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  1. A n00b question

    heres a solution for you though, draft only one of each with there bye week coming late in the yr. this way, you have no decision to make and can wait until later to make a bye week waiver wire p/u. did it in a few leagues this yr. even did it with the te position in a couple of leagues.
  2. A n00b question

    vanderjag or elam?? if somebody could give me the answer to this question, i would be asking them other questions, like which stock i should buy. not to rip on you dude, but there aint a person in the world who can pick out the winner with conviction. one team might score only touchdowns and one might kick 3 fg's. any information somebody would give would be boushwa. why would somebody ask that. pretty much same thing goes for the defense. the ravens got 6 sacks two picks and a fumble recovery.....unfortunately, the steelers had 2 returns for touchdowns which totally negated all those stats. again, why bother with this question...serves no purpose. you watch the games, you can decipher which defenses look better than others. once you play fantasy football long enough, you will come to the side that realizes you can't predict kickers or defenses points.
  3. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    i think the cardinals would be interested in any rb who could rush for more than 2 yards a carry. travis henry would have been good for them.
  4. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    portis should get it untracked as he faces some easier defenses. i still like the trade though.
  5. Culpepper or Brooks

    i'd give culp one more home game before i gave up on him. jmo.
  6. RB trade analysis

    clayton for jordan is a great move for you. do it quick before the guy comes to his senses.
  7. Greetings

    welcome brack. there was a political uprising in the tailgate. besides that not much. we need to invade another messageboard someday again. thats always fun. also, chuck noll is no longer the coach in pittsburgh.
  8. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    the newbs comment about gump was pretty good. i will award a bonus point for that but quickly take it away because he is asking what defense to start. that is way too noobish.
  9. Willie Parker will lead the league in rushing

    in response to your thread title, and answer very might well be yes. the steelers had the number one rushing offense last season. the oline still looks great. the carries that were split between bettis and staley could theoretically all go to parker. he has a chance to be the number 1. wish i owned him somewhere. :doah:
  10. Your picks to click....

    nobody wanted to play when i first posted this a month ago, probably for fear of jinxing themselves. my number 1 pick is close to coming to fruition. the guy that picked hanson......brilliant.
  11. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    ouch. thanks for the update though. thumb injuries can sometimes be played through. depends how bad. the word surgery though seems to point to it being pretty major. should have took ronde. should have took ronde. should have took ronde.
  12. london fletcher?

    yeah crisp, i've heard nothing about it either.
  13. Betting League

    you must remember that it was sac that called you and spain the homosexual deathmarch or whatever it was. actually for the frenchie, it was pretty gosh darn funny. plus, having met you and your lovely (bigfooted) wife, i know your no homo. u may have a bigfoot fetish, but thats nothing to be ashamed of. personally, i prefer a big foot to a small dainty little one myself. unless its a dainty little woman we are talking about. we can start a bigfooted womens fanclub. we could recruit peggy hill from king of the hill. (did you see the episode i'm talking about??? very funny.)
  14. london fletcher?

    anybody with any info on this. his stats were down for him and i'm thinking maybe he didn't play the whole game. somebody also mentioned an injury to me in an email.
  15. Which IDP stoked your team

    polamalu was good, but andra davis was better. over 50pts scored between both of them in fusion. 2 pt per tackle, 1 per assist.