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  1. no PPR, pick one to start: PBarber v CAR - firmer grip on starter position; starting to show signs of life 80+ yds and a TD in each of the last two games; but Fitz throws so damn much JReed v ATL - hasn't done jack but number of targets ticking up; good matchup DMoore v LA Chargers - three game TD streak My preference is Barber > Moore > Reed
  2. WDIS: Greg Olsen or Jordan Reed?

    No PPR Olsen at home vs Baltimore (16th ranked vs TE's) Jordan Reed (hasn't exceed 50 yds a game in weeks) @ Giants (17th ranked vs TEs and whose defense just lost starting corner and DT) WDIS?
  3. Morris available, who should I drop?

    If you want Morris, drop Funchess
  4. Anyone starting Olsen this week?

    I'm going to wait another week with Olsen.
  5. QB streamer

    Dalton because he's a better QB also in a potential highscoring matchup.
  6. Start/Sit Flex help

    What has Cook done this season to warrant starting him over, say Brandon Cook (assuming BCook will play)?
  7. Plug in and play WR

    Enunwa for consistency.
  8. Who is dropping cooper?

    I'm not dropping him w/o a better replacement -- like Lockett in your case. In my league the waiver wire is pretty barren -- Valdez-Scantling is available but I'm not dropping Cooper for him.
  9. Pick up Sanu or Coutee? Who to drop?

    " do not foresee playing him unless i am in a serious pinch " You can say that about Sanu as well but ... yes, dropping Cooper for Sanu makes a little more sense.
  10. Dalvin Cook trade ...

    Why do you want Cook? He hasn't looked good even when healthy ... now he has a nagging hammy injury.
  11. Pick up Sanu or Coutee? Who to drop?

    I'd drop neither for Sanu/Coutee.
  12. Looking ahead. Need advice

    I'd go Carr .... SEA defense is below average and all other QB options have worse matchups.
  13. Trade Help

    I want to say yes because I think Keenan will eventually play to his ADP ... he certainly has enough targets. But since you have to start so many players in your league, I'm questioning whether Keenan + Crowder (or Cohen) will outscore Lockett-Ridley for the ROS. In addition, Keenan is probably not going to be one of your 3 keepers for next season so that's another strike. I'm weakly leaning no on the trade.
  14. Should I sit Tyreek Hill?

    Someone has a man-crush ... not that there's anything wrong with that.
  15. WDIS @ QB: Brady or Brees?

    Yes, Brees.