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  1. Looking for some ROS advice on my team

    Sounds like you like to trade! This time I think you nailed it. Good trade.
  2. Ebron or Njoku

    Doyle may be on a snap count and Ebron is better anyway. Scored 15 points game 1 when Doyle was healthy and playing. The one thing the Raiders do fairly well is cover the TE (don’t ask me why). Njoku has the better matchup w/ Steelers who don’t cover TE’s well. And as they say, the TE is a rookie QB’s best friend. Tough to ignore Ebron’s #’s this year (I have him too) but I’d go with Njoku due to matchup. Take this with a grain of salt from someone who left Deshaun Watson on his bench this week.
  3. M. Williams or M.Bryant. ROS

    I’d lean towards Bryant slightly. I’m in a similar league with not much on the WW (12 teams with 2 flexes). He does get the dropsies like Williams but his situation has changed with Cooper going to the Cowboys and Lynch out for the season. It might not make a difference but at least it’s something. Maybe the better of two bad options?
  4. Start Ebron Or Burton

    I battle that same dilemma every week. Used Ebron last week and Burton went off. Both opponents (Jets and Raiders) actually defend the TE pretty well. That said, the Bears move Burton around and he’s more of a slot receiver than TE at times (he’s a converted WR) I’m playing Burton. Hopefully I won’t get burned this week.
  5. Is playing Defense on the waiver wire fair?

    Waiver wire defense with a playoff spot at stake? Absolutely. I’ve had it done to me (got lucky and won filling in Kapri Bibbs). Did I hear you right though - costing you a #1 WW spot? That’s a valuable thing if a starting RB goes down. I assume that’s past by now and Dalton is a FA? If you you want to make it easier for complainers to swallow, immediately snag Dalton and put him in as your starting QB. Then yank him 15-20 min before kickoff (11:00 game?). You were going to start him because of matchup but changed your mind.
  6. Wondering if this should be vetoed...

    Seems like a decent trade for both. As BPKRUFUS points out, Ingram is back. Kamara’s numbers have already dropped dramatically since (granted only over 2 games). Kamara is a stud, but the Saints don’t care about Fantasy Football - they want a healthy one-two combo. Fair trade methinks.
  7. Mack and Lockett for Bell?

    REALLY thin at RB in a 12 team league with nothing on the waiver wire. With the Bell holdout and injuries I’m down to Kerryon Johnson and Carlos Hyde. Someone is offering Marlon Mack and Tyler Lockett for Bell. Aside from Mack, I could also immediately throw Lockett in a flex spot. Would appreciate your thoughts. It’s a ppr League.
  8. Goodbye Dowell No-gains

    Fox’s exit is a no-brainer and a large part of his downfall was his loyalty to OC Dowell Loggains. Loggains was NEVER qualified for the job. His prior experience was as a Titans “Offensive Quality Control” coach and QB coach. He then was promoted to O-coordinator where he promptly led the Titans to a 27th ranked offense - then he was shown the door after one season. With the Bears, his blocking schemes and play-calling were abysmal along with his offensive personnel choices. Not to mention, he showed how incapable he is at developing young QB’s. Every team stacked the box on 1st and 2nd down daring the Bears to pass and then blitzed Trubisky on 3rd and long. Hopefully the Bears add some wr’s who can get some separation, use Cohen more (and correctly) and get in some young coaching blood like the Rams who have a little imagination in their formations and play calling. Trubisky has a bright future. The oversized oompa-loompa and his Napoleon complex should never be allowed near a football field again.
  9. Black Monday Tomorrow

    ... and I hope they hand Dowwell Loggains a mop and bucket and make him clean the bathrooms before firing him too. His play calling, blocking schemes, qb development and offensive personnel choices have been an embarrassment. But what else would we expect from a plus-size oompa-loompa with a Napoleon complex whose prior NFL experience as an O-coordinator was with the Titans in 2014 and they’re 27th ranked offense (he was shown the gate there). He should not be let anywhere near a football field after he’s canned.
  10. This can't be real.. can it?

    Without decimal scoring it does seem a little unbalanced when you consider that 9 rushing yards would be worth nothing rather than .9 points. It might as well be 1 rushing yard.
  11. This can't be real.. can it?

    Agree 100% - and I’ve been caught on both ends of the decimal scoring (winning and losing). For statistical purposes though (with or without Fantasy) I don’t think a kneel down should be counted because your giving yourself up. Plus, some QB’s kneel down at -1, some at -2 or -3. But it’s always counted as -1. Just my opinion and I can see both sides.
  12. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    TIC TOCK, TICK TOCK. unless Foles can drop 25 points on me in the next 13 minutes, I can celebrate! Hope you all are having a great Christmas!
  13. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Houston has had multiple opportunities to throw a pass up for grabs to Hopkins who is covered one-on-one when the Steelers blitz. He’s made a living on those plays. This is driving me nuts. Not to mention - this is an UGLY game
  14. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Don’t pack it in yet. Just takes one big play.
  15. Thank You Todd Gurley

    That’s classic. I panicked in another league while the clock was ticking and started clicking the wrong windows. I wanted Gurley or Hunt too, but it auto-drafted Doug Martin for me in my confusion.