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  1. Thought it would be funny if I shared allt he points I left on my bench this week...the 2 guys not pictured are DJ and Njoku. Yeah I sucked picking WRs and RBs both this week and still got lucky!
  2. Finished in tie in Yahoo - who wins?

    In my Yahoo league it goes by most total points on the season...before the Zeke stat correction last week I was tied with my opponent and won due to total points.
  3. I ended up winning the championship in my league and wanted to thank so many of you for talking me through so many things throughout the year! It has been great to get advice and provide what I can to everyone else...I am really gonna miss the weekly research, forum posts, mad dash to grab a guy I really want off the wire, etc, etc. While I may dabble in other fantasy sports, nothing else really gets my full attention like fantasy football does and the fact I can come here and converse with other knowledgeable, friendly folks is a very big part of that! Not that you want to know but here is how I won this week. The guy I was playing was of course a Gurley owner but I guess he expected him to play and didn't have a viable replacement for him when it was announced that he was out. So I see that and scoop up Dwill and CJ Anderson off the wire before he can get them! He is then left with Doug Martin as his best option which of course left me feeling pretty good since his biggest standard scoring game so far was only a tad over 13 points. My biggest mistake was not playing either/both of Dwill or CJ but I had what I thought was an elite RB combo this week of Zeke/Mack/Lindsay and even had Samuels at my TE position (Yahoo league LOL, I grabbed him long before Conner went down since he was TE eligible in Yahoo leagues it was too good to pass up). I was then let down by every RB in my "elite" stable as well as being let down by K Allen and Jeffery, playing Rodgers over Mayfield was my saving grace this week and it really was a game time decision for me...I nearly switched to Mayfield but Rodgers brought me this far and I stuck with him. After yesterday's games I was up by around 16 points and I still had Lindsay left to play, my opponent still had Martin and J Cook left to play. When Lindsay went out I was only up by 4 points and I ended up winning by .34 points and ONLY because the Raiders did the right thing and ran the clock out instead of pounding in another TD with Martin. It was a pretty exciting end to my fantasy season and just thought I'd share. Again thanks to everyone who participates in these forums, you are all a big part of what makes this such a fun game to play!
  4. D Williams over Lindsay or Mack this week?

    Still feel the same? Almost game time and I need a strong performance since I have been let down by Zeke, K Allen, and Mack already.
  5. Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers?

    All you can do is base your decision on as many factors as you can and realize that there is never a right answer. I got hurt by several guys this week (K Allen, Zeke, Mack) but I put my faith in Rodgers over Mayfield and was rewarded with 40+ points which helped cover my other sub par performances.
  6. Cj anderson, lindsay or carson

    Hope you started Anderson...I love Lindsay's matchup but then again I loved Mack and Zeke's matchup and look what happened.
  7. Mixon, Mack or Carson?

    I vote Mack/Mixon/Carson in that order...hard to imagine Mack isn't going to have a big game vs the Giants.
  8. I have a great RB group this week with Zeke, Lindsay, and Mack. DJ is riding my pine...D Will is still on the freaking wire though! WTH...is he worth starting with Ware out over Mack or Lindsay?
  9. Last minutes Lineup decision.

    Same problem here, I have to pick two between Allen, Jeffery, Anderson, Baldwin, and Golladay. I'm sticking with Keenan Allen if he starts considering it's such a big game...League_Champion helped convince me to stick with him. So Allen, Dwill with no Ware, and Edelman since he gets steady volume and no Gordon now.
  10. That's what I want to do I am just concerned about Allen's usage this week...
  11. WRs and FLEX for championship week?

    I like your choices besides A-Rob...just so hard to trust him. I'd play Callaway against the worst pass D in the league for sure.
  12. Lineup Help! Championship!!

    Omg I missed Dwill in there...definitely him.