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  1. Tajae Sharpe

    Titans haven't had the best of luck of building up good WR's after they draft them. Lots of potential but not much results as of now. I hope Sharp pans out, but I will be cautious when drafting him that you didn't have to high of expectations for the guy.
  2. Jimmy Graham

    I don't have faith in him unless you are taking a flyer on him late. Can he rebound? Sure. Will he? Not so sure.
  3. Trade advice for Melvin Gordon

    No to Benjamin for Gordon. I'm a big Benjamin fan this season and Gordon has showed us nothing yet.
  4. How is my team? (PPR)

    Well I don't know the size of the league, the scoring, etc...but the team looks great. You are strong at every position and you have depth needed to win it all. Goodluck this season!
  5. Who would you keep?

    I like Benjamin. I'm a big fan of his this season and of course only giving up a 16th round is beautiful.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I had these two awesome gentleman on the podcast and it was a great episode. Lot's of good information and opinions from these two that will provide some insight and hopefully help everyone out who's drafting soon. Subscribe to the podcast as I drop new episodes weekly and I am trying to help and entertain fantasy diehards as well as all other kinds of episodes that are non-fantasy related. iPhone/iPad: Android/Other:
  7. My daughter, Quinn Rae...

    Congrats man! You first?
  8. I just wanted to drop by this thread and say congrats! I get so amped up when I see people create there own thing and make there dream become a reality! Awesome job and keep crushing it!
  9. Keep Eric Decker? PPR

    What are your other choices besides Decker?
  10. Eddie Lacy

    Bold, but I like it.
  11. Podcast League (Contest)

    It's a $50 buy-in and we now have 6 members. 6 more to go if we have any takers let me know and we will discuss.
  12. Rolando McClain arrested in connection with shooting

    I agree that he has never used the slot guy correctly but I believe Braverman has a shot if they get him the ball. I hope they do, like you said the opportunity is there, we'll have to wait and see.
  13. Rolando McClain arrested in connection with shooting

    I respect your perspective, thanks for the insight. However, I'll stick to my perspective on this one and go with karma.
  14. Josh Gordon

    He's a fantasy football "expert". He worked for ESPN and now runs his own website/podcast. I guess he is saying that your thoughts there are along the line of Chris Harris's opinion on the matter.
  15. How to trust an online league of strangers?

    Does anyone here use the Fantasy Life App? If not, and you are looking for a league. TONS of leagues to join there.