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  1. JuJu or McLaurin for Hunt?

    You definitely can afford it, and awesome move to get K Allen, I think he will have a strong finish as he usually does.
  2. Take this trade

    Definitely, that would be much better for you.
  3. Fix my Flex

    Terry vs Jets is a pretty favorable matchup and it's getting to be time for him to have another blow up game...
  4. Take this trade

    I'm a big Barkley guy so I would take that, you really don't need Fitz in the deal looking at your WRs for anything besides depth because you'll never play him. I'd love to be able to roll with Barkley/Zeke in my RB spots every week.
  5. kareem hunt or brian hill

  6. Singletary or Robinson FLEX

    Ditto Singletary. I prefer the security of a RB in my flex spot and since it is a PPR league Singletary fits perfectly since he is heavily involved in the passing game. I look for them to lean on him a little more this week and I have him in several cash lineups.
  7. DJ for OBJ

    Sounds like everyone loses in this trade lol.
  8. WR Help!

    Yes he is but we are still talking WRs and it has been proven there is plenty enough to go around for them both to flourish.
  9. RB Situation Worse Than Nagy's Playcalling

    I wouldn't play Samuels unless Connor does not return but last I checked he will likely be back. AP isn't a horrible play and he has been thriving since coaching change and I think Pascal bounces back this week...plus this may be the last week to even consider playing him with Hiltons return imminent.
  10. last try: do i keep both Buc receivers?

    Playing both Godwin and Evans is about the only way that I would feel comfortable playing either of them at this point since it is impossible to tell which week will be a good week for who. Plus I am definitely not a fan of you losing Gordon.
  11. WR Help!

    Maybe I am alone in this but I would prefer own a teams top option at WR than a #2.
  12. Who becomes Foles preferred receiver

    Foles/DeDe based on past preferences makes more sense than Foles/Chark. But in fantasy the proof is in the pudding, we shall see when he starts chucking pigskins.
  13. Godwin for Lev Bell

    I really like this trade for you. You really need RB help and good luck picking which week is gonna be an Evans week and which week will be a Godwin week. Usually when one feasts the other famines. Bell is a PPR beast and has not had much help with TDs so like my man J Brown he is due some positive TD regression and he has an amazing schedule ROS to get that positive regression. Give me Bell over Godwin ROS all day.
  14. Lindsay or gurley ROS

    I'd probably hang on to Lindsay...Rams Oline and therefore their backfield is just a mess.
  15. Cut the cord with JuJu?

    Definitely need to know who is available on the wire. Even a guy like D Parker could net you more consistency week to week than JuJu is.