking at longevity with Luck. It's a great deal for both sides. I love the bandwagon folks who immediately jump ship after a down season though he was hurt. Week 1 when he throws 4 TD's everyone will say the opposite and advise what a great deal it was to retain him for that amount of money. Dorky armchair QB's.
  10. I didn't realize that the criteria of a "very solid pro" would be 2 decent years with a grand total of 14 TD's during that timespan. I guess that will translate to his offspring minus 2 knees and an inability to work at getting back into football.
  11. Breshad Perriman suffered a partially torn ACL

    Nope, happy I dropped him. He will never do anything in the NFL.
  12. Perriman is dead. Cut him immediately. No WR drafted by any NFL team in the history of the game has ever done anything after missing his first and ANY part of his second year. Look it up or better yet, consider what his old man did-squachives.