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  1. Tyreek Hills or Dj Chark week 8.

    I wouldn’t ever bench Tyreek.
  2. What order should I pick up these players. Most important to least. Marvin Jones Chase Edmonds Kenny Stills Zach Pascal Ty Johnson DeDe Westbrook Royce Freeman Corey Davis just give me your top 3 my rbs are Ingram, latavius, Breida, and singletary my wrs are m. Williams, Tyreek, and McLaurin.
  3. Who should I pick up

    We can only play 2 RB’s. We can not flex a RB. We can only flex a WR or a TE. Typically I play two tight ends, Kelce and H. Henry.
  4. Standard scoring Singletary, Breida, Ingram, L. Murray (I’m leaning towards Singletary and Breida because when else are you going to play them with these matchups) M. Williams and T. McLauren (Hunter Henry is my tight end. I was thinking of stacking Williams to have a greater chance of red zone opportunities.)
  5. Desean Jackson Robby Anderson Christian Kirk Golden Tate MVS Austin Tate standard scoring thanks
  6. Malcolm Brown or AP?

    AP. 49ers haven’t allowed a single rushing touchdown this year. Until last game not a single running back had over 50 yards rushing. Still no running back has broken 100 yards rushing. This is against the likes of Chubbs, Mixon, and Conner.
  7. Any love out there for Drake? He was supposed to be a top 15 rb in mock drafts over the summer. A lot has changed. I can’t tell if the owners of the Redskins want AP to have the ball or not.
  8. Minshew or Winston?

  9. Minshew or Winston?

  10. AP or Drake this week

    Not saying it’s going to happen.
  11. AP or Drake this week

    It’s standard. I could see him going for 200 yards. I just think he has the highest ceiling.
  12. Crowder and Robbie Anderson are also available.
  13. Someone mentioned it’s raining in Seattle ... then again it’s almost always raining. No wonder they run the ball so much.
  14. Put these in order for pickup. Mike Williams, MVS, Geronimo, Dorsett, Fuller, Robby Anderson, Marvin Jones, and Crowder
  15. So Terry is out

    I loved Paul Richardson when he was with the Seahawks, and Marvin Jones when he was with the Bengals. Both are available. Should I pick up Paul or Marvin? Other receivers available are Paris Campbell, Dorsett, Kenny Stills, and Inman.