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  1. Now a report has come out saying that the Rams May rest some starters on Sunday in this meaningless game, so Goff may not be the guy. Grab Jones too!
  2. I like the way you have it. Goff should be ok.

    The other guys team has better starters and had Carson leave his game early with an injury too. You had a good run but those are the breaks. The other team had no depth so he had to play those starters. You had lots of depth and had to make tough decisions. Sometimes you make the right ones. Other times......... Don't give up on FF because of this.
  4. Not a dime.

    I was the number 2 scorer in a 12 team league and I didn't even make the 8 team playoff!!! Now THAT sucks!
  5. So what happened?

    He averaged about 2.5 yards per carry with his carries in the first half so they went in another direction I guess. They also played from behind in the 4th and used Abdullah mainly as a receiving threat. Would have liked to have seen Zimmer give him the rock more in the second half for sure.
  6. What do you think my chances are?

    I give you a 75% chance but fantasy football is a cruel game at times. I have Adams and Boone as well tonight and I only need 3.1 points and I'm sweating it.
  7. Good news bad news...

  8. Good news bad news...

    Did you win??
  9. Won my first championship!


    Slim, but anything can happen in FF
  11. Am I crazy? Jones vs Boone

    I would at least pick him up so your opponent doesn't and you can still think about it for a little while
  12. Rolling with Boone...

    You are set up great. I'm rolling with Boone and I don't have the other options. Hoping for the best!
  13. Pittsburgh @ NYJ or Denver vs. DET Both great options, but which one should I start? At this point I'm sticking with Pittsburgh. They got me here. Should I change?
  14. Boone?

    I'm paying the price right now for playing a guy who is sucking up the joint in the Texans/Bucs game because I took Boone out of the lineup now that Mattison May play. However, It was the right move I think, but it still sucks. I would play someone else.
  15. Fuller or AJ Brown?

    I like Fuller but I'm just scared of him having a hammy issue in the first quarter or something. Should be a shootout.