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  1. Which WR? This week and ROS?

    That changes it....I'd go Ginn. He has much higher big play ability to net the most yards.
  2. Which WR? This week and ROS?

    OAK can't swarm Landry now that Parker is back. They are both lethal WRs, so having party back could help. The OL is trash, so yes, that is an issue. If this is PPR, I would 100% pick Landry.
  3. Kamara/Jones/ Thompson or Freeman

    Who are you other RBs, not allowing you to start both Freeman and Kamara?
  4. .5 PPR keeper league. We can keep 2 players for any set amount of years. I currently own DJ and AB. I am most likely missing the playoffs this year, and I was offered Gurley for AB straight up. ESPN PPR dynasty rankings have Gurley at 4 and AB at 10. Gurley is young and LAR are only getting better offensively. Gurley has been heavily involved in the passing game, so I am thinking this is a good deal, now, and even for the future. I woud have 2 top 5 backs next year, which is hard to come by. Thoughts?
  5. Thielen for Dak?

    Standard accept. PPR decline.
  6. Some average talent is about all. This is 12 team, so it's slim picking. im trying to get him to Include Kelvin Banjamin in the deal. So it would be AB for Gurley and Benjamin. does but seal the deal?
  7. Should I trade AB on bye week for Gurley? 3-5 with injuries and still in the hunt, but my RBs are garbage, and I don't think I can compete without a solid RB id probably drop Gillislee for a WR in FA. RBs: CJA, Ameer A, Marlon Mack, Gillislee, Cohen. WR: AB, Landry, Funchess. this is a keeper league, so I would either go into next season with David Johnson and AB or DJ and Gurley.
  8. Thanks! Would you rather have Martin (certified work horse) or timeshare ppr beast Kamara? This is the only thing holding me up, is determining which one to pick with Hopkins.
  9. Thanks! Would you rather have Martin (certified work horse) or timeshare ppr beast Kamara? This is the only thing holding me up, is determining which one to pick with Hopkins.
  10. Need urgent advice on a big player trade. Team is in sig. I've been battered with the DJ and Olsen injury, so my RBs have really taken a hit with injuries and underproduction from CJA and co. I was offered Hopkins and Doug Martin/Alvin Kamara to trade away AB and CJA. This is a slight downgrade in WR, but I am getting a work horse back in Doug in a rising offense. I am 3-4 hoping this trade would help me make a run. AB and CJA also have byes coming up and Hopkins and Doug are finished with their byes. Thanks!
  11. 12 team Keeper .5 PPR league...Team in signature. With the DJ injury, my RBs have become a huge headache. My WRs are slightly better than my RBs depth wise, so I do not think this trade would hurt me that bad, but greatly improve my RB situation. I think McCoy is on the rise for the 2nd half of the season and is also done his Bye week, which is coming up for week 9. Is this a good/bad/average trade for me to make? Thanks!
  12. Team is in sig. I was just offer James White for Marlon Mack. I just picked up Marlon Mack off of waivers. IND loves Gore and I feel they are entitled to him as a vet, and won't ever give over full reigns to Mack, however when Mack gets 8+ touches a game, he usually makes it worth it. White would add more depth to my team and is a decent flex play every week. Not sure if this trade would help or hurt me. I honestly would not trust starting Mack yet. Thanks!
  13. D Watson or Newton

    I'd go Watson
  14. 1-3 help me save my season.

    Unfortunately with Injuries and lack of solid RB depth, you're very weak at RB. Unfortunately I see your only options would be to trade Nelson or AB for a solid package deal
  15. Go ballsy with Brissett?

    He's the best option available????? He is borderline top 20 QB this week. Who is available on FA?