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  1. On CBS he’s projected at 4.2 points this week, week 15. I haven’t seen anything suggesting he has been taken off IR yet. However, it sounds like there’s a chance he could play last two weeks of the season. What’s your take? I’m picking him up just in case.
  2. Sony Michael or josh Adams ROS?

    Thank you. I very much appreciate your advice.
  3. Im either starting Boyd or Tre’Quan. Boyd if AJ’s playing or Tre’Quan if AJ’s not.
  4. Boyd or Jeffrey standard

    Since A.J. Greene isn’t playing does that make Boyd more valuable due to targets or less valuable due up being double teamed?
  5. Tre’Quan or Dez rest of season

    I’m either completely full of manure or a guru on this one. I’m probably a little drunk on the kool aid too.
  6. Tre’Quan or Dez rest of season

    When Tony Romo was a top 5 QB in red zone attempts and Dez lead the NFL two years running in retd’s. Dez made his money inside the twenty. This is where I believe he will be utilized much like Colston and Graham. Colston was originally listed as a TE and was the number two option to Joe Horn. Colston didn’t take off until week 8. Dez might have lost a step but Graham wasn’t exactly the quickest either.
  7. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    I thought I should lost my question in advice forum instead. My bad. Thanks
  8. Who would you rather have. I think Dez will be a hybrid TE/WR like Colston and Graham were.
  9. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    Who would you rather have rest of season Tre’Quan or Dez then? I see Dez being a we/te hybrid like graham or colston.
  10. My tight end is Zach Ertz who I’ve been playing with Jeffrey. Not sure today.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I’ll take my offer back. Sounds like I was lowballing.
  12. I offered James Conner for Odell and Ebron. I lost both tight ends, OJ and Eifert. My other running backs are Sony Michael, Mark Ingram, and Gurley. My wideouts are Thielen, Diggs, and Boyd. Leagues is standard scoring. We flex a tightend or wideout.