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  1. Must bench 1 player. Who to choose?

    Went ahead and benched Fournette with news that he still was not practicing. Lucked out as it turns out he's not playing tomorrow. Hunt has saved me so far, as Allen, Howard, and Jones Jr. didn't do too much in their games today.
  2. Must bench 1 player. Who to choose?

    Gordon - 2 Hunt - 1 Anyone else?
  3. I thought I had this figured out but I'm struggling with the decision. 1/2 ppr Fournette v HOU Hunt v LAC Howard @DET Jones Jr v CHI J. Gordon @BAL
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure how I can bench Wilson at home in a potential shootout against the Rams. In truth, the main reason I picked up Rivers a few weeks ago was if there was an injury to Wilson and bc I saw Rivers's playoff schedule and knew someone could pick him up and use him to stream and didn't want that to happen, especially against me. And yeah I would like to play Gordon, but Idk who I'd start him over in his match-up against BAL.
  5. 1/2 ppr QB (1): Wilson v LAR Rivers @KC WR (3): M. Thomas v NYJ Allen @KC Jones Jr v CHI Gordon v BAL RB (2): Fournette v HOU Hunt v LAC Howard @DET Elliott @OAK SUSP TE (1): Gronkowski @PIT Doyle v DEN FLEX (1): Howard @DET Gordon v BAL K (1): Lambo v HOU Butker v LAC D/ST (1): New Orleans v NYJ Pittsburgh v NE
  6. I was going to start BUF d/st but with Peterman starting, I know it's probable that he'll put that BUF d/st in really bad spots since he's so turnover prone. Stick with: BUF v IND or PIT v BAL
  7. Dez or Gordon

    Without Jenkins playing for NYG, it's hard to sit Dez in this match-up. I assure you though that Gordon will be a focus for the Browns this week. He was able to convert 4 of his 11.... ELEVEN targets for 85 yards in his first game back in 2+ years. Who is in your flex spot as the reason why you can't start both?
  8. Sit Fitz, K.Allen, T Hill or J Gordon?

    Norman isn't going to be shadowing Allen. Allen lines up on Breeland's side for a lot of his routes. As a Redskins fan, I can tell you that Breeland is very beatable when facing top 15 WR talent, which Allen most definitely is. I have Allen and will be starting him. It's hard to sit Hill when he's facing that OAK defense and the same can be said about Fitzgerald and that TEN defense. I also have Gordon and will be playing him in my FLEX (I have M. Thomas, Allen, and Jones Jr as my 3 WRs). He's obv going to be playing a large role in that offense every week moving forward for CLE. Here is how I look at it. When AP is healthy and playing, ARI seems to forcibly give him the ball, since that's honestly what it takes to get AP going. This usually limits the targets that Fitzgerald gets. They seem to focus on throwing the ball more when AP is out since they don't havea decent RB to take his place. So if AP is starting and playing, then I'd sit Fitz. If not, then I'd start Fitz and sit Hill, as painful as that may sound and is for me to write.
  9. Hunt or Perine?

    Interesting. I too have Hunt and Howard. You'e rolling with Howard over Hunt? I decided to roll with Fournette and Hunt and then bench Howard for Josh Gordon in the FLEX. What made you decide Howard over Hunt?
  10. Out of the 3 leagues I'm in (all are 12 team 1/2 ppr redraft leagues), this is the only one that might change for me before the playoffs start. The top 6 make it in. I'm Token Asian and will get the 2nd seed and a 1st round bye if I win next week and the guy above me loses. Our playoffs for this league are weeks 15-17.
  11. START 2 out the 3

    Gordon with 11 targets? Wow. Going to have to start inserting him into my line-up.
  12. START 2 out the 3

    Josh Gordon: Yeah Yeah, he's been gone forever. Who cares? The guy is an elite WR when he's playing and he's not only going to be be playing a lot, but will be starting today. Marvin Jones Jr: He's been on fire for the majority of the past 5 games, but has an extremely tough match-up going against the Ravens today. Kareem Hunt: What can I say? He's sucked the past 5 weeks. It's definitely not his fault. But now play-calliing duties have been relegated to the OC. Andy Reid will oversee them but won't be the guy creating a horrible game script like he's been doing. Half ppr
  13. QB & FLEX dilemma

    Anyone else? Hunt or Doyle in my FLEX?
  14. Lineup Help

    I agree with your comment. Start those 4 WRs and your first 2 RBs.
  15. I'm in 3 leagues this year - all 12 team 1/2 ppr. This is the first year I can ever remember where all the owners, especially ones that are aware they're completely out of the playoffs, have filled their rosters every week and are even still hitting the WW/FA. I've only played FF for about 8 years, but to me I found it extremely rare. There's only been about 2 occasions where rosters weren't filled and it was job related. The 2 guys in different leagues happen to be in the army and were on a field rotation where they had no service or internet. But as for me, I'm somewhat in your position. This week is kind of meaningless as far as standings go in all 3 of my leagues. I'm in the playoffs for all 3 but can only really improve in 1 to get a first round bye, and 2 other owners would have to lose.