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  1. Sit Ingram or Eckler???

    Mattison could be rushed to play. He was cleared for individual drills today
  2. Standard scoring Tyreek Hill Adam Thielen Anthony Miller Tyler Boyd Michael Gallup bonus question: should I drop one of the remaining two receivers and pick up either Kenyan Drake or Gus Edwards for week 17? Current running backs are Ingram, Mostert, and Singletary.
  3. Pick 3 Wr’s to start

    Think I’m going to sit Gallup. I don’t fully trust Dak’s shoulder or Gallup’s history with Philadelphia. Thielen has a better history playing against Packers. If Bears other receiver, Taylor Gabriel, plays, then I would play Gallup. Otherwise I will play Anthony Miller. Thoughts?
  4. Pick 3 Wr’s to start

    Sit Thielen?
  5. Standard Scoring Available free agents Breshard Perriman Mike Williams Will Fuller Anthony Miller Kenyan Drake we start 3 WR’s and 2 RB’s current roster Ingram Mostert Singletary Tyreek Thielen Slayton Boyd Gallup should I drop anyone for available players thinking of dropping Boyd for Perriman or Mike Williams I don’t think Drake is really an upgrade over current running backs which 2 RB’s and 3 WR’s would you start?
  6. Free agents available

    I put in for Perriman or Miller as second choice
  7. Free agents available

    Which 2 RB’s and 3 Wr’s would you start?
  8. Standard scoring. Interceptions count as -1 point
  9. standard scoring Tyreek Hill Michael Gallup Adam Thielen Darius Slayton Dede Westbrook currently I have Hill, Slayton, and Dede starting
  10. Receivers this season

    True. He changed fantasy football for me, and how I approached picking receivers.
  11. Receivers this season

    Years ago there was a shutdown corner Nnamdi Asomugha that played for the Oakland Raiders. He changed the landscape of fantasy football. The number one receiver on the opposing team of the raiders would never get more than 60 yards receiving due to being shutdown by Asomugha; whereas, the number two receiver on the team would get the majority of the yardage as well as the touchdown. This is why I typically draft the no. 2 receiver of the top QB’s. If you notice the rankings on the huddle, typically it’s the no. 2 wideouts from their respective teams who are ranked the highest. I believe this is due to all the shutdown corners in the NFL now thanks to Asomugha (Ash).
  12. First World Problems

    Sit Chubb. No way I’m sitting Carson or Fournette.
  13. Standard scoring Singletary Ingram
  14. Would you start Mostert over...

    Matchups aren’t great. Singletary plays against 7th ranked rush def. Steelers. Steelers favored by 2 totals pts 36.5 Ingram plays against 8th ranked rush def. Jets Ravens favored by 14.5 total points 44.5 Mostert plays against 11th ranked rush def Falcons 49ers favored by 11 points total points 47
  15. Bells out

    Powell is a stud
  16. I like his remaining schedule
  17. Drop Thielen for Golden Tate?

    I had Thielen last year. The first nine games he was incredible. The last half of the season he cost me my championship as well as Gurley.
  18. Who you like?

    Yeah, it’s kinda fuct. We can’t even use a rb as a flex. No playoffs either.
  19. Who you like?

    Std scoring available players Tyler Boyd Anthony Miller Dede Westbrook Mike Williams Jack Doyle Pascal Cobb Slayton here’s my team which wr or rb should I drop for above mentioned players or should I stay put?
  20. Who you like?

    We can only play 2 rbs