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  1. Its gonna mean dropping players. Suggestions? Both Howard's? Te and rb
  2. Standard league. Currently 9th. Il share my lineup in comments
  3. Standard league. Currently in 9th ... all other suggestions welcome. Havent dropped moncrief but hes literally just bench warming ...havent had the slightest thought of playing him
  4. Standard league. Any other suggestions welcome
  5. Which rb is worthy of a trade for OBJ

    Coleman? I hesitated at the thought cuz I have Breida
  6. Which rb is worthy of a trade for OBJ

    I appreciate the response. Valuable
  7. Standard league. Any other suggestions welcome... Leaguemate asked if I was interested in trading away Odell. Asked me to check out his running backs. Hes knowledgeable in stats and would not go for an heavily uneven trade. Any suggestions
  8. Hes getting dropped I just havent been in a rush to do it. Holding waiver 1 position for worth mid season. That's gonna be the drop
  9. Standard league. Any other suggestions welcome...havent dumped moncrief but hes been on his way out since week 1 lol
  10. Great advice gents much appreciated. What about trading pieces for a better rb? Ross and robinson seem top right now ...what's their trade value?
  11. Standard league. Im First up on waiver. Moncrief getting dropped...howard to follow First 2 are current roster. Following 3 are vest available thanks in advance