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  1. Who you like?

    Std scoring available players Tyler Boyd Anthony Miller Dede Westbrook Mike Williams Jack Doyle Pascal Cobb Slayton here’s my team which wr or rb should I drop for above mentioned players or should I stay put?
  2. Who you like?

    We can only play 2 rbs
  3. Who you like?

    We have to keep 2 kickers 2 def. I can either drop a wr or a rb. I can play two tight ends and two wideouts or 3 wideouts and 1 tight end. I’ve been in this league since 1998. Our rules are really old
  4. RB waiver priority - Guice/Penny/Mattison

    Its really close. Based on opportunity, time share and remaining schedule, I like Derius Guice then Rashaad Penny then Mattison. Again, it's really too close to call.
  5. RB waiver priority - Guice/Penny/Mattison

    Is Mostert available?
  6. Spencer Ware signed by K.C.

    Always liked Spencer Ware. He plays angry.
  7. Doubt he has anything left. Gronkowski coming back seems more realistic here lately.
  8. Josh jacobs

    What I love about fantasy is one day I’m a guru, and the next day I’m full of siht. It’s very spiritual that way.
  9. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    Oops. Thanks. 😂
  10. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    James Robert Cooter aka Jim Bob Cooter. Once he is fired by the Lions at end of season, it’s a lock Jerrah will sign him.
  11. Henry or Waller 1pt PPR

    Waller. Rivers looks like he had injured his shoulder. He throws the ball using a side arm throw. I don’t trust Rivers.
  12. Taking a poll

  13. Taking a poll

    Who you like this week ppr Kupp, D. Adams, A. Jones, Le’Veon Bell, Saquon, or Kelce?
  14. Taking a poll

    I love Aaron Jones’s potential. I’m just not sure Aaron will have opportunity if he continues to give up a dozen touches Jamaal. Bell has opportunity. Aaron should face six man boxes, whereas Bell will face 8 man boxes.
  15. Taking a poll

    Aaron Jones
  16. Taking a poll

    Bell will Now probably go off for 200 total yards and 3tds
  17. Taking a poll

    This is for a contest. I have Godwin and Evans already in one contest, and I am afraid to choose one over the other as I usually choose wrong. I don’t see Kelce’s ceiling being as high as some of the others mentioned but I do feel he has a nice floor. Last time he played Oakland he had over 100 yds and a td. Bell is tempting. He is just not what he once was in my opinion.
  18. Taking a poll

    I like your thinking. Weather could be a factor too with Adams
  19. We are only allowed 5 wrs in our league
  20. My WR’s are Tyreek, Thielen, Gallup, Cobb, and DeDe Westbrook. I need to start 3. I’m worried about Thielen not being ready to play. Should I drop Cobb for A. Brown (colts have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to wideouts), Tyler Boyd (Dalton is back), or Woods ( he is consistently getting better when he plays, but has no TD this season)? Or should I hold on to Cobb?
  21. If Thielen doesn’t play, I have to drop either Cobb or Gallup in order to pick up Boyd; otherwise I will not have three receivers come Sunday. That’s my problem in a nutshell. Do I drop Cobb or Gallup for Boyd assuming Thielen doesn’t play. Or, do I roll with Cobb or Gallup as one of my wideouts. Therefore, my other two would be DeDe and Tyreek.
  22. I like Boyd a lot this week, but only this week. Thanks. I’m riding with Cobb.