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  1. Thomas / Hopkins trade offer

    I don’t think Gordon improves your RB corp much if at all so I’d decline the deal.
  2. Dalton

    I’m not a believer in an aging Red Rifle who never did much with the talent he had in Cincy.
  3. Trade for CMC

    Why not just stick with Hunt and Andrews?
  4. No PPR, pick one Gaskin @ SF Freeman @ DAL Landry @ IND ???
  5. Chubb and QB choices

    Pick up Chubb for the playoff run. Your QB streaming plan sounds fine.
  6. Is it time to drop the following players?

    Drop them for whom? Why not just leave them on your bench ?
  7. Which qb?

    “Sometimes”, lol
  8. Thielen or K Allen

    Imagine if the stupid Vikings kept throwing to Thielen in the 1H like they did in the 2H. SEA simply could not contain Thielen.
  9. tough WDIS: Gaskin-Freeman-Landry?

    I went with Freeman who had similar results as Gaskin. Landry was a distant 3rd.
  10. Saints suspend Michael Thomas for MNF

    so he’s a liability in a real game ?
  11. Thielen or K Allen

    Thielen - SEA pass defense is among the worst in the league.
  12. Dak injured

    His ankle took a right turn.
  13. Uh oh.....Dak

    Don’t think an ankle should be bent like that.
  14. Flex help?

    I’d go with Freeman for the matchup.
  15. RBs are crap. Do I drop D Johnson for 3rd tier guys

    Here, have a shot of Gentleman Jack, wait 15 seconds, then ask your question.
  16. What is going on with lockett?

    He dropped a 20-25 yarder that he had with both hands. Could’ve ended up with 3 catches and 70-75 yards but he wasn’t targeted in the end zone at all.
  17. QB Ryan or Stafford

    Ryan with weakened WRs @ GB or Stafford vs NO with their starting corners out?
  18. QB Ryan or Stafford

    Thanks guys. I started Stafford even though it looks like Julio and Ridley will play.So far so good ... too bad Stafford missed that 3rd TD pass.
  19. FLEX HELP PPR : McLaurin , Valdes-Scantling, or Burkhead??

    Keep an eye on whether McLaurin will play. He didn’t practice Friday due to an injury.
  20. Hunt or Boyd at flex?

    Hunt vs that atrocious DAL defense
  21. Grab Kelley?

    I’d pick up Kelley but not if I have to drop one of the RBs.
  22. FLEX HELP PPR : McLaurin , Valdes-Scantling, or Burkhead??

    Burkhead is feast or famine and if they get behind on KC, he’s not even going to be in. Haskins won’t be able to get the ball to McLaurin vs that BAL defense. I’d go MVS with no Lazard and a limited Davante for competition versus a porous ATL defense.
  23. Half PPR - Flex Montgomery or Julio?

    I’d only go with Julio if you have no good option but since you do, start Monty.
  24. Honest opinion on this trade fells

    I don’t like the trade. Hunt > Mixon Andrews> Hock Shenault< Diggs I think Andrews+Hunt can outscore Hock+Diggs while all Mixon will do is sit on the bench for you like Shenault is doing.
  25. Which Ridley backup

    So you need a FA that’s on ATL, GB, KC, or NE and those are the only two available ?