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  1. 1/2 PPR. Marlon Mack or Todd Gurley DaVante Adams or Godwin
  2. Do I ever consider..

    I agreed with one of his responses yesterday, and agree with this one as well! I have AJ and I have no issues with him holding up a bench spot for as long as it takes to get an update on his injury/trade possibilities. I drafted him simply to hold onto him. I'm not backing out going into week 8.
  3. David Johnson advise

    I just traded away DJ for Marlon Mack and John Brown. I suspect there is something more pressing going on with DJ. You don't get an active designation to play 1 to 2 snaps, and then get benched the rest of the game. He's already re-injured his wrist, had back tightness and now injured his ankle. Even if he plays at some point, I don't think he will get a lions share of the touches since they really don't have a shot at competing. No risk in running him into the ground for nothing. They may preserve and save him for next year.
  4. If Matt Ryan sits...

    Julio could be a safety net for Schaub.
  5. I honestly have this offer. It’s a keeper league, and this guys season is already done, so he may value DJ more. He’d cost a 1st next year so I’d be cutting that 1st round loss also.
  6. .5 ppr 12 team. I’m 5-2 both losses coming from DJ being active then leaving because he was injured. Injuries to his wrist, back and now ankle. seems like Edmonds is becoming more than a handcuff at this point.
  7. Trade away Sony Michel for Tevin Coleman? 12 team .5 ppr
  8. 12 team .5 ppr. I was offered Coleman for Michel. RBs: DJ, Michel, AP, Singletary, Penny
  9. Mccafrey For Kelce/Ingram/Robert Woods?

    All depends on the rest of your lineup. Also, is this .5/full PPR?
  10. 0.5 PPR 12 team. Hurting at RB, so I was offered a pretty decent trade. I can choose any 3 I’d the following. Devonta Freeman Kerryon Johnson Emmanuel Sanders Allen Robinson. I was thinking the 1st 3. QBs: Wilson, Cam RBs: DJ, Michel, Singletary, Penny WRs: Adams, Diggs, Boyd, McLaurin, AJ green, Crowder TE: Ertz
  11. 12 team .5 PPR. I've skated on thin ice with this line-up to a 3-1 start, but my RB depth is super lacking. Should I try and move some of my WRs? Is it a horrible idea to try and flip DaVante Adams for a WR/RB combo? QBs: Wilson, Cam RBs: DJ, Sony Michel, Penny, Singletary WRs: DaVante Adams, Tyler Boyd, Diggs, McLaurin, AJ Green, Crowder TEs: Ertz
  12. This is .5 ppr keeper league. Chubb’s keeper value is huge, being in the 11th round. QB: Wilson/Newton RBs: DJ, Michel, Singletary, Penny WRs: Adams, Boyd, Diggs, AJ green, McClaurin, Crowder TE: Ertz
  13. 12 team .5 ppr keeper league. Lose the round you drafted the player, in following years draft. Would I sill compete if I made this trade? I was offered Nick Chubb and Godwin for DJ and Adams. Granted.....Chubb was drafted in the 11th round his rookie season, so he will cost me an 11th round for as long as I would like to keep him for. DJ and DaVante Adams will be a 1st/2nd next year. QB: Wilson, Cam RB: DJ, Michel, Singletary, Penny WR: D. Adams, Diggs, Boyd, AJ Green, McLaurin, Crowder TE: Ertz