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  1. This can't be real.. can it?

    No during the game he got sacked for a loss of one. the 2nd to last knee pushed him back 1 yard or .1 points thus giving me the superbowl W.
  2. This can't be real.. can it?

    This answer doesn't help me anxiety.
  3. This can't be real.. can it?

    Is there going to be a stat correction or will he get screwed.
  4. confused about aaron jones

    He's a starter with like 5 touches. I'm converned too. I'm holding for 1 more week
  5. I made some trades.. Should I regret them?

    Denver's defense went to the waiver wire and I snagging it to cover a bye as its best available currently but yeah I'll see how Diggs does.. dunno!
  6. I made some trades.. Should I regret them?

    I think my biggest disagreement is the absolute pounding Diggs has given me every time he's been started since week 3. I'd rather get out while I could and get somebody I know can at LEAST get me 6 points/week and that was Mixon. The defense will end up being dropped and the only reason he's there is to make it an even trade, no reason in me having open spots is there (started fantasy last year and won 2/3 superbowls so it kind of got me hooked so there's still things I could be missing)
  7. I made some trades.. Should I regret them?

    My problem is that nobody I gave up has gotten 10 points or more in a league which I think is a pretty high but understandable threshold. Diggs has went 0,0,0,6,8 in 5 weeks.. Mixon has went 10,10,10,bye,11 or something like that. Dion I felt like was a bit of an overpay but similarly he'll never get used... I agree I lose a lot in the 2nd league but I also nabbed Kamara which I failed to mention in the post.. I'm at a must win point in the season so surviving week to week means getting the best budget TE I can get.. which was doyle..
  8. I made some trades.. Should I regret them?

    30 views? No opinions?
  9. Non-PPR for both leagues One of my trades I feel like I overpaid but I'm desperate for consistency.. The other two I feel pretty alright about. Opinions? League 1: Lacking RBs bad. QB: Goff RB: Aaron Jones, McKinnon, Mack, Lewis WR: Golden Tate, Michael Thomas, Antonio Brown, Kenny Stills, Hogan, Diggs TE: Gronk, Doyle K: Succop DEF: Kansas (Bye) QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1DEF, 1 W/R Flex Trade 1: Giving up Hogan for Ingram Trade 2: Giving up Diggs, Doyle, and Lewis for Mixon, Smith, and Denver D. I feel like Hogan for ingram was a good deal. Also, I feel smith is better off than Goff but I'm not 100% sure.. I got Mixon because I think I'd rather have Mixon, Ingram, and McKinnon as 2 RBs and 1 in flex (possibly over Tate but not sure) League 2: QB: Dak, McCown RB: Kamara, Peterson, Ajayi, Freeman, Allen WR: Kearse, Hopkins, Richardson, Thielen TE: Kelce, Ertz K:Lutz Def: Buffalo (dropping for Pats) 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1 DEF Trade: Losing Ajayi+Allen for Mixon + Doyle With the RBs I have, and the TE I need this week.. I could afford to lose Ajayi and Allen. I took Mixon just because it was his best RB and I didn't want to let him too far in as he's still in the playoffs race. How'd I do? Opinions? Suggestions?
  10. Mike Evans - buy low?

    I'm not going for him in any leagues. He'll have maybe 1 more good week the rest of the year but that's about it.
  11. Need advice on trading QB1 Watson!

    Do not sell Watson. honestly, you need a WR more than a TE.
  12. Non-PPR.. My team is struggling RB: QB: Goff RB: Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Dion Lewis, Jerrick McKinnon WR: Antionio Brown, Micheal Thomas, Kevin Hogan, Diggs, Kenny Stills TE: Gronk, Doyle K: Succop Def: KC He offered me Prater, Thielen, and Carr for brown.. Obviously not. But it shows interest soo with that how should I counter? His team is below: QB: Stafford, Carr WR: Hopkins, Cooper, Thielen, Adams, Pryor RB:Ajayi, Peterson, Gordon TE: Reed, Henry K: Prater, Zuerlien Def: Arizona Should I go big? Brown+Dion for Gordon + Hopkins? If he declines go Brown+Dion for Gordon+Thielen?
  13. Flex spot Sanu or Crabtree?

    Their offense didn't score for 92 minutes. That's over a game and a half. He's been injured with hammies before and its bound to happen again

    Cohen and Funchess were both picked up on the same principal.. one good week with a possiblity of sticking, neither of them stuck. I've already dropped Cohen and won't be looking his way no matter how good he has 1 week