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    Thank you gentleman. You guys do make a big difference in my FF leagues. A lot of insightful info. Very much appreciated. Happy New Year.
  2. PPR scoring. WR 3 spot. ODBJ and R. Shepard are out today. Plat @ Colts. Would play him over Tim Patrick who plays Monday night. Thanks.
  3. WDIS....Tim Patric or A. Humphries?

    Thanks Montana, Merry Christmas.
  4. Spencer Ware is "doubtful" for Sunday night

    Go get'm D Will.
  5. PPR scoring WR 3 spot to fill A .Humphries @ Cowboys T. Patrick @ Raiders Thanks and good luck gentlemen with your match up.
  6. Monday Night Player Option Help

  7. D Moore or diggs

    DJ Moore
  8. Ekeler, Humphries, or S.Shepard...WDIS?

    Thanks Mr. Montana.
  9. Ekeler, Humphries, or S.Shepard...WDIS?

    Need One
  10. PPR, Flex Ekeler vs Bengals - No Gordon Humphries vs Saints - No D.Jackson S.Shepard @ Redskins - No ODBJ Thanks
  11. PPR scoring. Need 2 in my line up today. Who do you like? McCoy @ Dolphins Ekeler @ Pitt Humphries vs Panthers
  12. Which QB? Standard scoring

    Winston for sure
  13. PPR scoring need 2 out of 3 Eckler @ Pitt McCoy @ Dolphins Humphries vs Panthers Thanks in advance.