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  1. WR roster help

    That’s who I was. Was contemplating dropping for one of the others. Thoughts on dropping Kirk for Davis or Watkins?
  2. WR roster help

    Who would you rather have on roster? Anthony Miller, Corey Davis, or Sammy Watkins?
  3. Sit/start WR help

    Yes! 💪🏼
  4. Sit/start WR help

    I have tyreek hill, obj, Gallup, and Emmanuel Sanders. I’m definitely playing hill. Who would u sit between the other 3.
  5. Trade help! Rb for rb

    I have Conner 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thinking of trying to trade him to the snell owner (he had him prior to waivers). Is Conner for mostert a decent trade?
  6. Wr waiver wire help

    I have hurst
  7. Goedert or hock?

    Who would u rather have? I have hurst right now but until he heats up I feel like I should grab one of these guys.
  8. Wr waiver wire help

    In the league with Justin Jefferson, I have tyreek hill, obj, Gallup, Emmanuel Sanders, j Jefferson in the lower post I made on this thread, I have Julio, golladay, Tyler Boyd, Hardman, and Kirk
  9. Wr waiver wire help

    What about Hardman or Kirk for Goedert or any of these wrs. @Montana is da Man @League_Champion
  10. Wr waiver wire help

    Would you drop Justin Jefferson for any of these guys?
  11. For the championship!
  12. Wentz or Brissett?

    For week 15 championship
  13. Playoff must win Qb help!

    Brees vs that stout d?
  14. I have Brees but bending him this week against SF. I grabbed Wentz for his matchup but just found out bad weather. Should I roll Wentz or grab one of these guys?
  15. Eagles DST or Jets DST?? URGENT

    Woah! Bad weather? Should I not be starting Wentz?