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  1. No idea what to do. Him or djax for me too
  2. So how much you think Zeke plays this week? About the same as VS the Lions? I think he plays a half, at most.
  3. Rodgers for sure
  4. That's who I have in now, but Denver is highly tempting.
  5. Chargers playing Browns @ CLE and Denver is @ KC tomorrow night with super high winds and possible rain.
  6. Bump, Miller is out. Should I Flex J Stew, Amari Cooper, Ware or Doug Martin? I also have Gabriel, but I'm already playing Julio..
  7. So you're saying I should choose between J Stew and Martin for my flex? This is a PPR league btw
  8. At RB, I have Powell and Montgomery in. My flex is empty, and my 2nd WR is Julio(OBJ on Thursday). Assuming I keep Julio, who would you start at RB and Flex? Bench is J Stew, Lamar Miller, Amari Cooper, Doug Martin and Spencer Ware. All help is appreciated!
  9. I like Bills too. I like the Titans, but they just don't create turnovers.
  10. J Stew.
  11. Adams and Baldwin
  12. Probably because he sucks
  13. He'll play
  14. I'm playing Graham hoping this is his bounce back game considering his last 2 have been duds. That, and I have Eifert and he's out ha.
  15. I'd start him if I had him. I don't own him in any of my leagues though....thankfully.