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  1. Henry vs. Brown

    This will likely be the standard response. I think Brown will be the man until he gets hurt.
  2. Your biggest draft mistake.

    Not by me, but he went 1.1 in my draft last year.
  3. Seahawks

    I usually don't take to cutting on people on an internet website, but you are scaring me a little bit. Could you post some info about yourself? Things like age, occupation, marital status. And no, I'm not a homofag like the Rams, I just want to see where you are coming from. You are definitely different than the other huddlers. Thanks
  4. Longest potential holdout?

    I'm enjoying the TO saga here in the Philly area. The Eagles party line remains no renogotiation while TO keeps insisting he deserves more. I'm not an Eagles fan so I don't really care, but I sure enjoy Philly talk radio a lot more. Can't wait to see who blinks.
  5. KRob spends some QT in the slammer

    That is a well thought out, reasoned response.
  6. Your biggest draft mistake.

    2003. Through trades, I had the four and eleven pick in a ten team league. Took Faulk at 4 and proudly announced at 11 "Green". Recorder: "Ahman?" Me: "Nope, William" Ouch both killed me. However, I had Horn and Holt and eeked into the playoffs.
  7. Breeds of Dog

    That's because they have hair and not fur. It will just keep growing. There are all different types of looks for this dog. The two I have are straight hairs. No fros.
  8. Breeds of Dog

    I'd like to submit a vote for the Portugese Water Dog. We've got two. Very loving, energetic, yet content to just hang. Great dogs.
  9. I have always been a RB, RB, WR guy but this draft I have the 1 pick, then 19 then 21. It's a 10 team redraft where all TD's are weighted equally. Based on the CBS "expert" draft linked in the other forum. I would potentially end up with Manning, Rudi Johnson and either Lamont Jordan, Steven Jackson, Brian Westbrook or Chris Brown. If I take Tomlinson, I end up with Tomlinson, Rudi Johnson and possibly Harrison (sticking with the original draft stradegy. I think the first option looks better.
  10. Do I Trade Brown

    Isaac Bruce was once labeled as injury prown. Rams got good and he stayed healthy.
  11. Can Peyton throw 50+ TD's this year?

    I have the 1.01 pick in my performance league and I'm taking Manning (all TD's are 6 points). It's just too many potential points to leave behind. I'm gonna get screwed at RB, but 40 Td's may equal close to the top two backs combined.
  12. Beer can Chicken

    Thanks for the link. I'm definitely in.
  13. Beer can Chicken

    I'm having difficulty visualizing the setup here. Does the chicken rest on the can, does it go on the top rack and doesn't the heat do some kind of damage to the can where toxins can play a role. I'd like to try this but need some help here.
  14. Beer talk revisited

    I know I've had a message board conversation with Rovers about this, but in my humble opinion, the greatest beer ever is Troegs Sunshine Pilsner. Unfortunately, it is seasonal and only available in a three hour radius of Harrisburg PA. I go into a serious jones during the winter when I run out.
  15. Another trade offer

    You get Dunn, pick up the 12 pick and retain the 5 pick for a TE. Let me think....
  16. Fragile Out For the Season?

    I had him the year of the hamstring pull.
  17. Why do you play Fantasy Football?

    Most of the above plus it keeps blow out games fun. I like when my QB or WR is losing 24 - 0 and the opposing D is in the prevent. Nothing like watching my guys roll up points.
  18. Calling Out Raiders Fans

    I'm here but I don't know.
  19. Lets play a game Rank the RB

    I think you are probably correct but this reminds me of driving to my 2003 draft with the number four pick thinking "Faulk - Holmes. Faulk - Holmes" Better play it safe and took Faulk. Fortunately thanks to the Huddle, I followed that pick up with Willie Green. Still made the playoffs with a Holt, Horn and Brooks hookup. Blown out first round by Holmes against Minnesota.
  20. Lets play a game Rank the RB

    Lamont Jordan?
  21. Draft Day Plans

    Golf tournament. A scrammble with a shotgun start at 8 AM. Hope to be in the clubhouse with beer in hand close to the start.
  22. julius was good down the stretch......

    Unfortunatley, I pick 1 then 19 in my draft. I can't take hime with one. I think there is a shot if guys go after some receivers. Culpepper will go and probably Owens, Moss, maybe Holt etc. Slight chance. Here's hoping.
  23. julius was good down the stretch......

    I hope to get him with the 19th pick. I'm taking Manning or Tomlinson 1