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  1. Chiefs monster rushing game results in...

    I think the productivity of the KC passing attack will take a small hit this year, but not as big as some people seem to think. Vermeil and OC Al Saunders believe in a balanced offense, and the last thing they wants is for the Chiefs to become predictable. So yes, the KC running game will probably be as awesome as it's ever been this year once Roaf gets healthy, but even so I expect Green will continue to throw the ball around 30 times a game. (FYI over the last 4 seasons, Green has averaged a little over 32 passing attempts per game.) All that said, in the *short* term (again, until Roaf is back on the field), I expect the Chiefs will pass a bit less than normal. The Chiefs are used to leaving Roaf alone on an island at LT (as Vermeil noted in an interview last week) since even the best speed rushers can't get around him. When he doesn't play, though (he's questionable for this week), they're forced to shift the LG over at times to help out in passing situations (which leaves vulnerability for a rush up the middle). That said, I will be surprised if the Chiefs pass a ton on Monday night. The Chiefs simply can't afford to lose Green to injury, and they're not going to take a chance on leaving him exposed, so I expect their game plan will be to ram the ball down the Bronco's throats.
  2. Dallas Clark

    What he said. Manning will find a way to get Clark involved, and I still expect him to have some big games this year.
  3. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    I wouldn't lose out on anything. I would use my first round pick on a stud RB AND THEN PICK WILLIAMS IN THE 2ND ROUND. Trust me, Caddy was there for the taking in the late 2nd round in 98% of the leagues out there (and was often available a round or two after that). Why would I wait to pick him? Because I see no need to spend a 1st round pick on someone who could easily be gotten 12-15 picks later--due to his perceived value. Neither do mine. But drafting without the perceived value of players in mind will lead to a lot of foolish moves in a fantasy draft--not because the players taken too early are necessarily bad, but because it's just plain dumb to spend a 1st round pick on a player who can be drafted with a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I'm amazed you're having such a hard time understanding this reasoning. It's Fantasy Football 101, dude.
  4. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Not the point. The point is: why spend a 1st round pick on a player you could have taken in the 2nd round or later? In a standard redraft format, virtually no one drafted Caddy Williams as high as you claim that it was "smart" to do. The issue here is not actual value but perceived value. The perceived value of Williams was late 2nd round (at best), and it would have been *dumb* to take him any higher than that.
  5. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Assuming you're talking about fantasy drafts--smart owners who pay attention would never have drafted Caddy in the first round. They would have waited until the late 2nd or early 3rd (or even later) and gotten much better value.
  6. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    One thing we learned last year: Blaylock is good enough to carry the RB load, but he's not sturdy enough to last a whole season in that role. That said, if Martin is down for the year (perish the thought), Blaylock is only a short term answer. He would get the lion's share for awhile, but I would expect the rookie Houston to play an increasingly significant role. Unless Herm Edwards doesn't study history.
  7. what do you need on MNF?

    Yeah, about as bad as the non-call on Moss for mugging Sammy Knight on his TD reception. Can you say "make up call"? Sure, I knew you could.
  8. Best fantasy scoring Denver RB?

    :doah: Yes, my Anderson-Bell-Dayne triumvirate I was so proud of is now looking like a waste of 3 draft picks.
  9. Strahan Downgraded

    The link cited above says, Yesterday's news.
  10. what do you need on MNF?

    I need McAllister to have a blowout game (100+yds, 2 TDs) to win. The problem is that a performance like that will cost me a victory in another league. I hate these situations!
  11. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    If you can get someone like Chad Johnson, shoot yes, trade him. Otherwise, might as well hold onto him since most owners are still skeptical of his value for the entire season (for reasons you mentioned) and aren't liable to give up what he's worth.
  12. Anyone sit Cadillac?

    Started him both weeks in the league where I own him. Okay, okay, my other options were Suggs & Benson. But still.
  13. That would be Kyle Johnson.
  14. STUPID rule if you ask me!

    If the 8 inactive players are being paid, I don't understand why they can't play. Unless the NFL is worried about the additional injury risk? I agree this rule makes no sense.
  15. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Losman struggled in the preseason, and then last Sunday had a fairly decent passing game (170 yds, 1 TD) at home against a mediocre defense. Not bad for his first NFL start, but considering the circumstances, I don't think it's anything to get excited about, and it certainly doesn't ease my concerns about the Buffalo passing attack. Let's see how the kid does this week on the road against the Bucs (I'm not expecting much). In any case, I still agree that McGahee is a borderline start this week.