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  1. Brees or Winston

    Totally agree. Benching Brees always feels wrong. I benched him for Goff 2 weeks ago and lost, if I had started Brees I would have won by .5 points. That one hurt real bad.

    Sounds like you already have your mind made up about Kamara, so why don't you just make the trade?
  3. TE help

    Do I start Rudolph or Kittle? I'm having second thoughts about Kittle, because I also plan on starting Goodwin. Is it crazy to start two players from such a bad team? They'll be throwing a bunch because they play the Rams, but it's still making me uneasy with starting them both.
  4. Pick up K. kupp ?

    Absolutely. Not even a question.
  5. QB helppp PPR

    Yikes. That is really, really rough. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd go with Osweiler. The Titans are playing in London and sometimes that travel can make those games weird, and their offense has been really bad lately. My condolences for you having to be put in this situation, no fantasy player should be force to choose between starting those 2.
  6. Who to start...

    I agree with who you are leaning toward: Boyd, Edelman, and Mack. I think Boyd and Edelman you should 100% start. I would stay away from Sanders, given that it's Thursday night and Arizona has a terrible run D so Denver should rely on the run.
  7. Start Cohen or Lindsay

    I'd go with Lindsay since Denver's playing Arizona's horrid run defense.
  8. TE Help

    Definitely not Njoku. He had one awesome week, but he needs way more consistency before you drop Reed or Rudolph for him. I do think you can drop Reed for Howard. At the very least, I think Howard will put up similar numbers to Reed, but his ceiling is so much higher.
  9. Mack or Foreman ROS?

    If you think Foreman is going to be the lead back in Houston when he returns, you should stash him and drop someone else. How about Freeman, Allison, or Coutee? I think all 3 are worthy of being dropped, if necessary.
  10. Drop Will Fuller?

    Anyone? I'm thinking about just titling all my posts "Trade Advice" so I'll actually get some response.
  11. Drop Will Fuller?

    I need a defense for this week, is Fuller safe to drop? I'm starting to find it hard to imagine starting him again.
  12. Marquise Goodwin

    Even against the Rams when the Niners will be behind all game and will need to air it out?
  13. Marquise Goodwin

    Was last week a fluke? Or do you think he can actually be a decent fantasy play?
  14. Week 6 Milk Carton

    I'm not far off with Cook and Devonta Freeman.
  15. Get Joe Mixon for Stefon Diggs? PPR

    Wow. I have no idea how you ended up with that team, but make the trade. Your team is stacked.