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  1. Thoughts on **UNIQUE** Draft strategy..

    I really hope this catches on
  2. Went with "zero RB" strategy..... Melvin Gordon 2K16?

    Does pre season count? Lol
  3. Tyrelle Pryor currently starting opposite Corey Coleman?

    This is a serious question. When Robert Griffin had his best year as a rookie who were the beneficiaries at wide receiver comma and how significant of a season did those receivers have in fantasy? I know Pierre Garcon had some really good games that year which came mostly on volume of catches short route stuff. Imagining for a moment that Griffin can recapture his rookie year productivity, what is the upside for Cleveland's most productive receiver? I have to admit I am intrigued by Corey Coleman and by the possibility of Morgan coming back and doing well. This might speak more for the potential of Robert Griffin as a breakout fantasy quarterback then for any of the receivers.
  4. Christine Michael.. Is he REALLY getting his sh*t?

    This is the perfect situation to gamble on because the price is so low. Take him with you 11th round pick while some teams are thinking about kickers and defenses. It probably will not happen, but Christine Michael could possibly end up taking over that backfield and if he doesn't, drop him and pick someone up off waivers who is every bit as good as anyone else you would have gotten in the 11th round. He is definitely a stash guy to Target.
  5. 4th overall pick in round 1

    Call me crazy, but I would not take Gurley over any of the top-tier wide receivers. The Rams offense is a complete disaster. They have to choose between a crappy backup quarterback or the rookie who so far looks crappy. Where a single player is too big a part of an offense, there will be very uneven results, depending upon the philosophy of the opposing defensive coordinator. That means Todd Gurley will give you a huge amount of points one week, and bust you out the next week. It has also been my experience that Bell cow running backs are not very dependable come Fantasy Playoff time due to the amount of wear over the course of a season. This is when little known players emerge as big producers historically at the running back position. For all these reasons, I expect Gurley to have compiled Statistics over the course of the Season that will justify his RB 1 draft position. However, I also expect that he will play a couple of eggs in weeks 13 + 14. On the other hand, top wide receivers should be reliable producers every week and do not have the same wear and tear issues that all running backs struggle 2 play through. I am not at all suggesting to avoid Gurley, but given such amazing Alternatives at the wide receiver position, I would take what is a more reliable producer week in, week out. Antonio ODB Julio Greene Hopkins Dez Should all be drafted prior to Gurley
  6. Jamaal Charles or LeSean McCoy worth....

    I'd maybe consider eddie lacy there, but I'd prefer letting someone else gamble on his resurgence. If you are selecting from this pool, perhaps wait a round and target someone like Carlos Hyde or keep filling up at other positions and gamble on adbullah and melvin. Guys like Shane Vereen and theo Riddick are just as likely to have good years in a ppr.
  7. Jamaal Charles or LeSean McCoy worth....

    Who was the last rb to go from fantasy beast, to fantasy bust, and then recapture rb1 value? Clinton Portis pulled it off in what...2007? I'm not counting Adrian Peterson, he is a generational talent and the Vikings were always 100% committed to him, neither of which is true for Charles or Shady. I'd pass in favor of younger up and comers.
  8. Keeper advice needed today

    He could just draft Danny Woodhead again fairly inexpensive. In a 4-player keeper, ty Hilton might end up being drafted in the first round if he drops him
  9. Keeper advice needed today

    This. And it's not really close.
  10. Tyler Lockett's breakout year 2016?

    He's a very skilled player and could totally change the nature of a game with one touch. However, I would not be able to rely on him as a WR3 because more often than not, his fantasy week will probably be a dud, because his opportunities come from much fewer touches than most other WR 3
  11. New awesome free Sports' App to try...

    I hope I didn't insinuate anything negative about you. Certainly not my intent. I'm just busting your balls a little, in good fun. Youre a jersey dude. You can't start this thread and not expect some heckling. Laugh it off haha. I really did take a few minutes to watch the promo for this to see what it was all about, and I started laughing because it reminded me of Bulletball, and Bulletball Extreme.
  12. New awesome free Sports' App to try...

    The thing about pyramid schemes (or "multi level marketing" businesses, as they are now called), is that the product isn't paricularly relevant to the business. You don't make money selling the product. You make money by stacking affiliates under you who will pay the fees, which will in turn flow upstream to you and those upstream of you. We see this mostly with stay at home moms selling skin creams and whatnot. In that case, rather than packaging this as some amazing new game that a billion people can't wait to play (in truth, no one wants to play this game), the better approach might just be something like, "hey if you are looking for a side hustle and you want to recruit a bunch of other people who like to hustle, this is a very guy-oriented product to get on with." That way, you are (i) being totally up front with your audience, which is more respectable and will develop trust between yourself and your audience, and (ii) you will likely be able to recruit more of the actual people who will make you successful in this endeavor: those who can get pumped to recruit other affiliates. After all, isn't that really the "game"?
  13. 8 team league draft strategy

    Gronk might be the number 3 pick in an 8 team league. Relatively little if any opportunity cost to acquire the far and away top te in the game. You'll still wind up with solid wrs like allen Robinson and keenan allen and then on the next turn rbs like cj anderson and demarcation Murray are still there, on average. I've never been interested in playing in an 8 team league, but that is how I would look for the early advantage.
  14. New awesome free Sports' App to try...

    My bad, I thought it was spam to promote a pyramid scheme.