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  1. Preparing for my draft

    Be sure and have a back up ink pen if you write down every ones picks. Just might come in handy.
  2. Where are the rookie rankings?

    Thanks DMD, good to know it is being worked on. Thanks again.
  3. First year keeper... Ertz or Chubb?

    I would keep Ertz. That way you have the TE position locked down and can focus on other areas during the draft. Takes out all the guess work at the TE position once the obvious choices are gone.
  4. Rookie ranking cheat sheet....2019?

    Thank you DMD. Looking forward to it.
  5. Rookie ranking cheat sheet....2019?

    Thank you for the input gentlemen. There has always been a specific cheat sheet for Rookies only. Each season The Huddle had it listed with the individual position cheat sheets. The list had 5-7 QBs, 20 or so RBs, 20 or so WRs, 5-8 TEs and 2-4 Kickers. The Huddle always has done a great job with breaking down rookies. This has always been a big part of my draft prep. My buddie also uses this site for rookie info. We are the only 2 people that do. He can't find it either. I will use the info from above and make do. Thanks guys. Good luck this season and Huddle On!!!!!!!!
  6. Rookie ranking cheat sheet....2019?

    I can not find them. Can someone tell me where they are located on the site. In my league we have a starting position for offensive rookies. This cheat sheet is always helpful on draft day. Should I make my own. Thanks for the help.
  7. Rookie rankings cheatsheet?

    Can anyone help?
  8. Rookie rankings cheatsheet?

    The 2019 rankings, rookies.
  9. Rookie rankings cheatsheet?

    Where is it? In the past it has been listed with the other rankings. Its own individual page but I can't find it. Can someone help me, please. Thanks, Who Dey!!!!
  10. The New Rotoworld Format

    Its going to take some time to get use to, but I don't like it either.
  11. Thielen or tyrell williams, ppr

  12. Chris Carsen or Tevin Coleman, ppr