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  1. Playoff League.

    Thomas for sure
  2. Championship. Any advice?

    Did it guys. Up by 70 with Fred warner left and they have kittle left. I appreciate all the advice!
  3. Standard. Need one for my flex
  4. Championship. Any advice?

    So now my wrs are Adams, odell, perriman, sims, mclaurin. Rbs- fournette, d.williams, Washington and justice hill. 2 starters each and one flex.
  5. Championship. Any advice?

    Was thinking about Odell too but if keenum is playing I still like terry. Also Now that Jacobs is out I was thinking Washington again in the flex. Would any of you start jonnu or kaden over Waller?
  6. Standard. Keeper league. Opponents has Brady, Edelman, gurley and kittle
  7. Terry or fuller

    Perriman over both?
  8. Terry or fuller

    Standard league. Need one for flex
  9. Lineup Help

    I like singleterry and Slayton
  10. Assuming Cook & Mattison Sit

    How do You sit chubb though???
  11. Waller or Andrews

    My only thing is that Renfrow is back for some of those short routes again.
  12. Waller or Andrews

    Dang it montana
  13. Standard scoring. Been rolling with andrews all year long. Do I finally bump Waller over?
  14. Perriman off waivers

    Dropped miller. With a 6.6 projection I think he’ll sit low enough that no one will claim him.
  15. Dick move or am I overreacting?

    I think he’s doing the right thing. Be happy you have guys that play even when they get knocked out of the championship race. I think it should be like that. If I lose in the playoffs I still try to win the consolation bracket lol. I get what your saying. Is it a dick move? Maybe but it’s part of the game. (Unless you’ve established rules that say otherwise)