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  1. Which K should I keep the rest of the season? Matt Prater or Matt Bryant?
  2. Had to pick up Bryant last week, dissapointment, but I won anyways. Was able to hold onto Pratter, but now I have to lose one. Which K do I keep for the rest of the season hopefully? Please don't tell me to go with Matt. :p
  3. Every ranking says Evans, why? Not only has he not produced, his QB might not play. Either Garcon or Evans, because I'm not starting to Hilton. Landry is my other wr that I'm starting. Which one?
  4. Coach is excited about it. He's been out so long, what will it take for him to get back into playing/performing shape?
  5. Rodgers hurt

    Before anyone complains about the hit, remember this. This was outside the pocket. When a QB goes outside the pocket, he is the same as an RB. That is what the rules go by. No flag, no dirty play. He didn't drive Rogers into the ground.
  6. Rodgers hurt

    If the Packers don't look at Kapernick, his career is more than likely over. I noticed that no one including the announcers mention Kapernick. Like he's 8 balled in the league until a team gives him a contract.
  7. Rodgers hurt

    Hudley sucks! My Vikings can win this game now. All those NFL people had GB in a lock today. I knew I shouldn't have started Nelson. I was right, Rhodes wasn't covering him today. But no way Hudley will get the ball to him. Go Vikings!
  8. I like your thinking, my league is .5 per 2 catches ppr. Howard ran all over my Vikings last year. And with Trubinski starting at home on MNF, it's tough not to play him.
  9. That's what I had. But Duke could have a huge game, and with ty Montgomery out, Aaron Jones will get the load. Thanks!
  10. Jordan Howard or Chris Carson?

    I was stupid yet again, of course I had help again. Why do I listen to people here? I wanted to start Carson, but everyone here said Howard. Same thing as last week, start Howard and Carson over Duke Johnson who played Indy. Started Carson and lost by 5. I wanted to start Duke vs Indy, just like this week with Carson. It's like some of these morons don't take into affect the fact that TNF is usually a weird game. And these idiots that call themselves experts like at ESPN, those (the really bad word)ers don't know manure. Most of them were ALL IN on Adrian Peterson. Not me, I couldn't figure out why? He sucks because he's one dimensional. No, I would never draft him. But here I am again, playing the wrong players. Hilton, Howard, Garcon, and 114 points were on my 6 man bench last week outscoring the whole league. Oh, but I started Ajai since the experts ALL had him top 3 in all rankings. FU experts.
  11. Anyone trust GB DEF tonight?

    No, but the game is at Lambeau, and weird things happen on TNF.
  12. Jordan Howard or Chris Carson?

    Went with Howard. But if things go like they have this season, it will be the wrong decision. You Google Chris Carson, and everything points to him having a great week 4. I don't like everything that can go wrong with Howard atbLambeau Field on Thursday night. Hate TNF, strange things happen.