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  1. Do I pick up OJ Howard?

    I guess my options to drop is duke johnson kelvim Benjamin
  2. I have 2nd waiver and thinking about dropping Stills for Cole Brees Davante Adams Funchess Zeke Drake Trey Burton Chris Thompson Bench: Joe Mixon Kittle Goodwin Duke Johnson Stills Wentz
  4. Pretty sure I can get OJ Howard on the waiver.. I am close to dropping Njoku but not yet.. Who do I drop on my bench to pick up OJ Howard? Check signature
  5. Wow. Lost by .78

    Dont forget that awful roughing the passer call on clay Matthews against Kirk cousins.. should’ve ended the game right there he ended up throwing a td pass to thielen right after
  6. Wow. Lost by .78

    This one stings
  7. Wow. Lost by .78

    Lost by .78 because of that last drive by Russell Wilson.. had Chicago defense
  8. Lol why would anyone drop Jacksonville their defense is like having an RB1
  9. Do I pick up marlon Mack?

    Dropped Carolina defense for Mack.. gonna roll with Chicago defense
  10. Do I pick up marlon Mack?

    Who do I drop
  11. Just lost Mixon.. look at my signature and see if I should pick up mack and who should I drop?