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  1. DMD Updated Projections?

    he's in vegas dude. there will be no update this week. you are on your own. not a whole lot has changed. maybe drop caddy's value a bit and jamal lewis.
  2. LaMont Jordan Owners

    no, but i will point out, that many months ago, i predicted that pittman would be on the field and used alot. it seems like i might have been right about this. we'll see. i agree with gopher too. if i were to objectively assess both rb's last night, i would say jordan looked better against a good defense while dillon was unimpressive against a supposedly weak defense.
  3. Caddy news from Gruden

    to quote george sr.........."wouldn't be prudent" to give caddy 30 carries and the full load right away. too many bad things can happen. they will ease him in but i still think he gets 20-25 looks including passes. i don't own him in any leagues. give him some time.....he won't disappoint you guys. he might just not be "the bomb" right away. he gets an easy defense this week. that should help some.
  4. MNF?

    when did mnf and a hilljack singing country tunes become synanomous? i can stomach country music when i'm with a woman who likes it....for about an hour. why are they forcefeeding this to a bunch of guys who probably don't like it all that much to begin with. how about some crunge, classic rock, whatever. hip hop, rap, and country music have a place.....but not on my f r i c k in t.v while i'm watching football.
  5. LaMont Jordan Owners

    most of you pointed out the obvious. i have him in 2 leagues and played him in both. i wasn't disappointed with his effort by and stretch of the means. he got dehydrated and had leg cramps. that probably won't happen again once he gets into complete game shape. keep in mind, this is his first starting role. i wish he would have gotten into the endzone on the pass play early in the game. the way i saw it, he did have some decent runs when he had a hole to run through. the patriots linebackers are a little weak this yr but the safety support they get helped out the linebackers. lamont will be fine when he doesn't take on a top 5 defense. even then, is 13 pts that bad???
  6. betting league

    lol....i think mr. tie sacrebleu has done it again. played under 50 and wouldn't you know it. he's lucky the raiders had to go for 2. he's in the lead for the third tiebreaker already.
  7. New England v Oakland

    really??? i mean, the linebackers aren't the best on new england, but last i checked, they were a pretty good defensive unit all around. where do they go in drafts again??? usually one of the first 5 correct. jordan's numbers the first few weeks will be down a bit. after that, the load lightens as he faces teams from the division. if he can hold crockett
  8. New England v Oakland

    hey red, the guy said he started him in the huddle mvp challenge. get my point? as for me and leagues, all both. 2 twelve team leagues, 1 fourteen team league, and 1 sixteen team league. oh, and 32 homers. thats 32 that play in that if the number didn't give you a clue.
  9. New England v Oakland

    uh oh. rb controversy. crockett looking really good on this drive.
  10. Beginning of the end for Issac Bruce?

    how much time did he miss and what were his stats?? which yr are you referring to red??? a hammy isn't a major injury either. a nagging one, not serious however.
  11. New England v Oakland

    nice gift from collins. dillon scores. missed my point red.....when they play in the division, they play more conservatively. i know its a big word. a more conservative game means more running, thus more potential to have a big day. thats why I.....again I, wouldn't have started dillon. just an opinion.
  12. New England v Oakland

    the dreaded 3rd quarter lull. i would say this happens in at least 70% of the games. its hard to get back up after the half time break.
  13. New England v Oakland

    brady is a good choice. dillon, i would have waited until the pats had a division game where they play a little more conservatively.
  14. New England v Oakland

    but their front seven is doing a good job against the run. which would you ratrher have??? get the ball run down your throat would be worse.
  15. New England v Oakland

    i'd like to see jordan catch a few passes. he should do well in the open field. i'm happy with him as my number 2 rb in 2 leagues right now. i do think the pats linebackers are semi weak, so he should be able to run a little. i haven't seen the raiders do too much play action. seems to me that it would work on the aggression of the pats d.
  16. Skybox

    thanks bj. tell everyone i said merry christmas.
  17. Skybox

    i can get to where i enter my name for the chat room on my other browser. when i enter any name, it asks for a passcode. whatever name i give. strange.
  18. Skybox

    can't get in. get a java script error. is it mac compatible??
  19. Beginning of the end for Issac Bruce?

    bruce is good for a few more yrs. he has avoided serious injuries his whole career. protects himself well when he catches the ball too. smart wr and crafty. puts up those same numbers most yrs. nothing spectacular, but good number 2 wr numbers. yes, i do have him on one team. you would get that analysis out of me regardless.
  20. DMD and WW in Vegas

    good luck on your draft guys. i'm predicting a big yr from stephen davis. make sure you acquire him as one of your late round sleepers.
  21. betting league

    welcome godtomsatan. we had an opening with sarge bowing out so good luck to you. a couple of rules i didn't send you. you must always harass the frenchie. call josh by his fusion nickname....jewish princess. try not to spit your coffee out on the computer when you see some of the gems spain and chavez pick. i'm a little worried about robn and the member of our armed forces swisscheesehead. i think they will provide the most competition this yr.
  22. betting league

    my picks. i'll be back with commentary. carolina/neworleans under 45 buffalo/houston under 38.5 jax -3 and the fudge packers +3
  23. betting league

    you underestimate the power of the force luke.
  24. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    priest owens caddy
  25. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    jacksonville puma's. or leppards, ok....jaguars.