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  1. Ok guys I got Andrew luck and we know what's up with situation (kinda)... So Bradford had a great game... There's Phillip rivers on waivers.. Would it be wise to drop Bradford for him?... We get 6 points for TD.. And minus 2 for sacks on a qb, minus 3 for int's... So that offsets the 6 point TD's.. Ok thanks guys
  2. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    And you let Alex f'n smith torch you... The dude looked like Aaron Rodgers .. C'mon man
  3. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    I understand it's the first game people.. I've watched and played a lot of football in my life, and I'm telling you the patriots are in deep trouble... They just lost amendola, Hightower, Edelman is out.. Gronk can't even run a route... And Brady from the get go looked way off... They don't pass the eyeball test and losing major contributors is a big warning sign for a bad year.
  4. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    I'm saying right now the Dolphins will finish better than the pats.. Hightower is there whole middle of the D and they can't pressure anybody.. Kc o line pass protection is mediocre at best
  5. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    I'm calling it now. The pats will not make the playoffs... This patriot team looks seriously flawed.. Tom Brady's decent has begun
  6. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Hunt is killing it tonight ... Thoroughly impressed!
  7. Hello everyone, quick question. I'm involved in a 10 team half point ppr league. Starting lineups consist of 2qbs 2 rbs 3 wr 1 te and 1 flex My starting line up is as follows qb Big Ben, Luck wr dez Bryant ty Hilton k Benjamin rb david Johnson k hunt te ertz flex abdullah Im being offered: odb watkins hunter Henry and Eddie lacy for k hunt k Benjamin and Jordan Matthews (bench) He also has m Bryant.. Should I tell him to swap Matthews with Bryant? Or is this good enough? I also have Doug Martin on my bench and Rawls in case you are wondering what my rb depth is
  8. Thanks guys, time to kill! Lol
  9. Sup guys, got a quick trade proposal for ya.. I have aj green Demarco Murray and Andrew luck someone offered me David Johnson kelvin Benjamin and cam newton... its a standard league and I have Antonio brown at my other wr spot my other rbs are Crowell T.west and Doug Martin
  10. Ok everybody I'm in need of some advice. It's a half point ppr. Who do you like, Watkins or moncrief ?
  11. Weather - Start Shady & Gil

    113 yds so far...
  12. Weather - Start Shady & Gil

    And with a qb like rg3 it benefits the running game... If I had crow I'd have him as my rb2 this week
  13. Weather - Start Shady & Gil

    I would def start crow over zenner
  14. WW pick up

    Should I go with thajizz Rodgers or j Ajayi ? It's a standard scoring format