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  1. Would you trade Golladay away for Alex Collins?

    The thing is, Collins is getting vultured st the goal line and does not catch many passes. I think Golladay-Henry/Lewis will outscore Collins-Lockette in a ppr.
  2. Brown trade

  3. Would you trade Golladay away for Alex Collins?

    It depends on your roster
  4. No Jimmy, no!!!

    I'd go with Dalton. And why dangle Ingram when your RBs are injured?
  5. Huddle seeming unreliable

    It sounds like what you need to do is take their advice and do the opposite.
  6. Trade Offer

    Do some due diligence on AJ's groin injury first.
  7. Alex Smith or Jimmy G

    What are you saying? Both QBs have pretty much the same numbers right now.
  8. I need RB Depth. Help Please!

    I'd lean to the side of making the trade. Crabtree is a bench player for you anyhow so to get a starting RB for him is ok in my book.
  9. Who to start at WR

    Cooper or Godwin.
  10. Start Patriots or Houston DEF

    Clowney-Watt are going to town on poor Eli.
  11. Should I do this trade?

    When is he going to begin?
  12. Bell got traded

    Stop playing in 10-team leagues. In my 16-team league, Jamaal is a starter. Never said he was the best starter, but he is GB's starting RB. Look: Again, how can you claim collusion (in Week 3?) without knowing anything about the league or the make up of the teams involved? How does the team that received Bell got so much better as a result? If Bell never reports or if he reports but never sees the field for whatever reason, would you still claim it's a bad trade? There's a huge uncertainty with Bell here.
  13. Trade D. Adams for D. Johnson??

    Stand pat. I'd even start James White over Cobb this week.
  14. Flex Help