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  1. $40 espn dynasty 1pt ppr startup
  2. hey I'm in the same style league on the championship league however is 20 team with 5 keepers. but is IDP .... if it was 3 or so keepers i may have thought about it.. but good on you starting this! best of luck.
  3. $40 espn dynasty 1pt ppr startup

    what's your point and roster setup? thank you,
  4. NEED New Owners! IDP ESPN FF League ($20)

    two (possibly 1) team still available!
  5. I have some teams not coming back next year. settings are: 20 teams 4 divisions 8 team playoff 10 keepers! dues for next season $20 (not due now) offseason trading allowed! draft picks/players the works! 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 DL 2 LB 2 DB 1 Team Defense 1 Kicker 6 Bench 1 IR scoring: QB: 1 pt per 25yrds yard bonuses 0.1 pt per completion RB: .25 pts per carry 1 pt per 10 yrds yard bonuses WR: 1 ppr 1 pt per 10 yrds yard bonuses IDP 3 tackle bonus big points for turnovers/tds in order in which I get your email address is the order in which you get to pick your team quick team reference that's up for grabs. There may be more than 4... but here's the 4 teams for sure up for grabs. team 1: draft pick 6th overall M. Ryan (QB), J. Cutler (QB), J. Langford (RB), M. Gillislee (RB), C. Sims (RB), J. Nelson (WR), M. Wallace (WR), T. Ginn Jr. (WR), E. Sanders (WR), T. Lockett (WR), A. Jeffery (WR), D. Green-Beckham (WR), J. Hardy (WR), J. Witten (TE), Z. Orr (LB), J. thomas (LB), A. Williams (LB), B. Marshall (LB), D. Taylor (DL), Y. Ngakoue (DL), B. Robison (DL), B. Skrine (DB), K. Jackson (DB), J. Byrd (DB), Eagles DST, C. Sturgis (K), C. Boswell (K) team 2: draft pick 13th overall K Cousins (QB), J. Winston (QB), C. Ivory (RB), K. Farrow (RB), M. Forte (RB), D. Lewis (RB), D. Henry (RB), D. Robinson (RB), O. Beckham Jr. (WR), M. Mitchell (WR), T. Gabriel (WR), C. Hogan (WR), T. Sharpe (WR), J. Reed (TE), D. Hightower (LB), E. Jackson (LB), N. Kwiatkoski (LB), D. Lee (LB), N. Perry (LB), D. Buckner (DL), M. Wilkerson (DL), M. Johnson (DL), L. Ryan (DB), E. Weddle (DB), D. Shead (DB), GIANTS DST, CHARGERS DST, D. Bailey (K) =============================== NOTE =============================== Send me your email. I will email you back with a confirmed list of teams needing to be replaced.
  6. draft was for today but changed for tomorrow.. since we have 3 teams to fill!
  7. 3 Spots left!!!!!! 20 Team, IDP, on ESPN Fantasy Live draft Sept. 3rd 730pm EST (yay it's a saturday! DRINK DRINK DRINK ). this is the first year for the league, but next year if you stay there will be 5 keepers with draft pick trading during the summer up until our 2017 draft! $10 league due $100 - overall winner $52 - 2nd place winner $3 / week for 16 weeks - highest scoring team dues are collected through there are 2 league managers we both must concur where the payouts go! so it's safe and secure! just leave your email or msg me your email and I will invite you to the league and leaguesafe for dues. POSITION STARTERS Quarterback (QB) 1 Running Back (RB) 2 Wide Receiver (WR) 3 Tight End (TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 2 Linebacker (LB) 2 Defensive Line (DL) 2 Defensive Back (DB) 2 Defensive Player Utility (DP) 3 Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) 1 Place Kicker (K) 1 Bench (BE) 8 Injured Reserve (IR) 1
  8. still interested? sorry had a 96 hour shift at work didnt get much in worth of sleep! sending you invite now if you're still interested!
  9. no one interested in joining this elite 20 team ESPN fantasy league... $10 buy-in super cheap! weekly prizes!