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  1. Robert Woods or Keenan Allen

    Thanks Guys! The best to you this week!
  2. Non-PPR Robert Woods vs. KC Keenan Allen vs Denver
  3. RB Help Week 8

    I'm undecided which RB to play along with Gurley. David Johnson vs. SF or James White vs. Buf Standard Scoring Thanks in Advance! SkyChief
  4. Non-PPR Who gets more Fantasy Points Jared Cook hosting Seattle or Austin Hooper hosting Tampa Bay Thanks in Advance! SkyChief
  5. Also Allen's numbers have been disappointing lately.
  6. Ok Tasandmnm Allen has issue with his knee. Please feel free to give me your reason then.
  7. Thanks Gentlemen i think I'll go with Hill and Fuller Hill is playing on a Monday night. He'll be charged and pumped playing with a new QB on fire against an ardent rival plus he's hungry since his last week was lessons than expected. Allen's knee issues are a concern so I'm going with Fuller since he also has a great QB and perhaps a better connection than week 1. We we will see.
  8. Which two WR's would you play this week #4? Non-PPR Keenan Allen vs. SF (He has a knee issue) Tyreek Hill vs. Denver Will Fuller vs. Ind. Colts (hamstring) Calvin Ridley vs. Cincinatti Thanks guys! SkyChief David
  9. Help - Start/Sit Advice

    Woods and Hilton definitely. Then probably Ginn. Jones burned me last week so I'm done with him. Don't know anything about Smith.
  10. Non-PPR I have Jordon Howard as my RB1 vs. GB Kamara vs. Bills or McKinnon vs. Washington - Zach Brown LB (Was) may be out RB Committee's concern me so which gets the rock more? And which defense gives up the most points? Thanks Sky Chief
  11. Lineup Help Week 6

    I would keep Thomas on the bench. Doug Martin has a chance to outperform D. Murray. Have a great Week 6!
  12. Pick Two you would play this week 6 DeAndre Hopkins hosting Cleveland Chris Hogan at NY Jets Kelvin Benjamin hosts Philadelphia NON PPR Thanks SkyChief
  13. Michael Thomas vs. Minnesota or Jamies Crowder vs. Phildelphia My other WR is Kelvin Benjamin Oh... BTW.... Non-PPR
  14. IDP Cheatsheets Ridiculous This Year?

    Another oversight is Khalil Mack. Huddle lists him as a #48 LB. Everyone else including our draft site listed him as a DL. Mack should be a top 5 DL so I signed him as a DL. I trust The Huddle to provide authentic and thought out rankings since I paid $30 which includes IDP's. Just makes me wonder how The Huddle views the IDP's. Do they view this as a red-headed step child?