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  1. I am on the outside looking in on the playoffs but if I win and 1 of 2 teams loses I have a shot of making it still. I'm playing matchups so I am benching Brees vs 49ers in favor of Fitzmagic and the rest of my matchups (outside of Andrews vs Buffalo) are pretty favorable besides J Brown vs Baltimore. Suffice to say WRs just aren't having good games against them. I have Deebo on my bench so I could play him vs Saints or pick up Shep vs Eagles or Woods vs Seahawks (Woods only scored 4.8 standard points against them last time they played). Votes?
  2. Yep, I deeply regret dropping Parker earlier in the year
  3. It would certainly come down to either Breida or Mostert given that you have an abundance of WR options and only 3 RBs. Mostert looked really good against the Ravens and has looked good any time he has been given opportunities but with Breida likely returning this week it is hard to imagine he consistently gets enough reps to be relevant. Brieda is likely the way to go unless the 49ers coaching staff finally looks at his ypc and realizes they need to use Mostert more, not a bet I'd want to make.
  4. With D. Williams ruled out...

    I think Darrell Williams out snaps Shady this week like last...still a situation to avoid.
  5. Barkley or Chubb rest of the way?

    Keep Chubb, apparently Barkley is still not fully healed as evidenced by his recent stat lines. Now if Barkley were 100% then it wouldn't even be close for me...
  6. Drop breida for Jonathan Williams?

    I wouldn't either, dont see any reason to think he will be any more consistent than Mack has this year.
  7. Agreed. Plus I'd probably trade Guice out for Edmonds. While it's true Edmonds may end up in a 3 way timeshare I like his upside a lot more than Guice in Washington.
  8. Waiver Wire: Pick 3 + Bench Deshaun Wk 13??

    Definitely get Penny. I'd also grab Damien despite the uncertainty about his return and also AJ Brown as it appears he is atop the WR depth chart in TN now and Tannehill actually gets him the ball somewhat consistently.
  9. Do I need any of these WRS for ROS?

    Deebo is worth a look, he has performed very well 3 straight weeks.
  10. ROS RB Edmonds or D. Williams

    Hard to predict what will happen with either guy. Edmonds is likely at best in a 50/50 split with Drake assuming DJ doesn't miraculously get healthy. Williams is definitely in a better spot to succeed but we have no idea how long he will be out or if he will walk back into a workhorse role.
  11. Start Shepard or Cooks at WR?

    Lockett definitely does not fit the bill because he is not coming off of a multi game absence. He has not missed a single game so he cannot be compared with TY Hilton coming off a 3 game absence. However Shepard and Cooks are another story...
  12. Josh Allen or Jacoby brissett

    Goes to show just because Brissett torched them for 326 yards and 4 TDs in the first game you just cant EVER 100% count on any player or team to perform as expected.
  13. Start Shepard or Cooks at WR?

    TY Hilton confirmed a rule I already used to live by for me last night, do not start a player coming off a multi game injury absence. I ignored my own rule last night and it likely destroyed my hopes of a playoff spot. Do with that what you will.
  14. T.Y. Hilton??

    Was in my lineup too and now I am probably going to lose against first place in my league and lose my shot at the playoffs lol. All it takes is one mistake to and one time not following my own rule of not starting players in their first game returning from an injury. I just saw what the Colts did to that secondary in the first game and lost myself...
  15. Coleman and Crowder, Brown will be shadowed by Harris and in every game besides last week vs Diggs Harris has been lock down...