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  1. Alfred Morris or Kenyan Drake?

    I went with Drake myself
  2. Guy offered me Dez for Tyreek? Should I Start Shepard or Cooper?
  3. As a Cowboy Fan I hope he tears it up, but like what Montana said, witten is better football player than fantasy scorer. Henry vote too
  4. Palmer vs Stafford WDIS?

    Is your signature up to date, bc looks like you already have 3 QBs on team? Why are you not just going with Palmer, not like Stafford is blowing it up much more.
  5. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Should I change anyone out? Bolded players are the starters i have in now.
  6. I picked up Watson in one league with Carr going down, should I try to trade him away for maybe a RB? Also, should I change anyone out (starting the bolded players)? (picked up Brate 30 mins before game....score)
  7. Do I trade Hunt

    loeza, is your team 3 league full of idiots, how are you that stacked in a 12 team league?
  8. Big Ben or Eli Manning...

    I picked up Eli just for this week with Ben (on road) and Carr (against denver). Plus with Baltimore getting shown up, feel like they going to work extra hard to stop the rival.
  9. QB and WR/FLEX Help

    Rivers and Tate vote here too
  10. Do I trade Hunt

    I would take that in heartbeat, still keeping a top back and doubling your TE output, not losing much in Garcon. Hunt is going to have to come down from the mountaintop at some point
  11. Demarco Murray for Devante Parker

    Davis for Reed if is sitting and the other two dropping one after this week, picked both up this week with skins being on bye next.
  12. Demarco Murray for Devante Parker

    I probably would because Hyde/Cook ballin out right now
  13. Should I do it or no? for my 2nd team listed. Also should I change any starters (bolded).
  14. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Bolded names in my signature are my starters for this week, should I change anyone out?
  15. Flex position to fill

    Adams if PPR Martin if not