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  1. Speaking of beers

    This is hands down my favorite beer ever. Problem is, it's seasonal but the good news it comes out April 1st. Its brewed in Harrisburg and only shipped in a three hour radius but if you can get it, try it. Just don't take mine.
  2. Speaking of beers

    You are correct. April is a tough month schedule wise, but if I can get away I will check it out. I should be in the Philly area (April 16) for the Bouncing Souls show, so if its that weekend, maybe I can make a day of ut. Thanks.
  3. Speaking of beers

    Sympathy. Just had my knee scoped. Let me know when you're back at it. Good luck, get well.
  4. Speaking of beers

    Wow, thanks for taking me to school. Anyway, I would like to try your brew (I'm 35) so I guess its legal to ship. If your outside of the Harrisburg area, and can't get it, I would trade you some Sunshine Pils for whatever you make.
  5. Speaking of beers

    Geez, I didn't realize it was this complicated. I've been drinking Saranac Pale Ale to pass the time but it is swill compared to what I like. I will take your suggestion of Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber into consideration to get me to April (if I can find it). Thanks for the help.
  6. Speaking of beers

    I can appreciate that. I just don't wantto think too much about it, I want to enjoy it. Now since you are much more knowledgeable than myself, what would you suggest I drink when this stuff is not available due to the seasonality of it?
  7. Speaking of beers

    It's the best beer I've ever tasted it. That's it. If you really need the vital statistics, go to and click on the link. I really don't want to discuss it like a wine coneussoiur (if there is such a word).
  8. Just a rumor....

    Philly TV news, I believe ABc, whichever station has Ukee Washington, is reporting the Colts are interested in Westbrook (RB - Phiily)
  9. Just a rumor....

    I don't think they were talking trade, just that the Colts were interested in Westbrook.
  10. Just a rumor....

    Westbrook catches the ball, Colts throw the ball...
  11. Not sure if done before........

    Fred lane and Willie Green mariage counselors
  12. Rae Carruth

    I'm glad I kept him.
  13. Eagles enter bid to steal Burress

    Didn't Burress blow off the Eagles when they wanted him to work out prior to his draft. Again, I have a vagur recollection of Philly sportscasters loving him and then hating him prior to the draft.
  14. Anybody know anything about bats...

    Sorry, read the caption and not all threads. The header said for softball.
  15. Anybody know anything about bats...

    That's a hardball bat.
  16. 2005 Combine Results

    Anyone have info on the type of questions asked?
  17. The best Pizza you ever had

    Some place in Barbados. Thick crust, spicy sauce, scallops, shrimp, green and red peppers and onion. Add in a bottle of Red Stripe (actually Three) and the fact that I had honeymoon sex just hours before made for a great appetite and a great pizza. I'm divorced now but I still have memories of that pie (the pizza that is).
  18. Eagles Fans

    I heard on WIP (Cataldi show) that KC would like to talk with him.
  19. Bump Lee Suggs a notch come Draft Day

    As a diehard Raider fan, I say why not?
  20. Anybody know anything about bats...

    Make sure the bat is ASA certified. The ASA has gone about banning certain bats due to how quickly the ball travels off of it.
  21. Moss trade details

    This is very problematic for me. I love the Raiders but I have negative feelings about Moss.
  22. Let's talk about Joey Harrington

    Lemmy is God
  23. McNabb's illness

    Mitchell was on WIP AGAIN this afternoon getting his usual knobbing from Howard Eskin and he stated McNabb had the same problem in the St. Louis game. Sounds like he can't handle the pressure or he needs to be in better shape. He was exhausted with dry heaves per Mr. 1-11. And for the record, he again talked for ten minutes about how the Eagles have so many weapons and that he was under utilized, patted himself on the back for his "quick thinking" by calling out the play in the huddle. He went on tosay that he changed the formation because the play came in from the sideline with the wrong formation. What a cluster F. Now all the Eagles fans are recommending a purple heart for McNabb's valiant effort while he had the heaves. Yes I hate the eagles. Cry Eagles Cry, on the road to futility.
  24. McNabb's illness

    I'm pretty sure the Freddie Mitchell info was new at 4:15 PM today so yeah I did. Did you really need to take the time to link it to a similar thread?
  25. Why the Eagles didn't run the hurry up...

    Maybe McNabb wants to be like Brady. Didn't he have the flu for the AFC title game?