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  1. Portfolio Pool

    i have seven teams and had 4 winners. 1 off the pace. i think my strategy of garage sale teams might work.
  2. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    people going with semi heavy favorites on the road deserve to lose. i laugh and scoff at you all the greatest show on turf = the most ordinary team on grass
  3. Who else got bloodied today?

    my bums for the week. andre johnson, pennington, lelie. foster disappointed as well. edit: toomer too, but i only have him in 32 homers. second edit: jason witten.
  4. betting league

    six of you guys with philly tomorrow. lots of people losing ground on what looked like obvious choices in denver over miami and st louis over san fran. all beware, the weak looking home dog. a few of us lost on the fudge packers. nice effort against a qb that didn't look like he could win a pop warner game. anyway partial results: los gigantes (jewish princess) 2-1 + philly dkf (marble floor man) 2-1 +philly chavez (roger ebert jr.) 1-2 +philly sacrebleu( mr. tie)1-1-1 +philly. hello mr. tie spain(goat humper) 1-2 + philly robn (bears fan supreme)1-2 +philly swiss cheesehead(capt. fudge packer)1-3 godtomsatan(newbie)3-1 crispirons(reigning king)3-1, godtom, and myself are hoping for a philly loss. everyone but swiss can be at least 50% if philly wins with josh and dkf having a shot at being tied for the lead after week 1.
  5. LaMont Jordan Owners

    my uneggspurt analysis would have to agree with bigscore on everything he said. thats the way i saw it too. defense gave brady like 12 seconds sometimes. ok, exaggerated a bit, but rovers could have completed passes in that time frame. the run d looked improved. we'll see in upcoming games how much. priest on tap next week. a jordan touchdown would have sealed a very good game. still as rb 2 material, i wasn't disappointed. i like that he was very active in the passing downs and should have been more. if they weren't force feeding it to moss in the second half, i believe he would have had even better numbers. collins should have hit him a few times when his wr's were covered.
  6. WHO was better last year at picking?

    i said i wasn't sure dmd....definetly wanted that noted. darn, 67% picking all the games is remarkable. that you have them out by wednesday is even more a credit to you. you still da king and l am just a little pawn in the football/prognosticating chess game. next yr, we need to give you an alias and have you kick our ass in the betting league.

    i'm contemplating playing perry in a flex position over justin mcareins. if he's in the doghouse, i don't think he gets out of it today unless perry sucks.
  8. .....every game is sacred

    whats good is that we finally get some answers to the questions we have been raising for say 5 or 6 months. does brandon jacob get on the field? does matt jones? priest/lj split? can mason help the orioles woeful passing game? is heap back to old form. can pennington throw down the field? and many many more. merry christmas everyone.
  9. WHO was better last year at picking?

    in bob and davids defense, they pick every game. i get to choose 4 of my favorite plays. if i had to choose evey game, i would barely finish over the mendoza line of gambling. i do believe bob outpicked david last yr. not positive on that, just sort of what i remembered. i like jacksonville at home playing against seattle. jags laying 3. seattle when they have to travel 3000 miles plus, usually lays an egg. strictly a percentage play that they do so again. green bay getting three on the road against the lions. some of the green bay mystique at home is gone, but i think they win this one outright. i like it on the moneyline. the under on the bills/texans game looks so obvious it almost scares me away from it. 38 is the number down from 39.5 when spread came out. not a huge mover, but probably a wiseguy sort of play. i like the under in the new orleans/carolina matchup. number is 45. they scored 38 in the last game of the yr. i easily see a 24-17 sort of score. good luck to all the degenerate gamblers here at the huddle.
  10. WHO was better last year at picking?

    i'm pretty sure my close to 70% winners documented in the betting league was much better than either of them.
  11. Michigan/Notre Dame

    14-3 irish at the half. come on irish. i have a nice moneyline bet on the notre dame. just win baby!
  12. LaMont Jordan Owners

    it would take alot more than that to hurt my feelings little sister. i don't blame you however, its usually the upbringing that makes people ignorant and immature.
  13. LaMont Jordan Owners

    did you go out and call people idiots??? no. you made your point and opinion. thats all good, thats what we want. namecalling for drafting somebody in a certain round, you're just an Kate Middleton.
  14. LaMont Jordan Owners

    i think he types his words thinking he is cool. so if someone got him at 2.12 in a fourteen team league they are an idiot. do you listen to yourself? you must think your some sort of genius. more like an idiot savant.
  15. LaMont Jordan Owners

    whats with the slanderous words all the time swerski. calling somebody an idiot if they drafted jordan in the second round?? why would you even go there. you are just a confrontational donkey brother. you have semi valuable insight, why with the harsh constantly?? doesn't get you respect around here insulting people. its good to have an opinion, most people like to share. they just don't call others idiots because of an opposing view point. is your wife screwing your best friend or something? dog piss on your rug? or are you just like that all the time. nevermind, i can find other civil people that like to have intellectual conversations that don't need to berate people with a different slant. honestly though, i just think your a donkey. going through life hurtful, hateful, and ornery must be fun for you.
  16. Cant decide.....

    i'd take a chance on parker. the safe pick is barlow though.
  17. Michigan/Notre Dame

    the irish make it look easy on the opening drive. 76 yards and a t.d. go irish.
  18. betting league

    hey big mike, thanks for the picks but the betting league is for betting league contestants only. there are 9 of us competing for top handicapper. appreciate the pics though. always good to see another perspective. feel free to comment on any of our picks and throw your 2 cents in whenever you want. members of the betting league this yr. los gigantes (jewish princess) dkf (marble floor man) chavez (roger ebert jr.) sacrebleu( mr. tie) spain(goat humper) robn (bears fan supreme) swiss cheesehead(capt. fudge packer) godtomsatan(newbie) crispirons(reigning king)
  19. How the Bears ran the 46 Defense,

    ahhh the memories. can't believe its been 20 yrs. the talent, the attitude, the toughness. they had it all. we woulda/coulda/shoulda won alot more superbowls in the 80's. could have easily have been the bears decade instead of the 9ers. if they would have had some skill players on offense, they might have been a dynasty. the offensive line was a great unit. the defense did get torn apart a bit but still had a shuckse load of talent. never any great wr's or a good uninjured qb. mcmahon had the great intangibles as leader but couldn't stay on the field a whole yr. ahhh, what might have been.
  20. LaMont Jordan Owners

    i don't think it was conditioning. i'm pretty sure i heard dehydration and cramps. just didn't get enough fluids before and during the game. gotta suck in more than you want to keep hydrated. living in florida and golfing you learn this lesson. thats with a cart, i can't imagine walking.
  21. Help me choose a flex starter

    i disagree with spains sentiment about jacksonville. rashean mathis is one of the most unheralded cb's in the league. he always takes on the number 1 wr for the opposing team. of course djax will catch some, but i would go with foster. i'm starting him in a flex position as well in fusion. rb's are usually move valuable.
  22. WDIS: Jamal Lewis or Duece Mcallister

    with the news thats out, i think you gotta go deuce. curious, why aren't you starting them both?
  23. Deuce McCallaster or Cadillac?

    don't be silly. start deuce.
  24. 3rd wr

    nice retort. can't say i blame ya. i 'm leaning towards mccareins but wanted a few other opinions.
  25. 3rd wr

    lol....nice messageboard. choices mason stallworth mccareins