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  1. TE and RB Waivers

    Henry Buck
  2. A. Cooper & Agholor for Keenan Allen?

    Coop! Slow start for him but he will be ok. Who knows how long Keenan is going to last with all of his injury history
  3. All else being equal in a standard league, is this a fair trade from a pure value standpoint? Lopsided? OBJ or Melvin Gordon Golden Tate
  4. Wondering about my team...lots of RBs

    I would dangle Howard out there for some WR help.
  5. Ok, so obviously OBJ is a game time decision against the Cowboys. Here are my options. 1. Start Kevin White in my flex and assume that OBJ doesn't play and hope White does ok. 2. Take the risk and start OBJ and just hope he plays? 3. Drop someone like White or Jordan Mathews and pick up a flex player who plays on Sunday night or Monday night that I can easily plug in if OBJ doesn't play? Problem is that my options for this are Brandin Coleman, Evan Engram, Shane Vereen, or Terrance Williams. What to do?
  6. Sell High on Kareem?

    I would go after one of the big time wide receivers especially if you are playing three wide receivers at a time.
  7. I traded away Bilal Powell today for Emmanuel Sanders. He was my #5 RB and I needed a #3 receiver. Did I get not get enough for him? Just right? Or was I fortunate to get what I did? This is a standard league.
  8. E. Sanders for S. Watkins WHIR

    Sanders for me! I think Watkins is gonna get less touches than rookie Cooper Kupp even.
  9. Trade dispute.

    Trade is over and should stand
  10. Landry off who comes on

    I'm in the same spot md I'm going with Hogan!!!!!
  11. Fantasy football amateur

    I think you need RB's desperately!! Both are pretty bad. You are very strong at receiver so maybe try to trade TY Hilton for a running back like Gurley, Hunt, Crowell or Cook? Maybe all you can get for Hilton right now because of all the uncertainty surrounding his quarterback.
  12. Final playoff week -- need some WR advice

    I like Meredith who plays the slot and will avoid Newman and Rhodes and I like Thielen as well!
  13. DeAngelo or Fitz this week?

    I'm just avoiding the Steelers backfield. Who really knows? Williams has been out but they may want to give him some reps to get him ready and then Fitz may go in after that. It's championship week and the uncertainty makes me a seller of this backfield. I am a Bell owner who held Williams all year too. I can pick up Fitz but I won't unless it becomes crystal clear who is playing.