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  1. Thanks guys, leaning sanders myself. Just need that reassurance
  2. Simple as the title says. I need to choose one of these guys for my flex. I’m conflicted about the snap that Conner might play, but I feel he has the higher upside if he does end up playing the majority. Help please
  3. Bench Hopkins?

    Hopkins is not cooper, he’s a different breed that it doesn’t matter who his qb...he produces. Cooper has been Houdini on road matchups this year and he’s banged up. That and Watson is simply a better qb.
  4. Bench Chubb?

    Over thinking, it will be a close game. Game script will favor Chubb. Gordon has put the stranglehold on the rb game in charger land.
  5. Montgomery & Juju for James Conner

    Ok so you guys would trust Montgomery with a bone head coach on a bad team with a horrible qb. And another talented receiver that doesn’t have a qb.. over a dude like Conner that sees lots of targets to go with carries and has the goal line work. Other than the New England and SF game (both very good D) look at conners ppg in .5 Ppr.. and he’s really only missed one game due to injury this year. The better schedule and higher upside in the playoffs is Conner. Now is the time to maximize your starters.
  6. Montgomery & Juju for James Conner

    Actually I would do this trade. Conner will be back next week and his playoff schedule is delightful. I understand he’s had some rough luck with his injuries, however they’re not season ending and the last time he played he got fed a lot. Even if samuels does eat into his touches a little, it doesn’t matter cuz Pitts can’t pass and Conner is the beneficiary. Basically juju is worthless. Try to trade juju after you trade for Conner. I would target the jaylen Samuels owner and see if he has someone like a goliday or Lockett. Try to get Samuels as a throw in. hack
  7. Yes however, there biggest issue is left tackle and center specifically. They will have a good pick in the draft, and good rookie o line men almost always immediately have an impact in their very first year. Make a couple more trades or sign some free agents and boom there ya go. And yes o line issues can be fixed in one off season. Case in point the colts. Just a couple years ago they were horrible. And starting last year they dramatically improved.
  8. Yes it is, however their management knows the talent they have and the window to win is small. The most obvious issue is the o line. Followed by kitchens leaving. And hunt will most certainly sign a big deal else where. I don’t think these are far fetched scenarios. We’ll just have floor wait and see now.
  9. No I will be keeping Chubb. Cleveland will have to revamp o line and kitchens will probably be fired. Hunt will sign with another team and Chubb will be an absolute monster with an actual offensive line.
  10. Yea it’s a 1 player keeper league, we don’t lose any picks based on where you get your keeper either. It’s basically like starting your draft from the second round because everyone’s keeper is there first pick if you will.
  11. It’s a standard non ppr 12 man keeper league with 3 wr I would be giving up cook, Miles Sanders and Kirk for Melvin Gordon, Chris Carson and Godwin my team currently qb Winston rb Chubb rb Cook wr Hopkins wr Hill wr Gallup te Waller flex Singletary bench Wentz R Freeman M Sanders Kirk Mattison
  12. Ok thanks for the input good sir
  13. Thanks guys I’d also like to Mention I have an offer I just received that is Nick Chubb and Michael Gallup for Alvin Kamara and Hunter Henry. Now do I pull the trigger on both deals at the same time LOL