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  1. Is it worth buying low for Kareem Hunt?

    Not against you trying to upgrade, but that hypothetical offer would not even get you a bite.
  2. Winston out....

    I just bit the bullet and had to claim Cutler off waivers. My backup all year was supposed to be Luck when he got healthy, but that doesn't look like its ever going to happen. A great draft ruined by injuries all over.
  3. What Do You Need On MNF?!?!

    I need exactly 17 points (standard league) from Aaron Jones and Matt Prater combined.
  4. Trade help... lost watson

    Yeah do it, You have good RB depth to cover and its better than picking up Cutler.
  5. Trade offer Murray for Carr and Jones

    I've been trying to deal Murray away for half the season...trust me you don't want that headache. Is his Hamstring better? Are they going to limit his snaps? Is Derrick Henry going to finally take over? Its been a nightmare that I will not be dealing with (drafting) next year.
  6. Kamara/Jones/ Thompson or Freeman

    I'm assuming that's Julio Jones? Or is it Aaron Jones? Either way Kamara has been lighting it up lately. Hard to bet against Kamara in PPR especially.
  7. Bundle Tom Brady/CJA Gets You Nothing

    Nobody will touch CJ Anderson or Demarco Murray and I've literally offered trades to EVERY person in my league. It does get frustrating.
  8. Rb problem - I have only 1

    Well if you could get someone to trade you Gurley for MT or Bryant, that would be ideal, but honestly it would probably take Green or Evans.
  9. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    This is a fantasy football forum, not a forum to right all the injustices in the world.
  10. Biggest busts of 2017 season

    And I've always avoided him...this year I said "F" it, I'll draft him. At least he got 1 TD so far.
  11. 6-1, Would you make this trade?

    Naw man. You already said you are keeping Hunt and Zeke for sure, you're basically giving up Evans for nothing this season. Now if you could keep Johnson too and have 3 stud RB's that'd be a different story, but it looks like you're set for this year and next already so I wouldn't hurt your chances for this season.
  12. Is this collusion?

    Well Hunt is a Rookie so, I'd seriously consider keeping him as one of your keepers. AJ Green is in what his 10th season or so? I'd have to look it up. I can't believe I missed that in the original text. Keep Hunt man.
  13. Playoff clincher/elimination

    That's the way to be, but yeah its hard to take tone into consideration on the internet. Anyways, good luck in the playoffs!
  14. Playoff clincher/elimination

    When I first started posting here I got burned by a couple of the old timers and I still do occasionally. But yeah, you learn who is just messing with you and who are kind of negative nancy's so to speak and you brush it off. In their defense though, there is no way of knowing the answer to your question. So naturally you got ripped. It happens. Its cool. Live and learn.
  15. Is it safe to drop backup Cowboys RBs yet?

    I've been holding onto Morris. I think he's the guy over DMC, I'd drop McFadden.