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  1. Watson Landry Brown Hunt Jones Howard Carson Zuerline Vikings
  2. .5 ppr I can start 3 WR and 1FLEX WR Amendola vNYJ WR Godwin @CAR RB Martin @SF WR T.Williams @SEA WR J.Brown vPIT WR Sutton vHOU
  3. .5 ppr we start 3WR, 2RB, 1WRT FLEX Trade away Hunt, Green, and Godwin Receive Bell, Julio, Landry WRs: Green, Godwin, Davis, Amendola, Sutton, T.Williams RBs: Hunt, Lindsay, Miller, Martin I could maybe ask for Crowell or Thompson as well in case Bell doesn't pan out
  4. Half PPR. Accept the offer to get Julio and Bell? Current roster: 1QB: Rodgers or Ryan 3WR: Green, Davis, Godwin 2RB: Hunt, Lindsay TE: Reed or Uzomah 1FLEX: Miller/D. Martin/Barber/Callaway/Rogers
  5. Trade away Hunt?

    So far the consensus is "No". I just got a trade offer, however: K. Hunt, L. Miller, and C. Godwin for Julio and Bell Would you accept? Line up after would be QB: Rodgers or Ryan WR: AJ Green, Julio, C. Davis RB: Bell, Lindsay TE: Reed or Uzomah FLEX: D. Martin/Barber/Callaway/Rogers I get Bell is a X factor, but if he were to take his old form...
  6. Trade away Hunt?

    Appreciate it. I'll try and trade for a better WR w/out giving up Hunt or Green.
  7. Can you post your roster? Nvm I just saw it was an 8 team league. You probably have many studs on your team. In that case, no, I wouldn't trade him.
  8. Trade away Hunt?

    4-2 in this HALF PPR league... but I stream K and D/ST weekly and they have saved me in a lot of weeks. Here is my roster. Do I trade Hunt for a WR1 (Thomas, Julio, Hopkins, AB, Thielen)? 1QB: Rodgers, Ryan 3WR: Green, Davis, Godwin, Callaway, Rogers 2RB: Hunt, Lindsay, , Barber, Miller, Lynch (Martin), TE: Reed, Uzomah 1W/R/T FLEX:
  9. Who should be the main guy now that Ajayi is done for the season? I have #1 WW for 2 of my leagues. Is it worth using on either player? 1. 1/2 PPR league RBs: Hunt, Lynch, Miller, Lindsay 2. Full PPR league RBs: Kamara, Michel, Mixon
  10. Full PPR. Wondering who to target. I should be able to swing a trade getting one of them without giving up much.
  11. Who to start? Pretty torn here 🤔

    Lol 1-1 Anyone else?
  12. Full PPR: Golden Tate vNE or Brandin Cooks vLAC
  13. Bell got traded

    Everyone has different perspectives, at least to a certain degree. This is why we are on these forums. One of my leagues is a 12 team PPR league where I had both Conner and Bell. I traded Conner in a package deal receiving AB. Traded Bell for package deal consisting of Gronk, J. Gordon, and B. Cooks. I love making moves. It worked out because I drafted RB heavy. I wanted to get good deals while I could and get ahead of the drama. I posted the above to give perspective. Yes, Bell for Williams and Hogan isn't the best deal. As a matter of fact, it's one of the worst I've seen and personally wouldn't have made that deal if the other owner paid me $50 on the side. However, it's not equivalent to collusion, just impatience with a side of stupidity. P.S. You can't just veto a trade because the result of the trade makes one team pretty strong and gets you feeling some type of way i.e. now the one owner has Gurley and Bell.

    True. If this were Tuesday after week 1 even, it still wouldn't be blasphemous. But at this time, it's looking like week 11, making this trade pretty ridiculous. Hope it gets approved for you!
  15. Is it time...? 😫

    Convinced him to let me keep Fitz. Traded Bell, Crowder, and Burton for Gronk, Cooks, and J. Gordon. Appreciate the advice. Hope it works out.