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  1. Should I bench my last player tonight?

    No never bench a guy when the score is that close. You have to take stat corrections into play. I have seen people thinking they won, only to find out Thursday (when the stat corrections come thru) that they lost. It's happened twice this year in both of the leagues I'm in.
  2. Trade Julio?

    Depends if it's six point for passing td or four... If it's six I'd say do it.. In matter of fact I would prob ball do it regardless.. Wentz is unstoppable,and match up proof. I don't trust smith or Mariota.. Try to trade smith if you can an maybe score a rb2 .. Then pick up a flyer or handcuff and drop Mariota
  3. Imagine you drafted this team

    This is what I drafted imagine this standard scoring btw We had this draft before the news hunt would take over for ware... A lot of rbs were taken 1st round.. I went with brown for my number 1 pick.. I picked 4th I believe and aj green with my round 2 .. And I actually scored hunt in round ten.. Imagine that
  4. Murray vs Henry

    I'm a Murray owner and let me tell you this... The week against Seattle where he was questionable, he had a killer game. Yes I'm including that monster run, because well you have to, it's points on the board fellas. But most importantly to me, it costed me big time. I didn't start him that game, and I ended up losing by 10 because of it. I look at it this way so far, until further notice Murray is the starter. In close games or when they're playing catch up expect Murray to see more snaps... In games they have the lead expect Henry to see more snaps. At least that's my view of how it's been shaking out.
  5. Kamara worth #1 waiver?

    Ok guys thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I still got my #1 waiver and I play in a standard league... My rbs are Hunt, Murray, Dougger beast, and Crowell... Im thinking of dropping crow to get him.. I really like Kamara even in a standard league format, especially with AP getting phased out.
  7. Martin trade?

    Get Martin.. That's not too much to give up.. Actually it's highway robbery.. I see Martin being a top 12 Fully loaded RB 1 the rest of season.. Sanders will be up and down all year.. Because of a couple things.. Qb is still unproven, especially on the road. And he's a WR2 for the most part. Miller is a tight end on a horrible offense.. You get the best player in the trade
  8. Jag D worth #1 waiver?

    Ok cool, anybody else have input?
  9. Just as title states, I'm streaming D's now, but I've started well and thinking of a long term elite D and their weeks 14-16 schedule looks nice as far as offensive talent they're playing.
  10. Just as title states, I'm streaming D's now, but I've started well and thinking of a long term elite D and their weeks 14-16 schedule looks nice as far as offensive talent they're playing.
  11. Ok guys I got Andrew luck and we know what's up with situation (kinda)... So Bradford had a great game... There's Phillip rivers on waivers.. Would it be wise to drop Bradford for him?... We get 6 points for TD.. And minus 2 for sacks on a qb, minus 3 for int's... So that offsets the 6 point TD's.. Ok thanks guys
  12. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    And you let Alex f'n smith torch you... The dude looked like Aaron Rodgers .. C'mon man
  13. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    I understand it's the first game people.. I've watched and played a lot of football in my life, and I'm telling you the patriots are in deep trouble... They just lost amendola, Hightower, Edelman is out.. Gronk can't even run a route... And Brady from the get go looked way off... They don't pass the eyeball test and losing major contributors is a big warning sign for a bad year.
  14. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    I'm saying right now the Dolphins will finish better than the pats.. Hightower is there whole middle of the D and they can't pressure anybody.. Kc o line pass protection is mediocre at best