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  1. Matt Ryan or Tannehill?

    Post Thanksgiving, I'm going to have to go with Tannehill.
  2. 1st rd bye. Top team..do I bench BUM Brees

    When you make the right decisions in poker or blackjack, do you always win?
  3. Witten it be nice?

    So much for that analysis , lol!!!
  4. Which Trash WR?

    I’d go Doyle with Ebron out.
  5. Julio?

    Julio ain’t gonna make it ... better play Kupp
  6. Waiver wire receiver help....

  7. Start Alshon vs MIA?

    If Alshon is playing then, yes.
  8. Julio Jones-risky play??

  9. Pick 3

    I concur
  10. Starting lineup help

    Too bad the #2 and #3 WR in the NFL seem to alternate big performances. Even Hill has questions regarding his hamstring injury. If you held a gun to my head I say sit Evans for no good reason.
  11. Help with roster. Need win to make Playoffs.

    Rodgers Kupp, Parker, Williams Pats
  12. Need Flex help... PLAYOFFS on the line

    Singletary and Griffin.
  13. Pick 2 WR and a Flex

    kupp, crowder, mclaurin better?
  14. Saints or Browns

    Browns in Helmet-gate rematch vs Steelers 3rd string QB and RB.
  15. DST Help

    Giants are bottom 10 in offense and next to worst in giveaways — start GB