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  1. This is our 4th year of having leagues. Best payouts around **100% of entry fee's goes toward payouts** All league fees paid via LeagueSafe so your money is secure! All leagues are PPR with Flex position. These spots will go quick as post them on FB,Twitter and 4 different Fantasy Football Froums*** Leagues as follows with entry fee and payouts. Dirty South 14 teams - $25 1st-$175 2nd-$100 3rd-$50 most points-$25 2 openings Hail Mary 14 teams-$30 3 openings 1st-$225 2nd-$105 3rd-$30 Fantasy Fanatics (Keeper League) 14 teams-$35 2 openings 1st-$300 2nd-$155 3rd-$35 Red Zone 12 teams-$40 2 openings 1st-$290 2nd-$140 3rd-$50 Crunch Time 12 teams-$50 3 openings 1st-$400 2nd-$175 3rd-$100 most points-$25 Sundae Ticket-14 teams-$60 2 openings 1st-$500 2nd-$215 3rd-$100 If you are interested in 1 or more of these leagues please email me And please if you do respond put FF In the subject line as in June and July i start getting tons of emails concerning Fantasy Football.