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  1. Rivers and TY

    TY dropped a 50 yd TD.
  2. What is going on with julio?

    Well, he dropped a perfectly thrown TD pass for one thing.
  3. Please help with WR pick

    Campbell got injured (knee)
  4. Do I change anything?

    Too many Colts for my taste.I’d start Gordon over Hines.
  5. Please help with WR pick

    Cory Davis
  6. Another flex question

    Sanders and DK
  7. Would you accept this?

    he’s getting JRob so presumably he’ll start over Lindsey and Fuller will replace DK. I think I like the trade.
  8. Start 3 half ppr

    DMont, Kupp, Hollywood
  9. Trade Mostert & Gallup for Jonathan Taylor?

    It depends on your roster whether the trade is good but in a vacuum, I like Mostert-Gallup
  10. Good trade?

    I like the trade once I saw your team roster. You got a modest upgrade from AJones to CEH but now you can flex Carson while taking a small hit at WR going from Woods to Boyd/Fuller. Carson’s production should more than make up for it.
  11. Trade David Johnson for Mixon?

    I’d prefer DJ over Mixon
  12. Godwin out who should I flex?

    Robinson or Sanders
  13. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    So Taylor is going to be so good that he can’t beat out Mack? There was a chance that Thomas can okay this week too but they’re going to be cautious and hold him out. This trade is a bit of a panic move, imo.
  14. Flex Start? WDIS?

    Corey Davis