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  1. Agree. I am not sold on Cohen yet, I just find it hard to believe that they are going to keep Howard out if the action.
  2. I'm loaded with decent RBs, my bench guys are Lindsay, Clement , and Mack. Rest of bench is M Jones, Funchess, Olsen, and Rodgers on bye. Rodgers spot will be vacant as soon as Trubisky plays but Duke is likely gone by then.
  3. I could drop Mack for him but all signs point to Chubb being nearly the sole beneficiary. I hate it when work gets in the way of me getting players off the wire
  4. Should I take this trade?

    Definitely do it, 2 guys you can start every week for one starter and an extremely talented guy that can't get enough touches due to awful coaching. Dropoff from Kupp to Golladay is negligible.
  5. I wouldn't do that, chances are if Bell remains a Steeler him and Breida both get run. I would see if you can't unload Conner to Bell owner for someone who's ROS is more clear. Or you could try and get Bell without giving up Conner if you think Steelers can have 2 successful RBs like the Saints...but I like the first option better.
  6. Quick Trade Advice Needed

    Looks fair to me just take the K out, no need for that.
  7. Bye week blues

    Don't take Chester out, even with TY coming back he could still have a good game because TY takes some pressure off him. With other pass catchers not at 100% for Indy he is #2 target, at least this week.
  8. No way, I wouldnt even consider benching guys like Boyd, Golladay, K Allen, Jeffery/etc for him at this point.
  9. Lindsay or Breida ROS

    My fault I misunderstood the trade, now I see that you'd be receiving Breida and not Lindsay. I still like the deal for you with Breida. So you said you may be able to trade for Lindsay, what would it take for you to get him? I like him better than Breida and it has a lot to do with me not having faith in Breida making it ROS without hurting himself.
  10. Bye week blues

    I understand why you feel that way but never let your opponent dictate who you start! Better to score every time he does than NOT to lol.
  11. I have Rodgers too and I have Trubisky. Chose him over Mayfield and Flacco. He has been hot so I like his chances against Pats.
  12. AJ and Lindsay

    I would not let go of AJ man but you do need a RB1 like Mixon. I would talk to Mixon owner and see if he would take Keenan for Mixon and if not maybe see if you could toss in Howard since he still has value for some people and it wouldn't hurt you to lose him. So then it would be you trade Lindsay for Keenan and then trade Keenan (maybe +Howard) for Mixon...you'd have a pretty sweet team then (you already look pretty darn good).
  13. Lindsay or Breida ROS

    That is a great trade for you IMO, Golladay is a boss and until Jones gets the opportunities he rightfully deserves Lindsay will remain a better play.
  14. Bye week blues

    Definitely Boyd, after that it's a little more difficult. I think it comes down to Godwin, Gordon, or Chester. I'd probably play Godwin. Gordon is not consistent enough for my liking and with TY set to come back it could either help or hinder Chester. I stick with Godwin's floor.
  15. Keenan Allen or Alshon?

    Allen could very easily have catch fire the second half of the season as he has done before, I like him a lot more than Jeffery.