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  1. Question for week 12?

    PPR scoring, Flex position. Thanks
  2. Question for week 12?

    I need a fill in for one week. That is week 12. WW is really thin. Would you considered T. Sharp TT, or R. Higgins, CB coming off a bye. Just trying to plan ahead and not waste a waiver wire pick next week. Thanks for your input.
  3. T.J. Yeldon or A. Humphries.....WDIS?

  4. T.J. Yeldon or A. Humphries.....WDIS?

    Goodwin is playing this weekend.
  5. TJY vs. Pitt Humphries @ NYG PPR scoring Flex Goodwin may not play this weekend. Thanks for your input.
  6. S.Shepard or Humphries....WDIS?

    Thank you all Gentlemen.
  7. S.Shepard or Humphries....WDIS?

    Thanks Mr. Montana.
  8. PPR, Flex position Shepard @ 49ers Humphries vs. Redskins Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. WDIS in the FLEX PPR

    what they all said.
  10. WDIS this week? Goff vs GB or Trubisky vs Jets Thanks for the advice.
  11. L.McCoy or A.Ekeler.......WDIS

    Who Dey.....
  12. PPR scoring Flex position McCoy @ Packers Ekeler vs 49ers McCoy could get 3 touches or 18 touches. Depends on his ribs. Ekler gets 8-10 touches a game. Could get heavy use if the games is one sided. I already have Gordon as my RB 1. Thanks
  13. J.Crowder or S.Shepard.....WDIS...PPR

    bump x 2.
  14. J.Crowder or S.Shepard.....WDIS...PPR

  15. PPR scoring, Flex position Crowder @ Arizona Shepard vs Jags Tough call with not much separation in the projections. Thanks for your input.