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  1. Pat's gonna be deadly....

    Maybe someone will get lucky and catch them on a bad day in the playoffs.
  2. Bucs gonna be deadly...

    Better, yes. Deadly? not so sure. They need a consistent running back and maybe a shifty little slot receiver.
  3. Romo to be released on Thursday

    Denver and Dallas play next season. Dak v. Romo round 1?
  4. Brandon Marshall released

    Maybe he'll come home to Denver and NOT punt footballs into the stands this time. DT and Marshall on the outside and Sanders in the slot. Romo would have all the weapons he needs to watch Broncos games from a hospital bed.
  5. KC has released Jamaal Charles

    Idk about 12 TDs, but I could defenitly see JC having some success in NE.
  6. Tom Brady to retire?

    I think people forget how sudden the drop off was for Manning when they talk about Brady playing into his mid 40's. I mean Peyton had the best statistical season EVER in 2013. Less than 12 months later he couldn't complete a pass further than 10 yards up field without divine intervention. I think He's got one more GOOD year and then maybe 2 more so-so years and then he'll go.
  7. GB receivers and chances

    There is a crime taking place in Atlanta right now...
  8. The Broncos' new head coach is Vance Joseph Media just can't let people be happy lol
  9. Dallas Cowboys -VS- Green Bay Packers...

    Thank god. this was starting to look like wildcard weekend all over again.
  10. Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

    But is he HoF worthy is the question. I think he was great for awhile but he fizzled out and bounced from team to team and in my opinion I just don't think he accomplished enough over the last few years to justify induction. Just my $0.02 though.
  11. Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

    I think the fact that hes only had 2 return TDs since he left Chicago 4 years ago rules him out as a HoF specialist. If he had achieved abit more as an offensive player I'd say maybe, but the man has been irrelevant for afew seasons now.
  12. The Broncos' new head coach is Vance Joseph

    I think at this point every NFL fan is looking at the Chargers kind of like a character in a show where bad things just keep happening to them and you almost feel bad except for the fact that the character is kind of a d!ck. The Chargers are to the NFL what Theon Greyjoy is to Game Of Thrones. But yes it would be good to have as many coaches as possible who already have a taste for these AFC west battles.
  13. The Los Angeles Chargers

    I like this strategy. Then at some point in human history they'll be good again and you'll look like a genius.
  14. The Broncos' new head coach is Vance Joseph

    I agree. McCoy doesn't get enough credit for what he did with Orton and Tebow, hell even Manning to a certain extent. Think he'd be good for those young QBs.
  15. Who wins this weekend?

    I was so baffled at the the NE poll results until I realized they were both NE lol. But I like that KC/PIT matchup. think that will be one of the better games this weekend.