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  1. I like big leagues and this year I'm looking for a money league from a $20 buy in to $50 buy in. I am a very active owner have one league I've been in for 12 yrs now, but I want to join a money league. If I had more money to spend I'd go for bigger bucks but $50 is my max. My email is however I'd like to talk to the league owner to talk about the league instead of just getting an invite and knowing nothing. Send me an email or message here telling me about your league.
  2. It would be hard not to start Cooper but if it were my team I'd start Moncrief in 6 of the 8 games he's played in hes scored a TD 28/277/6 over that span.
  3. Between those 2 I'd go Hightower
  4. Either Dixon or Moncrief I'd lean towards Moncrief because in 6 of the 8 games he's played in hes scored a TD making him have a 28/277/6 over that span. It's a good bet he will find the end zone.
  5. Shouldn't have to worry about cowboys sitting Zeke J. Jones said they won't be sitting.
  6. Keep a close eye on Zeke he may not play much since they have nothing else to play for with a Giants loss last night. If it looks like he will only play some and sit id sit Zeke plug Martin in at RB and start Landry in flex. Now Crabtree is banged up I also might start D. Walker in flex and move Landry in WR spot.
  7. Looks good to me. If Julio doesn't play I'd start Inman.
  8. Looks good except Crabtree with his nagging injuries I'd be willing to start Tate in his spot. Keep an eye out on his injuries as you get closer to game time if they are still nagging him badly I would consider taking him out and putting i and putting in Tate
  9. I just seen where someone had dropped Maclin and he clears waivers in the morning should I try to grab him and drop LaFell?
  10. It seems that way but if you have anyone else to play I would. Please help with mine http://forums.thehuddle.con/index.php?/topic/480857-crazy-defense/?p=4314502
  11. I really like Inman alot Please help with mine
  12. Here I know it sounds crazy but.... Thanks In Advance Also to add on to that link, my team is in my sig as I have it set right now. Should I start Perkins over a WR and if so who? Or I could pick up A. Blue if he would be better if Miller don't play.