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  1. jack the ripper - screaming lord sutch
  2. I agree cooks disappeared a lot - I was in dire straits down the playoff run and he put up a goose egg against me in a huge saints win last year
  3. sorry man
  4. down 19, he has zeke. I have ebron, d thomas and denver d, cbs has it at 50/50 chance to win but I think I'm done. Hopefully Dallas saw what happened to Carr and starts resting people.
  5. Merry Christmas all
  6. wish I had a better answer for you but I think its a crap shoot. I think Bennett is the better play and not so sure Ebron is 100 percent either. Gun to my head, I start Bennett
  7. I'd start Smith
  8. I'll try one bump to see if I can get a quick assist before I head out to my Xmas party thank s
  9. Have to start 2 between R Kelley/ C Hyde and T Rawls. Im benching Rawls because my opponent is starting Wilson and Baldwin. I figure if Rawls goes off, Wilson and Baldwin arent scoring. If Wilson and/or Balwin go off, then Rawls numbers will be down so take my chances with the other 2?
  10. Don't disrespect Mr. SImmons
  11. I typically watch my players on a Sunday more so than one particular game. However, as a long suffering Raiders fan, kind of glad fantasy is coming to an end so I can focus more on watching and rooting for my NFL team and not my fantasy team.
  12. you betcha - playing against him and I have Rodgers.
  13. prob lee the combined Allen Hurns and Michael Floyd. My sweetest surprise this year was the one week pick up of Ebron when he caught a late long pass in the fourth quarter to the one then was given the goal line carry which won me the game that got me into the playoffs. now thanks to Rawls - I will be out early, but after a 1-5 start, I'll take it
  14. I'm going to have to dial up 2 def/st scores from Miami tomorrow.
  15. alot of fantasy hopes down the drain on that - mine included