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  1. Need one for flex.

  2. RB

  3. Who to start in my conference final?

    brees blount murray landry diggs reed-
  4. wr trio

    im leaning toward robby anderson and jones
  5. Luck or Brees?

    go with luck, the vikings off isnt that good and punts often,,,,more opportunity for luck to put up points....with david johnson, cardinals put together long drives, which means Brees is on the field less!!!
  6. Is AP Worth a Start?

    im am starting him this week, only because i had mckinnon starting.....he is definately boom or bust, but i am in the same boat as you. Julio out, so i am rolling the red carpet out for A.P.
  7. i like watkins and inman....ride the hot hand....cleveland is weak and farrow makes me laugh, rivers will be airing it out!
  8. Who is your biggest busts this year?

    mine were Adrian Peterson and jamaal charles...I am in a dynasty league, and they were 2 of my keepers
  9. wr trio

    I am in the semifinals and need to pick 2... PPR league , please help!!! robby anderson willie snead JJ nelson marvin jones
  10. Shazier

    i feel as though vince williams is better than shazier......he is a monster!!!!!! i think pitt should bench timmons, and start williams and shazier when healthy
  11. Charles is gonna play...

    STUPID IF THE CHIEFS PLAY HIM SUNDAY!!!!!! with the bye coming why not give him the extra time to get healthy???? Come back after the break full of piss and vinegar!!!!!!