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  1. Who do you think/hope your team gets in the draft

    I'm not in love with anyone at #5 unless Barkley somehow makes it that far. If we have to pick right there, give me Nelson. However I think it would be great if we could move back to 8-12 and grab Ward/Edmunds/Smith. In the second give me a WR who can help out as the #3 for now and maybe take over for DT or ES in afew years. After that just give me some lineman (either side of the ball).
  2. The first 6 picks will be.......

    You think his accuracy will improve?
  3. General Rookie Chatter

    There wouldn't be any complaints from me if we did. He'd fit perfectly into Robys old spot. I would think 5 overall is a bit of a reach for him though. Maybe trade back into the later top 10 if that's our guy.
  4. General Rookie Chatter

    I like Denzel Ward. Maybe not as a CB1 going against big guys like Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, or Mike Evans, but certainly as a teams 2 or slot. Great ball skills and tackles well for a corner. Not thrilled about his size or ability to play the run though. Could see him opposite Richard Sherman in SF.
  5. The first 6 picks will be.......

    I'm not sure how long he'll stay on as GM, I reckon Joe Ellis would let him stay on as long as he'd like. But wether it's 2 more years or 10 more he's always going to be trying to redeem himself in the QB department until he nails it. He's just competitive like that. You know he hears the whispers about him being a terrible talent evaluator, and you know that doesn't sit well. All that being said, I hope you're right.
  6. The first 6 picks will be.......

    1. Browns - Sam Darnold 2. Giants - Sequan Barkley 3. Jets - Josh Rosen 4. Browns - Bradley Chubb 5. Broncos - Baker Mayfield 6. Colts - Quenton Nelson There's much talk about Cleveland dealing #4, but I think John Dorsey realizes that too much wheeling & dealing (And not enough picking impactful players) is what got Shashi Brown in trouble. That being said I think they double down on building an elite pass rush. As much as I hate the idea of two 1st round picks on the bench behind Case Keenum, I don't think Elway is going to be able to control himself. So if he's going to pick a QB, I reckon it would be the one he has spent the most time scouting which is Mayfield. Leaving the Colts the guy they probably wanted at #3 anyways, Quenton Nelson. Huge need for Indy and they get him plus some extra draft picks.
  7. Pat's gonna be deadly....

    Maybe someone will get lucky and catch them on a bad day in the playoffs.
  8. Bucs gonna be deadly...

    Better, yes. Deadly? not so sure. They need a consistent running back and maybe a shifty little slot receiver.
  9. Romo to be released on Thursday

    Denver and Dallas play next season. Dak v. Romo round 1?
  10. Brandon Marshall released

    Maybe he'll come home to Denver and NOT punt footballs into the stands this time. DT and Marshall on the outside and Sanders in the slot. Romo would have all the weapons he needs to watch Broncos games from a hospital bed.
  11. KC has released Jamaal Charles

    Idk about 12 TDs, but I could defenitly see JC having some success in NE.
  12. Tom Brady to retire?

    I think people forget how sudden the drop off was for Manning when they talk about Brady playing into his mid 40's. I mean Peyton had the best statistical season EVER in 2013. Less than 12 months later he couldn't complete a pass further than 10 yards up field without divine intervention. I think He's got one more GOOD year and then maybe 2 more so-so years and then he'll go.
  13. GB receivers and chances

    There is a crime taking place in Atlanta right now...
  14. The Broncos' new head coach is Vance Joseph Media just can't let people be happy lol
  15. Dallas Cowboys -VS- Green Bay Packers...

    Thank god. this was starting to look like wildcard weekend all over again.