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  1. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I believe, He must be believed.
  2. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Maybe Conwell could have caught that TD pass. Maybe Horn didn'y have to fumble through the endzone. (Brooks owner here in case you haven't noticed).
  3. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Thanks to the two late Washington touchdowns, his D lost six points giving me the win. Conwell still sucks.
  4. Speaking of worthless TE

    Conwell may cost me the week with that dropped TD and potential 30 yarder dropped. Get your head out of your a ss.
  5. Tatum Bell

    I'm holding him too. If something better comes along, I'll drop him. Right now with Alexander and s. Jackson, I ca afford to wait.
  6. what do you need on MNF?

    Standard scoring performance league. I'm up 18 with Brooks and Witten. He's got J Jones, Burress and Dallas D/ST. Looks like I'm in for a nailbiter.

    Thanks. After 10 years in social services, I'm looking forward to the corporate world filled with 401 ks with a match, bonuses, etc.

    Pork Bar b que (made in a crock like a woman) and limit of five Troegs Sunshine Pilsners as I start a new job tomorrow and don't want to smell like a brewery or have bowel issues.
  9. pork bar b q

    No, I'm a hypocrite, I eat meat but can't hurt animals.
  10. pork bar b q

    If you were a real man, wouldn't you slaughter the pig as well?
  11. pork bar b q

    I got a nice 3.5 pound pork loin and want to make a bar bq in the crock sunday. Anybody know how to do it up right?
  12. 1st Madden quote of the night

    "If the Eagles lose three or four in a row, it would be a bad thing"
  13. Opening Sunday!

    BOUNCING SOULS - logo shirt
  14. TO still a douche

    Perhaps not
  15. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Same as last year Seafood Pizza (Crust and sauce homemade) Shrimp, scallops, red/green peppers and onion. Spinach dip Taco dip Wings on grill and I believe my host has put on a half of Amstel