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  1. Start Tyrell Williams now?

    Thanks again all.
  2. PPR league. Here are my WRs (start 3): OBJ S.Diggs C.Kirk C.Samuels T.Williams Obviously starting OBJ and Diggs (if healthy), but now with Tyrell vaulting to WR1, I’m super tempted to start him as my third WR. I was going to flip a coin on Kirk or Samuels before AB went full drama queen over a cliff and gifted me Williams as an option. Thanks in advance!
  3. WDIS Wr Help

    Lelie. Like Navin said, there has to be more points scored in the Denver/KC game. I also will be starting his A$$.
  4. Agreed. Pittman or Engram but I would pick Perry up for sure. I did in my league just a few days ago.
  5. WDIS Westbrook or Cadillac?

    i know what you mean about Cadillac but i would also go with Westbrook here.
  6. Tiki or Cadillac

    Both great RB's. If it's a keeper league, leaning toward Cadillac. Would be nice if he got involved in the passing game sooner than later.
  7. TE Which One?

    Jeb on Monday night. Alexander is gonna hog the ball vs Arizona IMO.
  8. RB Help

  9. RB Help

    SJax. Should be alright either way but would stay away from NE this week.
  10. Performance league. James vs. Browns SJax vs. Titans Cadillac @ Packers Am already starting E.James. Was going to start SJax along side him but wondering if benching Cadillac is wise. Would be the first time I start him this season.
  11. Which Defense

    I've got the same question. Leaning toward NE to bounce back this week but still don't know.
  12. What TE to start?

    I would go with Baker here. Jeb may have a nice game on MNF, but with Denver, who knows.
  13. Which WR

  14. Performance league. Favre vs. Bucs Leftwich @ Jets Asked this question last week and ended up just going with my gut which said "go with the high scoring Colts/Jags game". Why didn't I just draft McNabb when I had the chance.
  15. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Benched Favre, started Leftwich.