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  1. The Chargers are cursed...

    Don't forget the play dough and puppy dog videos.
  2. Best and worst of week 2

    Best: Having Devonta Freeman bail me out when Demarco Murray left the game and winning by 3 points. Worst: In another league, my opponent having Devonta Freeman and contributing to a 2 point loss in a 16 team league. Even Worse than that: In the game I lost by 2 points I actually scored 3rd highest this week in the 16 team league. And I have Zeke and Brandon Marshal that absolutely should have scored more than a combined 2 points.
  3. Huge trade!

    That's probably fair then. About as fair as it can get.
  4. Trade thought?

    He wanted to trade you straight up Green for Martin and you didn't accept right away? You have good RB's already and you could use some help at WR. The trade made sense to you. Hope you didn't mess up your chance.
  5. Time 2 Trade Demarco?

    He's not out for the season or anything man. Its not like he pulled a Zeke and just sucked either, he just had tightness in his hammy. If you still want to trade him you should be able to without getting taken to the cleaners.
  6. Is this an equal/fair trade??

    If I'm the OBJ owner, I think you're getting enough in return for it to be fair. If I'm the other guy (maybe he is deep at RB) and it helps his squad for the trade. But I think as of right now, the Gordon/Tate owner is getting the slightly better deal.
  7. Blockbuster trade help

    Yes, take the trade.
  8. Kareem Hunt or Lesean McCoy ROS?

    As others have said, Hunt. McCoy was a bust candidate of mine as they have no WR's and no QB. Every coach is game planning to solely stop Lesean McCoy.
  9. Gates sets all-time TD record for TEs

    I was waiting for Gates to break the record last year and retire. Now that he's broken the record, I assume he retires after this season. Hunter Henry is going to have to wait one more year until he's the TE in LA. Unfortunately for him, Rivers only has a few years left probably.
  10. The Chargers are cursed...

    Reminded me of the year we went 14-2 and LT sat out our first playoff game due to some mystery injury. We missed 3 field goals that game and lost by 3 points. Ever since then, we've been the king of losing by 3 points.
  11. Oh Ezekiel...

    No way I'm benching Elliot. I think his attitude was more because of the way the game was going. They were down a lot and he couldn't get into a groove. I think he only had 5 carries well into the 3rd quarter. Plus...Denver D.
  12. Noob Waiver Question (Sort of)

    Not sure, but on your league activity it should tell you if the commissioner changed league settings or rules. I've seen commissioners change the waiver order or change the time when someone can be "claimed" to "added" directly to their team. If you see the rules were changed, especially one with waiver pickup time frames etc... I'd ask the question.
  13. Everything I've read says that Morris is the backup to Zeke now. I'd drop McFadden for sure.
  14. Freeman and Dez Bryant for Julio jones?

    Yeah try trading him Dez and your next best RB. The first option was a bit too much to offer.
  15. Trading Zeke

    I like that trade. Cooks is a huge upgrade over Shephard and Zeke could still end up getting suspended during the FF playoffs. Its a small dropoff too to Gordon. It definitely improves your team and that's the important thing.