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  1. Time to stream the D 🤔

    Right now it's looking like either MIA or PIT. I have PIT as of right now but will drop them for MIA if enough ppl think it's a good idea. But I see no problem hanging on to PIT right now.
  2. OBJ trade

    Yes, I do have depth in WRs but at the same time, I'm in a 3WR league and I start 4 since I put one in my flex. So after the trade, it would look like this: WR1: OBJ WR2: Michael Thomas WR3: Keenan Allen Flex: Jarvis Landry Bench/bye week filler: Rashard Higgins .... not the best option, especially if one of my 4 starters gets injured.
  3. OBJ trade

    I would receive OBJ I'd be giving Hopkins and Tate. If you can't see my sig, my WRs are: Michael Thomas Keenan Allen DeAndre Hopkins Jarvis Landry Golden Tate Rashard Higgins Hopkins has the most targets in the entire league and can potentially be a top 5 WR again. I obv don't mind giving up Tate. OBJ's health is still in the air. Wdy think?
  4. Start 'em Sit 'em issues

    All I know is he's listed as questionable. He suffered a groin injury last week @ NO. So he probably won't be 100% this Sunday vs HOU.
  5. FLEX: Golden Tate vs ATL or Jarvis Landry @ NYJ RB: Leonard Fournette vs BAL or Samaje Perine vs OAK TE: Rob Gronkowski vs HOU or Ed Dickson vs NO *Might seem crazy to bench Fournette for Perine but BAL run defense and defense in general has been lights out. Kelley will most likely be out with his rib injury making Perine the starter & WAS loves to run the ball to set up their infamous play-action. *Gronk is questionable with a groin injury and going up against HOU who plays the TE well. Dickson is taking over Olsen's role and Gronk was able to take advantage of NO's poor defense. Let me know what y'all think...
  6. Handcuffing Bell?

    ^ his "dancing for 3 yards" is the same thing he did last year and no one seemed to have a problem with it. I think his hold-out and missing an incredible amount of time with the team is showing but he should be the old Le'Veon in a week or two. The guy is the best. As far as handcuffing, I see no problem with doing so with Conner. If anything were to happen to Bell, he should have success as that offense is obv in the top 10. I would try and trade Abdullah and Davis or Abdullah and Hogan or some type of combination of those type of players for a WR2 or RB2, which would free up a spot on your bench to pick up Conner.
  7. Time to stream the D 🤔

    Thanks so far guys. Can anyone else give me their input?
  8. D.Freeman or K.Hunt

    1st world FF problems lol. In all honesty, it's going to be Hunt pretty much every week over Freeman (even though I love Freeman) simply bc of opportunities. The volume will always be there. They've actually had similar amount of touches through 2 games, but there is no T. Coleman in KC. Sometimes when Coleman gets hot, the coaches tend to let him get more snaps. Out of curiosity, who are you playing in your flex spot over Freeman?
  9. Who is the worst 2-0 team?

    Out of the 2-0 teams out there, there are three that stand out to me that given better opponents, would most likely not be 2-0. Which out of these 3 are the worst and/or shouldn't expect a playoff seed in the future? Baltimore Ravens Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers
  10. Greg Olsen Replacement

    Also... I'd keep my eye out for Olsen's replacement, Ed Dickson. He is athletic, even at 30, and should play the majority of the offensive snaps since he can block and has hands.
  11. Greg Olsen Replacement

    Doesn't Marvin Jones have a receiving TD in each of the first 2 games this season?
  12. Zeke or Bell trade

    Well Sanders has a week 5 bye so what are you going to do? You won't have anyone to fill in that slot lol
  13. Zeke or Bell trade

    So Cooper Kupp and Emmanuel Sanders will be your starting 2 WRs, Witten as your TE, and either Buc Allen or Carson as your flex? It's really not the worst when you have zGurley and Bell as your starting 2 RBs in a 16 team league. Definitely keep your eyes on the WW/FA for WRs though. Rashard Higgins available?
  14. MIA @ NYJ PIT @ CHI NE vs HOU ??
  15. OBJ for Cook & Landry

    Lol that's a hell of a line-up