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  1. How many teams? Does it cost you anything to keep a player?
  2. No PPR, pick two from: Crabtree @ Denver - gimpy with a 2nd string QB against the #1 pass defense RCobb vs Lions - good matchup ... if he plays! Fitzgerald vs Rams - hasn't done manure for 8 weeks Maclin @C hargers - see Fitzgerald I have Cobb-Fitz in right now.
  3. I'd start Dion Lewis/hightower and not pick anyone up.
  4. Gore: 163 carries, 600+ yds rushing , 28 rec, 200+ yds, 7 TDs Ingram: 122 carries, 500+ yds rushing, 29 rec, 200+ yds, 5 TDs They're roughly in the same tier so far. LOL
  5. Still veto this trade or not? lol
  6. No PPR Pick the odd man out: Larry Fitz @ CAR -- juicy matchup vs suspect CAR secondary averaging 2+ passing TDs per game R Cobb @ ATL -- juicy matchup versus 2nd-worst defense in passing yards allowed M Ingram vs SEA -- tough matchup vs 3rd-ranked rush defense Maclin @ IND -- hasn't done crap but IND is 6th-worst in passing yards allowed Right now I'm looking to bench Ingram or Maclin but leaning Ingram.
  7. non PPR, pick two: Crabtree vs TEN Cobb vs DET* Maclin vs NYJ* Wheaton @ PHIL Eli Rogers @ PHIL * is who I'm leaning ... I just don't trust Cobb. Opponent has Roethlisberger. I also have a slot open for a free agent: Agholor Cole Beasley Davante Adams
  8. Riddick for sure.
  9. Sounds like you're in a 10-team league ... what QBs are available for pickup?
  10. If you can only start 2 WRs then why are you after Edelman or MarvJones if you already have Amari-Hopkins? Amari-Hopkins are PPR studs.
  11. You won't get trade value with the way Luck is playing so far today. Unless, the owner is willing to go ARod-Ivory for Bell-DWilliams (I wouldn't if i were him), he has nothing you want.
  12. I'll take Gurley and RyMatthews and stash Gordon.
  13. I don't see the big upside for you in this trade. Just sit.
  14. A sole starting RB on an explosive offense for one who is about to be a part of RBBC? Keep Ingram.
  15. I like Ingram more than Zeke. NO is explosive while DAL offense is putrid.