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  1. Alex Smith or Blake Bortles. Smith is at home
  2. Alex Smith or Blake Bortles
  3. Decisions everywhere

    Ben at QB
  4. It’s the championship and I have a QB dilemma, Alex Smith who I’ve played all year or Blake Bortles who I only played last weeks. Heres my lineup Smith/Bortles Tyreek Hill Mike Evans Todd Gurley Jamaal Williams Jimmy Graham JuJu Will Lutz Jax D Bench Danny Woodhead DeDe Westbrook Paul Richardson Robby Anderson Aaron Jones
  5. JuJu is still questionable and if he does play is he really ready. He hasn’t practiced all week. Also it’s a later game so have to make a call soon so I’m thinking DeDe
  6. JuJu DeDe Paul Richardson Robby Anderson
  7. Alex Smith or Blake Bortles
  8. Week 13 smith blew up and last week he should have had 3 TDs. I’d be more pissed at myself if I loose bc I started Bortles then playing Smith since I stuck with him all year
  9. Need help with this one. Been playing Smith all season and he got me to the last game before the championship. Had the bye last week so Smith’s lack of point didn’t affect me but if I played I would have lost. He was great the first part of the season then died then had 1 good game then back to 10 points. Can’t believe I’m considering Bortles. Also playing Tyreek Hill
  10. Can’t believe I’m asking but Alex Smith or Blake Bortles. Smith has been up and down and don’t know if I can trust him (esp in the final playoff game). Picked up Blake Bortles. He has a better matchup and has been doing better than Smith (not counting week 13)
  11. Alex Smith Or Josh McCown

    Also playing Jamaal Williams and now with Aaron Jones back his touches will be cut so I may need to go with the safety of McCown (I want the bye). Also playing Robby Anderson and Tyreek Hill
  12. Been with Smith most of the season and now I need this win for the bye. I want to stick with Smith since he got me this far but picked up McCown in case. This week is a big week for Smith so he may bounce back I feel like McCown though is safer
  13. Corey Davis or Danny Woodhead?? #Flexing

    I’m wondering about Woodhead too. I like him but I need a safe pick this week
  14. I need this win so can’t gamble. I like Woodhead better than Jamaal Williams but Williams will get the touches and may not go anywhere but Woodhead has his first full week back so I’d like to see what his output is. Need this win
  15. PPR Woodhead or Mckissic

    I’m thinking of playing Woodhead too. I really need this win so I’m not sure if I’d start him without seeing how he does his first full week back. Can’t gamble with this game