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  1. It is funny because I offered Conner to the Bell owner for Kelce.....I then offered Antonio Brown/Cook/Latavius Murray for Hill/Bell. He not only declined them but called me out publically for offering “garbage trade offers.”
  2. I am in a Yahoo league where you gets 10 bonus points for 100 yards receiving. Early in the game Cooks ran for a few yards and it was count as a pass which incorrectly gave him 100 yards. Does anyone know how corrections work and if if they will deem it necessary to switch from receiving to rushing when it was an obvious run?
  3. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    Which is exactly why I think the Steelers did this purposely just to cater to Bell’s ego. Pathetic if you ask me.
  4. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    Pretty sure the Steelers are catering to Bell's ego and it is pathetic.
  5. This is my plan IF I'm beat in the playoffs. Right now in second place and not going to throw $1,000 out the window over anger.
  6. Pretty much my point. Could have all been avoided if he just left it alone. At this point either reset it all or give me Hunt. Either way I'm done arguing and just plan on leaving. Wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting.
  7. I don't get how you can drop someone on accident, it asks you if you are sure before making that move. Either way, I can't be certain about it because as I said three years ago someone was cut who is a top player and the person who has waiver priority picked him up and basically knocked me out of the playoffs because of it. I never complained but did ask that we get a do not cut list so we didn't have more teams missing the playoffs and dropping players to help out friends. In fact, since then I haven't used waiver priority for any player ever because I used it to prevent this from happening. My feeling is they assumed I wouldnt use waiver priority and he would slide down to the next player. Maybe I'm paranoid but this is all so crazy. He is trying to say I should've used priority to pick Lewis back up, ok but then the other guy cuts Hunt again and you get him? Yeah, no thanks!
  8. Before I leave this league I am in, I want to make sure I am not overreacting. I am in a league where I won the championship the first three years I entered. Ever since then it feels like shady stuff is going on every year. A few years ago when someone was pretty much out of it they dropped someone who should be on the do not cut list, someone else got him because I didn't have waiver priority. This was the first time I noticed there wasn't a DO NOT CUT list. So I suggested we implement one so this doesn't happen anymore. Nobody listened. Because of this, I never use my wire priority and end up missing out on some key guys. Sunday morning a 2 win team drops Hunt 30 minutes before the game. My draft was pretty solid and my worst two players are Derrick Henry/Dion Lewis. So I put in a claim for Hunt with Henry and dropped Lewis for Ware right away with the small possibility that Hunt tweaks his ankle or something and someone else would then use their waiver on Ware. Twelve minutes later, Hunt magically appears back on the original teams roster. I can't claim Lewis so of course this has to have been done by the commissioner. He admits that the guy "Dropped Hunt in error" and that he helped him out. I said we should have at least voted about it, but I should at least be given Lewis back. Eventually he said I would get Lewis back. Tuesday morning I wake up and of course someone else now has Lewis. So I suggested either putting everything back how it was originally or when the guy who "accidentally" dropped Hunt is officially out of the playoff race that I get Hunt....but if he is able to make the playoffs he can keep Hunt. I have been told by the commish to get over it. This league is $100 buy in with $1000 grand-prize. Am I overreacting or is it time to find a new league?
  9. Oakland defense is going to be giving up a lot of points and they have a better QB I would rather have Jordy
  10. I drafted Conner in the tenth round and tried to make a trade with the Bell owner. Offered him Dalvin Cook/Latavius and Kerryon Johnson for Bell. He declined. Then I offered him Conner and Njoku for Kelce. He publically called me out as offering trash trade offers. I thought they were both equal and all I’m trying to do is put the two players together. Oh well, I’m about to be 5-2 and he is headed to 2-5. If Bell even comes back in two weeks he could be completely out of the playoff picture anyways.
  11. Cooper to Cowboys

    This should be even more reason to cut Cooper. He goes from Carr to thank you
  12. Might be worth it for Conner it if bell comes back now that’s just another running back by committee. Please view my post and give advice
  13. I like your roster as is. You already have good WRs and would be basically down to one bell cow and a bunch of backs who share the rock.
  14. It was his play calling that repeatedly sent DJ running straight up the middle instead of getting him the ball in space where he flourished in the past.