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  1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll take my offer back. Sounds like I was lowballing.
  2. I offered James Conner for Odell and Ebron. I lost both tight ends, OJ and Eifert. My other running backs are Sony Michael, Mark Ingram, and Gurley. My wideouts are Thielen, Diggs, and Boyd. Leagues is standard scoring. We flex a tightend or wideout.
  3. Drop Algohor for Boyd?

    I’m banking on A.J. Green’s groin injury being a liability for the next three to four weeks. I picked up Tyler Eifert and Tyler Boyd. Algholor has better success when he’s in the slot. I don’t believe he’s been playing that position. I’m surprisingly tied for first at the moment, and play the 2nd and 3rd place teams the next two weeks. Usually, I start out in the back and make my move mid season.
  4. Looking to trade for LeVeon Bell

    Wonder if there’s been a study on rbs after ped’s. That’s my concern with Ingram.
  5. Looking to trade for LeVeon Bell

    Thank you for the advice.
  6. Looking to trade for LeVeon Bell

    Standard scoring. Can only have 4 rbs on roster
  7. Ingram for Bell straight up. My other rbs are Gurley, Conner, Williams, and Ingram. Or leave it alone?
  8. Is it time to pick up Sony Michel?

    Thank you for the advice.
  9. If so, should I drop Jamaal Williams or Derrick Henry. Standard scoring
  10. Thank you. Will hold then. Really like their schedule, offensive line and with Mariota dealing with possible elbow injury should mean more touches to rbs as well as checkdowns to them since walkers done for year
  11. Man I didn’t like that split of touches. Chris Thompson, Eckeler, Marlon Mack, Bilal Powell, Sony, james white, Breida, Lindsey, Yeldon , Carson are available. We can only roster 3 rbs. My others are Jamaal Williams and Alvin Kamara.
  12. Which players are on all your teams?

    Matthew Stafford, Jamaal Williams, and Josh Gordon
  13. Who will be Patriots #2 WR? Just a hunch... I see Cordarrelle being an offensive weapon and carrying more value than Dorsett.