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  1. Chiefs/Bolts

    I hear ya. I’m up against a guy in the semis who has Melvin Gordon, so I snagged Justin Jackson off waivers. He got Damien Williams. I hate everything.
  2. D Williams or Aron Jones

    I definitely agree with this. If the Packers were playing any team besides the Bears, I would say Jones, for sure. But I'm leaning toward Williams. It sucks that it's a Thursday game and you have to make your decision today rather than wait until Sunday.
  3. Start Julio Jones or Adam Thielen?

    Let me guess, your running backs are Gurley, McCaffrey, and Zeke?? But honestly, I'd go with Julio. I'm not sure how the Vikes' offense is going to look this week after the DeFilippo firing. I have a feeling there will be a lot of running and much less passing than we've seen this season.
  4. Gus Edwards, James Conner or Spencer Ware

    I think you're going to be forced to go with Edwards. Doesn't look like Conner will play, and Ware is doubtful, which might as well be ruled out.
  5. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    I agree with that Tier assessment. Though, would you toss in Conner in tier 2??
  6. Juju, Hill, DJ Start-Sit

    Start JuJu and Hill.
  7. Wentz... In a lifetime

    Wentz isn't going to play, so Dak.
  8. Which defense to go after?

    Definitely Baltimore. That's an elite defense against a turnover machine QB in Winston.
  9. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Cook is so underutilized. Matthew Berry kept saying Free Aaron Jones before the Packers started using him correctly, and I feel like there needs to be a Free Dalvin Cook movement.
  10. WDIS: Boyd or DJ Moore

    My WR2 is easily my weakest position. Going up against the top team this week and I’m not sure if I should go for Boyd or Moore. I think Boyd has a higher floor, but Moore has a higher ceiling.
  11. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    I think your Cousins analysis is spot on. I'm not sure if he has bad awareness in the pocket, or what, but he fumbles all the time. Like you said, it's alarming. He also seems to get his passes batted down by the D-line at a significantly higher rate than I've ever seen in the NFL. It happens several times a game.
  12. I love you George Kittle

    After the Saints debacle earlier (I have Brees and Kamara) Kittle is also dragging my sorry team to a win. Also, Iiterally came on this forum right now to say that I love George Kittle. Someone beat me to it!
  13. General game day observations

    Congrats on the win! Luckily it doesn’t look like I’m completely out of it. I just can’t believe how bad the Saints are playing.
  14. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    The Saints are absolute garbage today.