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  1. That's who I have I right now...Sanders is pretty damn appealing vs Cincinnati though.
  2. Nick Chubb or Phillip Lindsey??

    Gotta ride Lindsay vs Bengals
  3. Week 13 QB Advice

    I am agreeing with this although I am borderline on starting Green, Sanders, K Allen this week. Right now it's Green and Allen.
  4. Week 13 Team Advice.........

    Their performance against Dallas has me a little nervous but yes I am going to say I still like them over Denver.
  5. Week 13 QB Advice

  6. Week 13 Team Advice.........

    I like all those moves as well, but I will add I like Redskins D pretty well ROS but your idea to alternate is likely better.
  7. Week 13: Start 3 of DJ/Chubb/Michel/Evans

    I'd say you probably have it right.
  8. AJ Green will likely be back this week, should he be played coming fresh off his injury? I need to fill both my WR spots and currently I have Lindsay and DJ starting at RB with Zeke in flex but he has a really bad matchup against the Saints so I could plug in a WR there instead. Here are my choices: Green vs Denver K Allen vs Pitt Sanders vs Cincinnati J Gordon vs Minn Golladay vs Rams Currently I have Green and Allen in but I love Sanders matchup vs Cincinnati, should I play him over Green or Allen OR should I sit Zeke this week and plug in Sanders at Flex?
  9. Ekeler

    I think Cook will have a good game against the Packers ridiculously poor run defense.
  10. Handcuff Jackson and Edwards?

    If you didn't have Mack in such a juicy matchup I would say roll with Gus but the Indy offense is clicking on all cylinders and I would not pass up their great matchup this week. Either play is likely good but I think Mack is much more of a sure thing.
  11. WDIS at RB2?

    Mack vs Miami is too good to pass up, I am starting him and I would be surprised if he gets less than 17 standard points.
  12. Moore has a lot of upside if the Panthers just continue getting him the ball, Funchess is not 100% this week so that is also in his favor.
  13. I like Lindsay a lot but Pitt run D has been tough, Cook is going to run it all over GBs sorry run D. I would also consider starting Jackson over Wentz, the Raiders are a juicy matchup for him.
  14. Which player to start as my Flex - 1 Pt PPR

  15. L. Jackson or D. Watson WDIS

    I would definitely go Jackson vs Oakland.