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  1. i think you got this... gurley is up for a big night.. and butker can give you 8-10
  2. Sucks.. I had mixon Gurley and Conner
  3. What do you guys think?? breees really screwed me
  4. .5 ppr funchess vs baltimore amendola vs houston
  5. Should I trade Chris Thompson for drake or Jordan howard? current rbs: Gurley mixon Conner conner days are almost over so I don’t know if I should stick with Thompson as my flex
  6. Need to stream a QB for week 6 and will pick one up this week carr is at home vs seattle winston on the road vs Atlanta
  7. Defense question for week 5 titans vs bills panthers vs giants
  8. I’m torn between titans and panthers
  9. Carolina vs giants titans vs buffalo Houston vs dallas
  10. Do I pick up OJ Howard?

    I guess my options to drop is duke johnson kelvim Benjamin
  11. I have 2nd waiver and thinking about dropping Stills for Cole Brees Davante Adams Funchess Zeke Drake Trey Burton Chris Thompson Bench: Joe Mixon Kittle Goodwin Duke Johnson Stills Wentz