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  1. My league doesn't give a hoot. We give a small weekly highscore award and a more substantial award for highest total points scored in the season at the end. That's it.
  2. As with most trade offers, what does your roster look like? how many teams?
  3. Not sure if I understand your question. For us, the season officially starts once the draft kicks off so ... after the draft, trades are handled how they are handled during the season.
  4. How many teams? Does it cost you anything to keep a player?
  5. No PPR, pick two from: Crabtree @ Denver - gimpy with a 2nd string QB against the #1 pass defense RCobb vs Lions - good matchup ... if he plays! Fitzgerald vs Rams - hasn't done manure for 8 weeks Maclin @C hargers - see Fitzgerald I have Cobb-Fitz in right now.
  6. I'd start Dion Lewis/hightower and not pick anyone up.
  7. Gore: 163 carries, 600+ yds rushing , 28 rec, 200+ yds, 7 TDs Ingram: 122 carries, 500+ yds rushing, 29 rec, 200+ yds, 5 TDs They're roughly in the same tier so far. LOL
  8. Still veto this trade or not? lol
  9. No PPR Pick the odd man out: Larry Fitz @ CAR -- juicy matchup vs suspect CAR secondary averaging 2+ passing TDs per game R Cobb @ ATL -- juicy matchup versus 2nd-worst defense in passing yards allowed M Ingram vs SEA -- tough matchup vs 3rd-ranked rush defense Maclin @ IND -- hasn't done crap but IND is 6th-worst in passing yards allowed Right now I'm looking to bench Ingram or Maclin but leaning Ingram.
  10. non PPR, pick two: Crabtree vs TEN Cobb vs DET* Maclin vs NYJ* Wheaton @ PHIL Eli Rogers @ PHIL * is who I'm leaning ... I just don't trust Cobb. Opponent has Roethlisberger. I also have a slot open for a free agent: Agholor Cole Beasley Davante Adams
  11. Riddick for sure.
  12. Sounds like you're in a 10-team league ... what QBs are available for pickup?
  13. If you can only start 2 WRs then why are you after Edelman or MarvJones if you already have Amari-Hopkins? Amari-Hopkins are PPR studs.
  14. You won't get trade value with the way Luck is playing so far today. Unless, the owner is willing to go ARod-Ivory for Bell-DWilliams (I wouldn't if i were him), he has nothing you want.
  15. I'll take Gurley and RyMatthews and stash Gordon.