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  1. Put these in order for pickup. Mike Williams, MVS, Geronimo, Dorsett, Fuller, Robby Anderson, Marvin Jones, and Crowder
  2. So Terry is out

    I loved Paul Richardson when he was with the Seahawks, and Marvin Jones when he was with the Bengals. Both are available. Should I pick up Paul or Marvin? Other receivers available are Paris Campbell, Dorsett, Kenny Stills, and Inman.
  3. So Terry is out

    I just put in for Richardson even though I have a feeling Marvin is going to go off. Although so far chiefs have done a good job limiting wrs on opposing teams to high percentage throws in a short passing game. Then again they haven’t played anyone special. Not that Stafford is anything to write home about. Plus I think Case Keenum is underrated even if he is 0-3
  4. Pick one. Standard scoring. Chris Thompson Tevin Coleman and Rex Burkhead are also available
  5. Rashaad Penny or Ronald Jones ROS

    I hate to hear that for you Montana
  6. Rashaad Penny or Ronald Jones ROS

    I’m hoping to strike fantasy gold. He will be my 3rd running back. We can only start two, and our flex can not be a running back. My other two running backs are Gurley and Ingram.
  7. Drop Mike Williams?

    Thanks for the advice. The guys I mentioned are whose available on waivers.
  8. Standard league. My options are Marvin Jones, Will Dissly (I have Kelce but can start two tight ends), Dorsett, Algholor, MVS, Curtis Samuel, Crowder, and Gallup. I could drop Demarkus Robinson instead, but have been starting him and Mecole together.
  9. Dorsett?

    I am. I just dropped Brown for Dorsett. Dorsett got the same amount of targets week one as Josh Gordon. Can’t say that I’m all that crazy about Dorsett. He originally played for my Colts, and was a bust. It wouldn’t shock me to see Brady make him fantasy relevant either just not elite.
  10. Wsid?

    Mike Williams just got dropped. Should I drop Crowder or McLauren to pick up Mike?
  11. Wsid?

    Thanks Montana.
  12. Wsid?

    Even in standard scoring.
  13. Wsid?

  14. I have Travis Kelce. I want to pick up MeCole Hardman. Should I drop Curtis Samuel or Jameson Crowder? Yes, my wideouts are that bad.
  15. Just want to make sure I understand
  16. I don’t own hardman. Hold on to crowder and Curtis or drop one for him?
  17. I don’t own A.J..... He’s available though.. should I hold crowder and Samuel or drop one for A.J. I want to play Samuel just for tonight. 4 for 4 showed him having at least 15 points the last two times he played the Bucs last year. I think he could go big!
  18. How about A.J. Brown or stay put.
  19. Am I crazy starting Pettis over Boyd?

    Boyd was great when AJ played, but really couldn’t handle being the no.1 WR when AJ was out. I had Boyd last year, and only played him when AJ was healthy.
  20. wsid

    I have AB. Should I drop Samuel, E. Sanders, Robby Anderson, or C. Kirk for Tyrell? Or sit back and wait. Marquise Goodwin is also available.
  21. wsid

    Thanks guys.
  22. Standard scoring. Antonio Brown, Robby Anderson, Christian Kirk, Curtis Samuel, and Emmanuel Sanders. Should I drop one and pick up Carlos Hyde, Malcolm Brown, Darwin Thompson, or Dare Ogunbawle. Currently my RB’s are Gurley, Ingram, and Tevin Coleman.