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    True. If this were Tuesday after week 1 even, it still wouldn't be blasphemous. But at this time, it's looking like week 11, making this trade pretty ridiculous. Hope it gets approved for you!
  2. Is it time...? 😫

    Convinced him to let me keep Fitz. Traded Bell, Crowder, and Burton for Gronk, Cooks, and J. Gordon. Appreciate the advice. Hope it works out.
  3. Is it time...? 😫

    Was offered B. Cooks, J. Gordon, and Gronk for Fitzgerald, Crowder, Burton and Bell. Pull the trigger?
  4. Is it time...? 😫

    ... to give up on Le'Veon Bell?? I have him on my bench. I have a solid team so it's not like I'm desperate. But it could always improve if I were to trade Bell. Should I just do it and not have to worry about it anymore? I mean what is Bell's trade value even at right now?
  5. Full PPR- looking to possibly trade. Brandon Cooks Josh Gordon Larry Fitzgerald Looking to acquire 2
  6. In one of my Yahoo leagues, I had 12th pick (last). My roster is one where I'm "solid" in most positions but don't have any dependable standout guys minus A. Rodgers at QB. I'm usually pretty successful when it comes to trading but out of my 4 leagues, this is the only league where I can't seem to get one done, mostly because I'm having trouble making offers. I'm not even sure who to start week to week with this roster. QB(1): A. Rodgers, B. Roethlisberger WR(3): C. Davis, M. Jones Jr., E. Sanders, K. Stills, C. Godwin RB(2): K. Hunt, L. Fournette, A. Collins, B. Powell, M. Breida TE(1): J. Reed, J. Cook FLEX(1): Any suggestions on what position to target, who to trade away, and definitely who to start this week? .5 PPR and I appreciate the help!
  7. Pick Up Bernard

    If you're not dropping anyone of that much importance, Bernard will provide an instant boost for 2-4 weeks depending how the surgery goes for Mixon. I dropped Keelan Cole for him and will try and use Bernard as a trade piece to the Mixon owner in one of my leagues where Bernard was available.
  8. Anything you would change in this lineup?

    If DeSean doesnt play, do you 2 think I should switch Davis out with Godwin or Stills? And yeah @JordyJordy, if Rodgers is out I'm going to have to stream a QB. Tyrod Taylor is available so I'll probably go with him.
  9. Ajayi for Thomas

    Yes you have to make that trade if its available. I really never see you starting Ajayi over Thomas and he has good trade value after week 1. D. Thomas would benefit you. Help with mine please:
  10. Sit/Start Advice - RB&FLEX

    To be fair... it's actually safer to play Ekelar knowing he is going to get touches and how LA uses him rather than playing Williams against arguably the 2nd/3rd best defense in MIN. And until Barber actually does something, he would never start for me. I'd have to wait until Sunday before game time to decide between Goodwin and Lockett. If Goodwin is healthy [enough] to play, I'd roll with him. If not, I'd actually roll with Cobb. Help with mine please:
  11. .5 PPR. Alex Collins did the most with his opportunities minus getting stood up at the goalline once and then surrendering a separate goalline carry to Buck Allen. He definitely needs to get the rock more. Anyway, I'm not playing Fournette at all. I had him in one of my leagues last year and he burned me a couple times when he was "a game time decision". I know some of you might have your reservations about Cook in my flex but would like to hear opinions either way. Thanks guys!
  12. Todd Gurley Trade offered

    Alex Collins will be good this year, especially since Dixon is hurt. They literally took him out of the game last week bc they were up 40-3. Ravens shouldn't be doing that to too many other teams if any at all this year. Who is his best RB?
  13. Any holes on this team

    I see zero holes on this team. Even being 10 teamed, this is as good as it is going to get overall.
  14. D. Johnson D. Cook trade advice

    Watkins is a good WR, but he NEVER gets utilized as he should. DJ is amazing, but he will face a minimum of 8 in the box the whole entire season because of his surrounding weapons (or lack thereof). Defensive coordinators will gameplan to: 1. Stop DJ 2. Stop Fitz 3. Stop DJ some more. I'd rather have Cook and Hilton.
  15. Trade for Baldwin and drop Olsen?

    I would drop Olsen. Didnt he do this last year? When he came back I don't remember him doing much at all. Help with mine please: