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  1. Trading for Hunt 🤔

    Gotcha. Yeah I'd only offer Freeman + Drake. He has Coleman so I'm kind of hoping Coleman doesn't play well tonight. It will incline him to accept a Freeman + Drake offer.
  2. Do you think Hunt will rebound after the bye?

    Think Hunt is worth trying to trade for? It will be difficult to "buy low" on him... But still...
  3. Trading for Hunt 🤔

    Yeah and the fact he hasn't had a TD since week 3 is insane to me. That also makes me believe that if he were mixing a TD here and there, we probably wouldn't be having tbis conversation. So he can only improve right? Lol man Idk. Maybe if I offer Drake + Freeman or Powell + Freeman but I doubt that would get it done. @Montana is da Man would you do it for those 2 RBs?
  4. Trading for Hunt 🤔

    The Hunt owner is a face value guy and impulsive. He already told me he wants to get rid of him after this week and knowing him, he'll do it for Perine who had a big day today + Freeman. Is it really worth it though? People still tend to associate Hunt with his first quarter of the season. He simply hasn't been producing at that level. And with Chris Thompson going down, Perine should be a locked in RB2 for the remainder of the season. RB1 Fournette RB2 Hunt Flex Drake/Doyle/Powell/Doctson OR stay with RB1 Fournette RB2 Freeman (hopefully he returns healthy) Flex Perine .5 ppr
  5. Which to offer to upgrade @ WR?

    So if anything, get Green? Thanks guys
  6. Not sure how you can sell high on Freeman. He's underperformed in almost every single game and now is under concussion protocol and will miss at least a week. Trust me. I Own him on my roster lol. My only option is to stick with him and hope he turns it around come playoff time. Decent list though
  7. Lee. Hurns is out, Dede will be in a snap count and Cole is a just a role player. Lee should get most of the passing targets besides the RBs this game.
  8. .5 ppr Playoff schedule included Offer Keenan Allen + Jarvis Landry for AJ Green @MIN v DET @BAL Mike Evans v ATL @CAR v NO Julio Jones @TB @NO v CAR I guess the real question is ... Would you NOT offer this to any of these WRs?
  9. Pick up Ivory or Yeldon?

    If Fournette can't go, I'll be starting Yeldon and Perine. Fournette - questionable Freeman - doubtful Drake - starting RB1 Yeldon - starting RB2 Perine - FLEX Powell - bye Hopefully Fournette and Freeman can be upgraded to fully healthy next week.
  10. WDIS - Need 2 -- Dez, Hopkins, Tate - WHIR

    I'd say of course start Dez but with your other 2 options and Dez coming off an injury, it's risky to start him over Hopkins or Tate. But if you can trust that he'll play throughout the entire game, then I'd have to start him and Hopkins.
  11. Evans for Julio?

    Definitely get Julio if you can. Please assist with mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/495769-help-me-get-dez/
  12. I'd go with Brate for sure and then Jones as the better RB in GB. Please assist with mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/495769-help-me-get-dez/
  13. Roster management question

    I'd start McCown this week, drop Smith for Mariotta and maybe try and pick up Smith after the games this week. Please assist with mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/495769-help-me-get-dez/
  14. Pick 1 RB, 1 WR, and 1 Flex

    Since its ppr... Landry, Johnson, Drake Please assist with mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/495769-help-me-get-dez/