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  1. Yeah its a draft from only the 8 teams playing this weekend. So basically its Rogers or Bell or maybe even Brown. But I am leaning towards Rogers because the difference between getting Rogers or being stuck with Connor Cook could be drastic. But the difference between Bell and say Lamar Miller (who I might be targeting later) might not be as bad.
  2. Would be interested. What is the cost and payout structure?
  3. I can only draft players from the teams playing in the wild card games this weekend. I'm thinking either Rogers or Bell with the #1 overall. But I'm leaning towards Rogers because I don't want to be the guy stuck with Osweiler or Connor Cook. Thoughts?
  4. I picked up Landry from the Steelers. He will be playing for $$ and against the Browns.
  5. This, I picked up Toussant and I have Bell and Williams as well. I assume if Williams is healthy, he will get the reps, but all the point projections have Toussant way higher than Williams. I don't want to mess this up as I'm in a must win situation.
  6. I started Carr, AROB, Hopkins, and Ajayi...I thought I was a goner for sure...Then Bell kept putting up points....squeaked out the win!
  7. My gut tells me to not play Allen Robinson against the Vikings Def. But stats wise he is projected to outscore my other option of Marcellus Bennett. I started Bennett last week over him because of Gronk being out. Bennett scored 0 points, Robinson scored 3 points. I lost by 2 points and lost a crucial game for playoff seeding. I just know if I play Robinson, Bennett is going to go off and vice versa.
  8. I'd start Luck, Blount, Ware, Cooper and Moncrief
  9. 16 Team local league and its VERY close. We play all the way until the actual playoffs. 8 teams make it and then we redraft every round of the playoffs out of the actual teams that make it. As you can see it is still anyone's game (except for the last place guy). I'm a 7-5 guy. 1. 8-4 2. 7-5 3. 7-5 4. 7-5 5. 7-5 6. 7-5 7. 7-5 8. 6-6 9. 6-6 10. 6-6 11. 6-6 12. 6-5-1 13. 5-6-1 14. 5-7 15. 5-7 16. 0-12
  10. Up by 4points. He has Mason Crosby tonight. So basically I need the Packers to only score TD's and no more than 3 of them.
  11. I like Team B. They have the better matchups and everything else is pretty equal (other than Team A which holds a clear advantage at QB, but Team B holds a clear advantage at TE).
  12. I fell off a horse one time when it got spooked and hit my head on a giant rock on the ground. I had a severe concussion. I didn't know where I was, who I was, why I was there, what I was doing, or anyone around me. He probably WAS scared out of his mind. Can you imagine not knowing what the heck was going on being surrounded by 100,000 people and people in football gear surrounding you?
  13. I would take trade #1 way before trade #2 but you will be leaving yourself thin at WR. Up to you. I might just stand pat if I were you?
  14. If you are carrying more than one defense, then yes, drop your extra defense. No brainer.
  15. Yeah I like that trade for you. Gordon is a beast too.