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  1. If you can get that, great!! Do it! Jordy is sitting as an FA in my 12 team standard league right now. Getting anything of value is a good thing!
  2. Yeldon or Ivory Today?

    I'd grab Yeldon especially if PPR
  3. Drop 1 for Ajayi?

    Drop Lynch. He is worthless! Get Ajayi! Less carries with a better offensive line and going against defenses that can't just sell out on the run is going to be beneficial for him.
  4. I was offered Gordon for Luck/Henry?

    I would do it but it wouldn't make me feel great knowing that I'm playing with idiots! Like beating a kindergarten kid in basketball... the great feeling goes away quickly once you realize what really happened!
  5. I need a WR for tomorrow in my PPR league and it's slim pickings out there. Who would you choose? B. Lafell. vs. Colts J. Ross. vs. Colts. (He's just getting back) J. Mathews vs. Raiders Deonte Thompson vs. Raiders Trent Taylor. vs. Eagles C. Beasley vs. Redskins Quote
  6. QB: Rivers, Carr, or Stafford

    I think it's really a choice between Rivers and Stafford. I'm probably in the minority here but I kinda like Rivers ROS compared to Stafford.Rivers has a good schedule too I think compared to Stafford. Carr and Rivers
  7. DRop Pryor for A Jones

    Ummmm...........yeah.........like for sure!
  8. Anyone dropping Davante Adams

    I'm definitely keeping Adams. Give it another couple of weeks. If you drop him I'm betting someone else in your league picks him up and will be happy that they did
  9. Need a QB.. Awful trade offers

    You are gonna need a QB. You ARE desperate right now because Luck may not even come back and the rest of your league knows it! You are gonna have to give up a valuable player like Diggs or Martin to get even just a serviceable QB like Stafford. Bortles has been playing well as of late.
  10. Trade away Tevin Coleman for Nelson Agholor?

    Thankfully, most people know that this isn't true. Perine is kinda screwed with Kelley coming back but not Thompson. He will still have his passing down role and then some. Maybe fewer carries on first and second down but that is it.
  11. Is M. Bryant cuttable?

    Finally gave up on him this morning. Now he will go off! You're welcome!
  12. Are any of the Rodgers owners dropping him?? Is there really a chance that he comes back? IR slot is nice but some don't have that or it's filled with DJ, etc. Jyst wondering what other Rodgers owners are doing.
  13. I was just offered Zeke for Doug Martin straight up. I have two other productive RB's (Hunt and CJ Anderson). Should I decline and stick with more of a sure thing the rest of the season with Martin or go for broke and hope that I can get into the playoffs and I will be starting Hunt and Zeke? What should I do? Only two RB's can start every week and it's standard scoring. I'm 4-1 in a 12 team league and only 4 teams make the playoffs. I think people are assuming the worst case scenario being Zeke out until week 13, but is there a chance that things could be delayed even more and he misses the whole season? Has anyone heard of that possibility? Do the trade? No?
  14. Will Fuller or E Sanders ROS

    Sure, for this week, but the original question was for ROS.