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  1. Trade

    Give away ridley or kirk Get Jameis Winston Other qb is josh allen
  2. Pick 2

    Need 2 in a ppr L. Murray C. Edmonds J. Jacobs
  3. Trade

    They want Jacobs but I'm not willing to let go of him
  4. Trade

  5. Trade

    Trade away breida and jamaal williams for hilton Other RBS are Kamara Lindsay Jacobs and murray
  6. Need 2 ppr

    Breida Lindsay Malcolm Brown C. Kirk
  7. Give up who

    In a trade which 2 would you rather keep Brieda Lindsay Josh jacobs
  8. Juju or boyd

    Who should I start this week standard scoring
  9. Need to drop 1

    Could also drop kirk but have liked his targets in past games
  10. Need to drop 1

    Drop dionte johnson or mike williams Need a kicker and also a juju owner
  11. Trade Help

    Guy has given up on diggs already he has been trying to move him
  12. Trade Help

    Give breida kirk and mike Williams Get aaron jones and diggs Should i?
  13. What should I get

    If I trade Mike Williams and Kirk what should I get in return ppr? Rb2 or wr2 or better?
  14. Trade

    Trade kirk and darrell williams for diggs or hilton or hold
  15. Diggs or hilton

    Who would you rather have this week and ros