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  1. Who can I trust tonight?

    Hamilton has been gettingvtargets do gotta go with him. You should be fine either way. If not, it wasn't meant to be.
  2. I think it's a lock I win what do you think

    I was expecting with your amount of confidence that you might have a 20-30 point lead, but you don't. I would rather be in your position than the other guy's but it is not over by any means. If the Denver D gets a pick 6 or fumble recovery for a TD early on in the game, you better prepare yourself for the unthinkable. Good luck though!
  3. Help me pick my flex. .5 ppr Robert Woods at Ari Julian Edelman vs. Buf Dalvin Cook at Det
  4. Who should I start? Will the Colts destroy the Giants and not need to pass much? Will Hilton's injuries catch up? Will the Rams pass more with Gurley hurting? .5 PPR Hilton vs. NYG or Woods at Ari
  5. Start Rivers tonight?

    Well, that sucked!
  6. So who should my D be? Miami vs. Jax or Cleveland vs. Cin
  7. Please help me pick my WR! A. Callaway vs. Cin M. Williams vs. Bal D. Hamilton at Oak C. Hogan vs. Buf .5 PPR
  8. Best D? Cleveland, Miami or Dallas?

    Indianapolis also available
  9. Who to start at WR w/ Gordon out

    Pettis Sutton
  10. Trying to pick my D for the championship. Who should I start? Thanks! Cleveland vs. Cin Dallas vs. TB Miami vs. Jax
  11. Mayfield or Rivers??

    Dude! It's week 16 in fantasy football! Minds have been lost for weeks now! Only a few more days to overanalyze and have some good ol' paralysis by analysis! Let us have our fun!
  12. This is for the title! 4 points per throwing TD. Who should I start at qb? P. Rivers vs. Baltimore (really tough matchup) or B. Mayfield vs. Cincinnati (good matchup and torched them last time)
  13. Don't start spending the money yet, but you can start looking through the catalog at least.
  14. Derrick henry

    If you would have asked me 3 weeks ago, i would have thought Henry would be working at Walmart next year, but now I would say that he looks to be the man in that backfield with Lewis going some third down duty. Kind of like how Duke Johnson does that with Nick Chubb.