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  1. WR & Flex Help

    JStew and Gillislee
  2. RB2

    Wait until Friday to decide. If they don't practice Friday then chances are they're out.
  3. Drop Sammy Watkin?

    For those two? No, I'd keep Watkins.
  4. Melvin Gordon for LeSean McCoy

  5. who do i start?

    BAL-JAX is going to be one ugly-ass game ... I'd go with TW.
  6. Trade away David Johnson?

    If you're in a keeper league, then no.
  7. Need a little sit/start advice in full PPR

    Ok ... what's the question?
  8. 12 team ppr . 1 point for every ten yrds . 6 point all tds

    So ... how does this trade benefit you? What are you looking to do? Are you after Tolbert because you have McCoy? Are you going to start Bradford over Matt Ryan? Or is this just trading for bench warmers?
  9. RB sit and start

    Your league only allows one starting RB? If not, I'm curious as to what other RB you have aside from Zeke who is worthy of starting over Hunt?
  10. Backup TE rest of season ?

    We talking back up TE? Backup TE? Not a starting TE, not a starting TE, but backup TE?
  11. Wdis at flex

    I'm the contrarian, I like Kerwynn's match up this week.
  12. Freeman for Hunt..

    I lean towards the Freeman side but I'm not sure this trade is even necessary when you really need to upgrade your starting QB. In a 10-teamer, I don't regard Cousins as a top-10 QB.
  13. Marcus Mariota for Jameis Winston

    It's really not. His starting QB is Brady so he's moving his backup QB and a starting WR for another backup QB and a starting RB. Whether Mariota is better than Winston is not as important because the real value is to be able to play West over Wallace.
  14. WR: Pick 2 to start

    Garcon and SF are toothless against Seattle. They've averaged 11 ppg in Seattle so I'd sit him. I'd stick with Marshall and Golladay for the matchups.
  15. Trade help please

    If you think the new OC will change AJ Green's production then I'd do the trade. I'm not high on Hyde so it's no big loss.