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  1. Gurley is out!

    LOL...exactly. I also used Foles at QB today because I didn’t trust Ryan in a road game with an injured Julio. I ended my season with only my first two picks on my roster (Antonio Brown and D. Cook).
  2. Gurley is out!

    Just won my championship on the backs of Jaylen Samuels, Damien Williams, and CJ Anderson. This was honestly the weirdest fantasy year ever.
  3. Saturday Gameday Thread

    Played against Lamar Jackson....with the exception of that awful td where the chargers whiffed on easy tackles it worked out well
  4. Todd Gurley hurt...

    I am starting CJ at the flex spot if Gurley sits. Arizona is SO bad versus the run that he could be worth it. Fresh legs, same scheme he played with in the past, and I expect the Rams to get up early.
  5. What rbs to start??

  6. Please weigh in ....championship!

    DeSean, Robby, Michel
  7. If Julio sits I might start Sanu at the flex, other options are Sutton, McCoy, CJ Anderson, Ballage
  8. Derrick Henry over Juju is a smart move at this point
  9. Yes, I was confident with Matt Ryan over Goff, now if Julio, Cam, and Gurley sit.....I could see the Falcons running more and the Rams passing more. Not sure what to do now?
  10. Wow that beat my league I am creating next year. There is one QB, one K, one defense and all the rest are flex WR/RB/TE There is one guy who was complaining he doesn't get to start enough tight ends this year. Figured he will just throw his money away now, lol. Who wants to start more than one TE?
  11. Never heard of that until now, seems cool. I might try it.
  12. Who Wins?

    I like B, mostly because I question if Rodgers/Adams play the entire game. Both just received huge contracts this year and last thing you want to do is injure them at this point in the season. Besides that I say it is very close. I think Michael Thomas goes off this week.
  13. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    I am in a similar boat and actually considering starting Ware and Williams just to hedge my bets. Might backfire but it should be a good way to guarantee some points from at least one of the positions. Almost did the same thing with both Williams RBs from KC last week and it would have been fine.
  14. I have been in some weird leagues with some unique rules 1.) A shut-out on defense is worth 50 points 2.) If a player gets 100 yards receiving or 100 yards rushing it's worth an extra 10 bonus points 3.) The two teams that make the championship get the opportunity to do a redraft from the entire league, just the two of them 4.) Roster of QB WR/RB/TE WR/RB/TE WR/RB/TE WR/RB/TE WR/RB/TE WR/RB/TE Def Kicker Personally I hated number 2 the most because if a player got 98 yards and 2 TDs they got basically just as much as a player with 100 yards and no TDs. What have you guys come across and which one do you enjoy the most or least?
  15. QB-Ryan/Goff RB-Conner, Cook, Murray, Ware, Damien Williams, McCoy, Gio WR- Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Sutton TE- Jaylen Samuels K-Maher D-Bears So assuming Conner sits and Mixon starts my lineup will be QB-Goff WR-Baldwin WR-Antonio TE-Samuels RB-Cook K-Maher D-Bears Last two spots are RB and flex RB/WR Would I be crazy just to start both KC running backs hoping for a big game from either one? Or should I kick the tires on McCoy? Sutton? Or pick up Ballage who is still there?