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  1. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    My god, how do you live through the oppression you’re clearly facing? Life is so hard for you.
  2. Week 11 Milk Carton

    McLaurin. I’m not sure Haskins could cut it in the XFL. He’s so bad.
  3. Playoff Sleeper

    How in the world are Deandre Hopkins and Amari Cooper sleepers? Hey, I heard this guy named McCaffrey Might do well for your fantasy team in the playoffs.
  4. Mixon or Hill

    I think we know what Mixon is, while we don’t know what Brian Hill could be. I’d take the unknown over Mixon.
  5. Need a starter for my second flex spot (10 team, PPR, no kicker, 2 Flex). Starting: Mahomes Chubb Jacobs Thielen (if he plays, if not, McLaurin) A. Robinson Henry T. Coleman (Open flex) 49ers D Howard plays the Pats, but he's been a pretty reliable second flex play for me. Do you guys think Hill can do some damage? He only had 61 yards on 20 carries last week. The receiving TD is what saved his fantasy day.
  6. Week 10 Milk Carton

    I meant trash on the goal line. He’s had at least 5 opportunities on the goal line and come away with negative yards. Should be having a monster day.
  7. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Nick Chubb has had so many opportunities on the goal line today, and he’s been absolute trash.
  8. Chargers vs Raiders (TNF)

    Carr just threw a TD to Alec Ingold. Who???? Carr’s completed passes to 7 different players tonight. I just need him to focus more on Waller.
  9. What side ROS

    Unless you really need a TE, team B. Chubb is a top 5, or better, fantasy RB, and Godwin is a top 10, or better, fantasy WR.
  10. Add hunt? If so what rb do I drop?

    I'd drop Jones if you want Hunt. Don't drop Howard like someone suggested. Howard has been a consistent guy that is perfect for if someone gets injured or has a bye week.
  11. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Maybe after this week people will finally stop making excuses for Baker’s horrible play (bad o-line, coaching, etc.)
  12. Week 9 Milk Carton

    That’s on you, man. You should have known to start Ameer Abdullah and Laquon Treadwell...
  13. Week 9 Milk Carton

    I feel like those London just really screw with the players. Similarly to Thursday night games, the London games often have very odd fantasy outcomes.
  14. Since Kamara is out, who would you bench for Murray at flex? Conner is my other starting RB.
  15. Mattison Question

    I mean, if you have an extra bench spot, yeah, you might as well. All it takes is a season like this for Cook to ditch that "injury prone" label and cement himself as one of the top backs in the league. Just expect that Mattison will most likely be a bench spot and nothing more this year, unfortunately. But you are right in that he could start on so many other teams that don't have a top RB. He looked damn good last night.