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  1. The annoying pre-game fans

    the sound of drunk women screaming woooooooooooo goes through me like a cold wind in January. Unless of course theyre under me.
  2. Most Points Scored & Most Points Scored Against

    that's why this is probably my last year - its all luck. Plus the guy in my division who already has K Hunt who just traded for Leveon Bell so he has that backfield to start the next year - might as well just hand him my entrance fee and not play.
  3. One song

    the sonics - strychnine
  4. Kelvin Benjamin Started

    if Benjamin played and caught 2 tds, would he be singing the same song. You've got to watch your players/
  5. Wire is dead and due to byes had to fill other slots. I'm stuck starting Parker and stills against Oak or one if them and Lee with a bum knee from Jax against a tough pass d. Pick 2 please and why. I am leaning toward the 2 Miami WR since I already got more than expected out of taylor and his McCoy already laid an egg
  6. dumping directv

    It looks like PlayStation view is the way to go.
  7. inactive report

    if youre other choices was starting both stills and parker or one of them with marguise lee, do you still maintain that stance?
  8. inactive report

    thank you
  9. inactive report

    anyone know when the inactives report comes out for tonight? I need to know if Benjamin is a go.
  10. dumping directv

    just signed up for hulu and sling trials but wondering if theres something better for games.
  11. dumping directv

    well of course not
  12. dumping directv

    its time to leave. Can anyone advise what the best pay service is to pick up games? - I gave up on sunday ticket so looking to move on from DTV. Any help appreciated.
  13. Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills

    I assume Benjamin doesn't play this week?
  14. Who needs what tonight?

    Im up 23 with KC D left - he's got Anderson and the KC kicker. I'm nervous.
  15. Kiko Alonso

    Oddly enough - I just posted the same exact thing.