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  1. Culpepper or Bledsoe?

    Until the Vikings show some fight I'd easily go with Bledsoe against the 49ers this week. The Eagles sure liked the match up.
  2. QB

    I'd keep leaning towards Delhomme.
  3. WDIS

  4. Greetings

    Welcome back Kotter, er... I mean Feathers.
  5. Trent Dilfer

    I think there will be a brown-out in Indy this weekend.
  6. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Staying with the NFC East - Dallas Cowboys.
  7. Desperate in Detroit...

    Put in the rook. Joey is done.
  8. Considereing the Bus'es injury and age, I think it's going to be a long season on the pine and in the trainer's room.
  9. N.D. vs. MSU

    What a game! The Irish just got a field goal in O.T. and MSU is driving.
  10. New Meadowlands Stadium

    As an outsider, this seems pretty cheesy. I personally like to see them like every other NFL team with their own backyard (baseball doens't count). This makes a Jets Giants game very weird. Both have home field advantage???
  11. Didn't take FSU long to score... on defense! Anyone think that B.C. has a chance?
  12. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Just lost
  13. what do you need on MNF?

    Another set of games With teams (Saints, Skins) that know how to run their stud RB
  14. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    Please, someone tell Gibbs that I took Portis as my number 1 RB At least I do have Randy Moss...
  15. Fantasy Football

    Who would of ever thought that going into Monday night that Portis AND McAllister would be shut out of the end zone? I know I didn't.
  16. What a joke

    It didn't help that the Boys are using the 49'ers reject kicker. They aren't very good right now, but at least they had enough since to get rid of the trash.
  17. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    The Cowboys will be mad about this additional Giants home game after they finish trying to figure out how they let the Redskins steal one
  18. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    It's no wonder that they haven't scored a TD yet
  19. Willie for Moss

    Run, don't walk to get this done!
  20. Question about Grits

    Move to tailgate forum.