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  1. Who has the best chance of beating the 'Canes?

    themselves. no one else will beat them as they have been the best football team in college the last 3 yrs. too much talent and speed on both sides of the ball. they lose a bunch of players to the nfl and they fit more right in. nobody will beat them this year if they don't beat themselves.
  2. MU Tigers

    maybe not contenders for the big 12, but no longer a doormat like kansas. good to see that program turned around a little.
  3. Kansas State @ Colorado

    its nice for kstate that they play weak sisters to begin the year with and boost their record. i think it hurts them when they finally have to play a good opponent. after pushing people around for 4 games maybe they get a little complacent or cocky. i think they definetley need to change the schedule a little. there is nothing wrong with starting with a cream puff, just not so many.
  4. Internal Server Error

    i almost posted this at the main board this morning. thought it might have been my computer. problem seems gone now. way to go team.
  5. dabears. game 2 preseason by 2.
  6. i predict that a bus, driven by ditka, carrying a team of mini ditka amputee's, runs rough shot over the rams. final score: mini ditka amputees' 26 st. louis rams -4 1 pt. is deducted from the rams for each time they show georgia "frightrain" frontierie on t.v.
  7. the rams, still suffering from super bowl blues,(maybe more like stupor bowl the way martz coached)lose the opener in denver as easy ed and hot rod light up the rams secondary. margin the bronco's beat the rams is 4
  8. Big XII Predictions

    over under win total for kstate is 8.5 games. -150 on the over and +140 on the under. nine wins should be attainable. i like the illini to win 7 games this yr. u can find the odds here: www.the in as guest and check it out under football logo in far left boxes.
  9. New Orleans gets a New Team

    i'm interested to see how they come out and play on sunday. are they going to pack it in and pack their bags or will they come out fired up and even the series up?
  10. So who wins the National Championship next year?

    f.s.u. or canes repeat. loco
  11. How many games will WINGS/blues last?

    i voted 5 (which 73%had) but it could be broom city in the gateway city. wings coming on strong at the right time.
  12. stanley cup playoffs, round 2!!

    i think the wings win. sharks skate by the avs. in the east i think the the leafs and canadiens advance. setting up a finals of the powerhouse of the west against a team from the great white north.
  13. NHL first round predictions!

    oh you mean the upsets that i picked before the series started. how about picking the senators over the flyers and the hurricanes over n.j. being the chicago homer that i am, i was misguided on that one but still, 2/3 on upset picks.....not to shabby. it has been a profittable playoffs for me thus far.
  14. Whining Canadians????

    how about that hit last night by mclaren on zednick. oh man, was that viscious. mclaren said it was a flying elbow. i hate when that happens to me when i'm golfing. but it usually means i spray a shot right, not nearly decapitate somebody.
  15. hockeytown loses the opener

    the mighty canucks, take home ice away.
  16. hockeytown loses the opener

    another slate of good games on tap today. the canucks are big underdogs (+155) at home today, but hockeytown has its back against the wall.
  17. hockeytown loses the opener

    just as i open my fat trap, the wings cut the lead to 2-1. less than 10 minutes in the middle stanza.
  18. hockeytown loses the opener

    canucks up 2-0 early in game 2. could be headed back to canada with a 2-0 lead. who in 5???
  19. hockeytown loses the opener

    any thoughts from fellow huddlers about an upset tonight???? i like the hawks a little but i am leary of dropping any coins on it. my objective side is winning out and telling me not to play it.
  20. hockeytown loses the opener

    was it me, or did hasek look dumbfounded on that goal in overtime?
  21. NHL first round predictions!

    There are always a few upsets in the first round. Where are they gonna happen? I'll try chicago and ottawa. all the other favorites should advance. i do like carolina in an upset even though they are the higher seed. (betting wise carolina is the dog.)