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  1. Waiver Wire Targets

    Paul Richardson Marlon Mack Jonathon Stewart I like Marquise Lee. He had a strong finish last season when he became Bortles top target. Charles Clay Algohor is very tempting. Sam Bradford Coby Fleener
  2. Mariotta's available then get him.
  3. If you have room on your bench you can handcuff Brady with Garapollo. I can't see where you wouldn't play New England's QB except on their bye week. Brady's the only QB I would handcuff. Not because of injury concerns, but because his impact on his team is so consistently above all QB's that Garapollo becomes the leader of the number one offense.
  4. upside target draft was i too risky

    Your league doesn't require a tight end?
  5. Homer Projections

    I picked up Marques Colston his rookie year, because he was listed as a Tight End but was being utilized as a receiver in Saints offense. He gave a great advantage at the TE slot on my fantasy team. As season went on his TE slot was changed to WR. He had a run of 8 games that I've never seen out of a rookie from a small school, Hofstra, since. I think Donte Moncrief could be special. As far as a Tight End, Ertz has a great opportunity for the reasons given above by The Swammi.
  6. Will Andrew Luck miss Week 1?

    I just got tickets to Colts/Bengals final preseason game here in Indianapolis. Tickets are $3.00/each for nosebleed. For $50.00 sixth row from field twenty yard line are $50.00/each. I got eight tickets together. I'm going out on a limb and saying Luck will not be playing that evening as expected. Since our first game is in LA, I'm thinking it's no coincidence that the orthopedic surgeon is out there as well. Best case scenario he gets a healthy grade to start first game of season.
  7. Christian McCaffrey

    Unless they are still using a two back system I'm not buying it. Jonathon Stewart was top 5 rb talent when drafted, but could never get enough touches because of deangelo. I haven't seen top 5 rb numbers since deangelo's 20 td season and Stephen Davis pre-deangelo. This reminds me of Reggie bush/deuce McAllister but in a calm newton run offense that offers few receptions or red zone opportunities for running backs
  8. Jay Cutler to the Dolphins?

    Over/Under Cutler's stats this year PaTd 18 PaYd 3000 Int 26 locker room brawls 2
  9. I don't have another option. I had Gronk and dropped him for Martellus. I have Julio Jones but kept him last year. My other running backs are Deangelo Williams and Dixon. Wideouts are Chris Hogan Malcolm Mitchell and Desean Jackson. I also have Derek Carr
  10. I think Tyreek will be more consistent from week to week. I could see his floor being ten points per week. Even though Bilal put up some monster numbers, he had very few rushing touchdowns which concerns me.
  11. With Standard Scoring I'm split down the middle.
  12. I'd cover my bases and start both Inman and Williams. Should be a shootout.
  13. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    We have the same weather as Kansas City in Indiana. It's just about identicle. I really don't think weather will be a factor. Thirty degrees here feels like 50 degrees to people in California. You get used to it, and just wear an extra layer. I guess it's all relative. There's no moisture in the air right now or tomorrow, so it doesn't chill to the bone like it does in Oakland.
  14. Standard scoring Pick three wideouts Julio Jones Desean Jackson Tyreek Hill Malcolm Mitchell Kelvin Benjamin Pick two running backs Jonathon Stewart Devontae Booker Kenneth Dixon Mike Gilleslee My opponent is starting Ajayi, Ware, Cobb, Emanuel Sanders, and Golden Tate. It's not looking good for me. For ROS would you rather have Forsett or Dixon? Thanks
  15. Malcolm Mitchell

    I'm trying to create a discussion of those for Malcolm or Chris Hogan based on the Pats need for someone who can contribute like Joey Galloway, Deion Branch, or Randy Moss. When the pats have been unstoppable they have had a guy who can run a 4.3 like Galloway, owns the end zone like Moss, and is physically gifted. Brandon Marshall will tell you Chris Hogan is a player who is very difficult to defend.