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  1. Start hopkins and fuller?

    I’m a huge chiefs fan. Fuller will be in my lineup tomorrow
  2. Andrews for obj straight up

    He is doing it without Andrews. Just Lamar jackson
  3. Andrews for obj straight up

    Lol it’s happening . Do I drop Emmanuel or mike Williams??
  4. Andrews for obj straight up

    It’s gunna require me to drop. Mike Williams or manny sanders?
  5. Andrews for obj straight up

    Yeah he just now offered me Rodgers and obj
  6. Andrews for obj straight up

    What about Lamar Jackson for obj. I meant Lamar and Andrews lol. Was almost asleep last night. I worry me giving up Lamar would be to much, even though I’m not big on qbs
  7. 12 team keeper league. my team jackson/wentz cook/fournette/Damien/Coleman/mattison d.adams/Boyd/fuller/sanders/Williams waller/Andrews. i receive obj and maybe herndon
  8. 12 team keeper league. Wheeling on my Lamar and mark andrews for his Hopkins. My other tight end is Waller. Other recover is Adams. Other qb is wentz
  9. I have Lamar Jackson and Carson wentz. Guy offered me tyreek for Jackson. My other wars are Adams. Boyd and Sanders. It’s a 12 team 8 man keeper
  10. Waiver RBs

    12 team keeper 8 keeper league. Moved d. Williams to IR. Wondering if I should pick up justice hill, or ty Johnson ?
  11. Allison has a great matchup this week for what it’s worth
  12. I own Williams and Thompson but have been thinking about trading both for Ingram and grabbing hill or Edwards off waivers?