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  1. Yeah it's the worst. I've also heard a bunch about Rogers. Bc he's getting the start over Doug Martin. Does change anything you think?
  2. My best player is getting benched in my most important game of the season....Which RB takes his place? On my bench: Hightower Gillislee Dion Lewis Could pick up: Rogers Blue Williams/Touissant Who's my best bet?
  3. Bump - any input appreciated.
  4. I didn't mean to post this twice!
  5. Yes bench Rawls. The other two have better matchups anyway.
  6. I just posted about crab too. Unless you have some obviously superior matchup you stick with him. I have tyrell Williams and farrow as options - both playing the terrible browns. It's tempting.
  7. Leaning Crabtree but the other two are both playing the browns....what would u do?
  8. Leaning Crabtree but the other two are both playing the browns....what would u do?
  9. I'm a pats fan and a believer in Brady. But just wondering if there's anybody out there who would take the far better matchup...
  10. One's a flex. Williams is at the top of the pile I think. Don't know if I trust Farrow just yet. Please let me know what you think.
  11. Kelley, Arob, Green. Good luck!
  12. I'll probably Brady out but i'm also up 50 points going into the second half of the first round playoff matchup. If I had one of those other guys i'd use them. Denver has been brutal on QBs
  13. I'm in the Brady boat too, but don't have a backup on my roster. I'd probably start either of those guys over Brady though to be honest. Wilson will bounce back against the horrible Rams who are mid Coach change. And Rivers/carr will be slinging back and forth.
  14. AZ @ Mia or NE home VS Baltimore?
  15. True dat. But wish my foresight was as good as my hindsight.