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  1. Just got offered a trade

    No way! Keep DJ and Engram
  2. Veto or Allow this trade?

    Who would veto a trade like this? Seriously? You brought the question here, so there must be legitimate concerns. Are you wanting to veto? Are others in your league considering it? What's the story?
  3. ROS Jamison Crowder Or Robbie Anderson .5ppr
  4. Took a risk, Gurley

    Personally, I think you gave up too much but I honestly feel you still got the best player in the deal by a teeny bit. As long as you're happy, then it's a good deal. Pick up Malcolm Brown too.
  5. Kicker Trade

    No way Jose!
  6. Is this a League Winner?

    It's a paper champion for sure! Lots of big names but not a league winner based on actual fantasy production in my opinion.
  7. Trade away DHop?

    AJ is a complete unknown. He could come back but then be out the next week. Keep what ya got!
  8. Put available wrs in order

    Jackson Anderson Kirk
  9. Waiver choices

    If you don't need to use it then don't. Try to get Josh Allen as s backup qb after waivers maybe. He has a good schedule coming up.
  10. TE Who to start tonight HOCKENSON or GRAHAM

    If it was 60 yards and a TD then Graham would be the guy but HoCkenson has the higher upside for the bigger plays and that's what you need tonight! Go big or go home with TJ Hockenson! Chances of you winning are still slim but you never know!
  11. Need a TE. Which one to pick up??

    HoCkenson for this week and ROS. All signs point to him playing on Monday. It's a risk but I'm taking it!
  12. Give up who

    Jacob's and Lindsay for me. Jacob's for sure
  13. Marvin Jones and hunter henry on waiver!

    You don't really have a drop.
  14. QB - Goff or Rivers?

    I'm in the same situation. I'm going with Rivers but that is risky against a tough Pittsburgh D. 49ers have a great pass rush and I'm not sure how much time Goff is gonna have to throw. Tough choice. I could go either way on it.
  15. Pick up DeSean Jackson off of Waivers?

    Yes, pick him up. If it's full PPR, drop Anderson. If it's .5 PPR or standard then probably Crowder. If Herndon is your backup TE, he is supposed to be out until week 8 or so now so maybe drop him.